Things To Do In London This Summer

Activities To Do In London This Summer

When it comes to enjoying things to do in London this summer, one can expect to witness warm weather, just after the cold season. Starting from March, and reaching up to May, the summer season lets you explore the city at its best, making space for adventurous activities. Start your London journey to explore the world-famous Hyde Park which houses some important memorial grounds, historical sculptures, and military monuments. The lush greenery of the park and the presence of Serpentine Lido make it an ideal location for picnicking. The Garden of St Dunstan’s in East London, and the surrounding 12th-century Church are another way to explore the natural beauty of the city. Every year in the summer, the city hosts the Chelsea Flower Show to showcase floral beauty in vibrant colors.

Considering the presence of a wide variety of animals, visiting the ZSL London Zoo is a great idea to catch sight of Lions, and Spiders alike. If the beauty of London lies in its waters, you can rent a boat on Regent’s Canal, and Kayak on the River Thames to witness the iconic attractions of Central London. Furthermore, you can attend the Open-air cinema screenings of popular movies like “Jaws”, and watch the play of Shakespeare at Regent’s Park Open-Air Theatre.

There are many fun places to check out in London like Hyde park, Camden Market, ZSL London Zoo, St Dunstan Gardens, etc. If you think about a water adventure, you can boat on Regent’s Canal, and take a Kayak tour on the River Thames. Attending Chelsea Flower Show, Open-air cinema screenings, and watching Shakespeare at Regent’s Park Open-Air Theatre remain among the most famous things to do in London this summer.

Explore ZSL London Zoo

Exploring the 14-hectare of ZSL London is all about catching the interesting site of animals like lions, hippos, gorillas, komodo dragons, etc. The unique thing about the zoo is that you can be a part of the Spider exhibition to witness strange, and creepy insects of different shapes, and colors. Touring the ZSL London Zoo’s exhibits to meet and greet 750 species of animals remains among the best things to do in London this summer. The zoo has a Land of Lions exhibit to nourish the felines, Humboldt Penguin Colony, Butterfly Paradise, Reptile House, etc. The zoo gives you an opportunity to play the role of a zookeeper for a day and has close encounters with the animals inside.

Have A Picnic In Hyde Park

Out of all the things to do in london summer, picnicking at Hyde Park amidst the lush greenery and beautiful sculptures tops the list. You can start to explore the historical sites of the park, decorated with artwork. It starts from the Grand Entrance and leads up to the iconic military monument Wellington Arch with magnificent columns made up of bronze, and iron. Various memorials like The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial, Crystal Palace, Holocaust Memorial, Rose Garden, etc are there for you to check out. The enchanting park lets you take your blankets, and eatables for a delightful picnic or choose to explore the park on roller skates.

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Explore St Dunstan’s In East London

Moving to the city’s Eastern side to explore the tranquil garden of St Dunstan is some of the most blissful things to do in London this summer. Away from the city's bustling life, the public garden has been a go-to spot for relaxation since 1970. This park was once a 12th-century Parish Church of England, located on Dunstan Hill. It was destroyed enough in WW2 that authorities of the country planted seeds to make this a garden The park now possesses a beautiful, serene atmosphere with an array of flowers, trees, and plants found inside. You can even explore the medieval church ruins that the area of the park still holds.

Rent A Boat On Regent’s Canal

Nicknamed as “Little Venice '' of London, the Renal Canal is an international cruising destination. Now, you can enjoy a motor boat ride from Paddington’s Merchant Square, and transverse the waters of Renal. You can take the GoBoat Motor ride that moves at a speed of 6.4 kmph. One of the best things to do in London summer is to take this boat ride either to Camden Town in the east or Kensal Rise in the west. You can witness the 249-meter long Maida Hill Tunnel, and the looks of ZSL Zoo, and Regent’s Park from the waters.

Kayak On The Thames

Kayaking in the bluest waters of the River Thames along the heart of the city is among the most enchanting things to do in London this summer. You can take either Kayak or Canoe to transverse across Central London. The tour lets you hop on the banks of the river, enjoy a picnic, and then, get back to kayak again. Depending upon your choice, you can start from Battersea, and paddle your way through the heart of the city towards Greenwich. The attractions like St Paul’s, City Tower Bridge, Albert Bridge, The Houses of Parliament, Old Naval College, etc, mark their presence.

Visit Camden Market

Shopping from the large group of retail markets of Camden Lock is one of the coolest things to do in London this summer. Located in Northern London Camden Town, you can shop for your favorite items, and eat the yummiest street food. The market is a hub for handmade jewelry, eye-catching accessories, vintage, and apparel. Places like KERB market, Ma Petite Jamaica, Purezza, etc, are the best places to eat. The market has a vibrant nightlife where you can chill at the Jazz cafe with some blues music. Just by the side of Camden Market, you can explore Stables Market, located further on the west of the Regent Canal.

Go To The Chelsea Flower Show

Witnessing the floral beauty of the Chelsea Flower Show remains among the most beautiful things to do in London in summer. The Royal Horticultural Society hosts this garden to represent an artistic arrangement of flowers by some of the best floral designers every year in May. Catch the beautiful sight of flowers in the shades of pink, purple, red, green, yellow, blue, and whatnot! It hosts an annual festival where you can witness the beauty of such flowers in a conceptualized manner. As the festival ends, you can take home your favorite plants, and flowers in the form of home decor at handsome discounts.

Open-Air Cinema Screenings

Watching a movie in the open air is a surreal experience for a cinephile as it adds to the beauty of the movie. You can choose from a variety of open-air locations like a lush green garden for an adventurous movie, or a horror movie in a cemetery. This experience is among the best outdoor things to do in London this summer. Choose from the number of cult classics like Jaws, and watch it in outdoor cinema screenings, attended by people laying in their comfort. Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square, and River Thames Ferry are among the most suitable locations.

Regent’s Park Open-Air Theatre

Regent Park, famous for its canal, is known widely for its Open-air Theater that hosts multiple movie screenings, and plays. The outdoor Theater offers you to experience some of the outstanding things to do in London this summer with its 5 plays. A total of 5 plays are showcased throughout the season, every day in the evening from 7 pm. This open-air Theater is so popular that it has its own tube station. Suitable for kids, and families, you can watch popular plays like the Opera, Shakespeare in the open air, and children’s Theater.


What are the best things to do in London this summer?

  • Exploring Hyde Park: Exploring the gardens, and the historical sites of Hyde park is among the best things to do in London this summer as the park blooms in lush greenery. You can take a dip in the Serpentine Lido, sit playfully while picnicking, or explore the memorials like The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial, Crystal Palace, Holocaust Memorial, Rose Garden, etc.

  • Adventure Activities: There are various things to do this weekend in summer like kayaking, canoeing, skydiving, etc.

What is special about London?

London, nicknamed the “City of Dreams”, has everything to be called special in this world owing to it being UK’s largest metropolis and cultural hub. The city has a large historical record of over two millennia.

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How to reach London?

By Air: Board a flight to Heathrow International Airport of London. It offers connectivity to popular counties of the world. It is one of the busiest airports of London that serves large travelers every day. Moreover, there are five more international airports in the city: London City Airport, Gatwick Airport, London Luton Airport, London Southend Airport, and London Stansted Airport.

By Train: Board a direct train to London from many International cities like Paris, Belgium, Brussels, Stockholm, Amsterdam, etc.

By Bus: You can board direct buses from many international cities like Paris, Brussels, New Delhi, etc

How many days are enough to explore London?

It is recommended that you spend 4-5 days in London to visit significant attractions and enjoy fun activities. If you are visiting during March-May, the summer season, it is the best time for you to spend your 5 days. There are many things to do in London summer like exploring the places like Camden Market, Hyde Park, St Dunstan’s Garden, ZSL Zoo, etc.

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Why is ZSL London Zoo famous?

ZSL London Zoo is special because you can witness 750 species of animals. It holds a Spider exhibition, a rare event, in which you can witness unique and creepy insects. Moreover, it is popular because it lets you become a zookeeper for a day to have close encounters with the animals.


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