Things To Do In London at Night

London is a dream destination for many because it is full of delightful experiences and moments. For the night person, there are many things to do in London at night including marvelling at the wonder of the illuminated bridge or enjoying dinner at River Thames Cruise. London is a meld of fun, glamour, style, entertainment and royalty & the diversity in your experiences will make you come back for more.

The fun begins in London when the sun goes down and the starlit skies come to life in a city which is known for its flamboyant style, and vibrant culture. On the one hand, it has some of the finest dining and entertainment places and on the other hand, it is planked by a strong culture representing the Royalty of Britain. In the city of Nightingales and night owls seeking fun at night, users have the option to do several things to do in London at night. The city streets are bustling with crowds, the West shows are brimming with Shakespeare lovers and the bridges are shining from a distance illuminated by the lights and the charm of London. The hustle-bustle and beautiful people around you along with enchanting sights is something you must experience to believe especially in the months of summer.

There is also a 24-hour operating tube service on major lines with night buses that make your travel post-dusk easy and enjoyable. There are activities to do in London at night including riding the London Eye and envisioning the night skyline of the city, visiting the Sky Garden or if you really love food, then the night food market might just be your thing.

things to do london at night
Ride The London Eye

One of the things not to be missed is the ride along the giant Ferris Wheel that marks the phenomenal London city. The nights are beautiful in London and one way to accelerate this experience is to hop on the London Eye, the giant Ferris Wheel. Offering some of the most awe-inspiring views and spectacular feast to the eye, London Eye should be a must-include in your itinerary. More than 400 feet tall with a diameter of 394 feet, the pinnacle of the ride is all about seeing lights enveloping the city making it vivacious and happy. The 30-minute ride is a much-needed respite and has meditating effects on the mind.

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things to do london at night
Walk Across Tower Bridge

Walking in the silent blanket of air and less crowded can be therapeutic for all and when in London it is a tradition. The Tower Bridge is considered one of the best things to do in London at night and experience the best views in London at night. The radiant bridge, the statue of the girl with a dolphin in the backdrop, and the mesmerizing skies have a ruminating effect on the travelers. The bridge is located on the Thames River and has two large towers on both ends. A delightful walk, holding hands with your loved ones, and sinking into your own world is one of the activities to do in London at night.

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best views in london at night
Watch The View from the Shard

The Shard is one of the tallest skyscrapers in London and one of the serene discoveries if you want to spend your night blissfully. A view from its high point is a mind-moulding experience, with enchanting views engulfing the dark starlit skies. The experience is not meant to be asked by anyone but should be experienced. From 72 floors above, the open-air sky deck is a relief from the hustling city down under your nose.

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Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour
Take a Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

One of the very fun things to do in London at night is to sit on the bus and take a night tour of the city and experience the best views in London at night. The moonlit destinations look even better when explored on a bus that encompasses rides to major locations. Nighttime exudes a different personality compared to the time of day for it is more beautiful, exquisite, and graceful. Some of the places that will be covered as a part of the ride are Big Ben, the London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and many more.

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Thames River Dinner Cruise
Take The Thames River Dinner Cruise

A cruise on River Thames is one of the most romantic activities to do in London at night. Experience the enchanting charm of London at night with a Thames River dinner cruise, a perfect blend of gastronomic delights and captivating sights. As the sun sets, the iconic landmarks of London come alive with a dazzling display of lights, creating an unforgettable backdrop for your evening adventure. Embark on a leisurely cruise along the River Thames, taking in breathtaking views of the Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, and the London Eye. Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of London's nocturnal beauty during the night cruise London as you sail under starry skies, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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things to do london at night
Visit the Sky Garden

This architectural marvel offers a unique and unforgettable experience and is one of the best things to do in London at night. It displays enigmatic views of London from 34 levels up. As the sun sets, the city's lights come to life, painting a mesmerizing picture of London's landmarks against the darkening sky. The Sky Garden boasts three floors of lush greenery, providing a serene escape from the bustling city below. Wander through landscaped gardens and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the Thames, Tower Bridge, and the Shard. The open-air terrace invites you to embrace the fresh night air and immerse yourself in the magic of the city lights. Whether you're seeking a romantic date spot or a serene setting to unwind with friends, the Sky Garden promises an unforgettable evening of awe-inspiring beauty and tranquility. 

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London Food Market
Visit London Night Food Market

If your taste buds are demanding, and the crave for food especially at night is insatiable, then hop to the London Night Food Market. A bustling food place with different platters and cuisines, trying out food is the most fun things to do in London at night. Out of all, the south Centre Food Bank is a tongue treat as the place offers meals from all around the world. They also have a grand collection of homemade beer, winners, English tea, sweet treats and more.

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things to do london at night
Attend The Ceremony of Keys

If you are here, then experiencing British rituals is one of the best things to do in London at night. Experience a centuries-old tradition by attending the Ceremony of Keys at the Tower of London, a mesmerizing nocturnal event steeped in history and mystique. Every night, for over 700 years, this age-old ritual has taken place, where the Tower's gates are securely locked for the night. As the clock strikes 9:53 PM, Chief Yeoman Warder, carrying a lantern and accompanied by a small party of guards, proceeds to the Byward Tower to receive the keys from the Tower's Resident Governor.

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Experience Nightlife in Shoreditch

If you are looking at a scintillating experience in the night, then go for a pub crawl at Shoreditch. If exploring fun things to do in London at night is your way, then experiencing the nightlife of London like a local is a super duper plan. A peek in Shoreditch will take you to the best bars and pubs in the locale. Take out your dancing shoes, put on your night dress and let your hair loose for this experience.

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    Yes, there are several best things to do in London at night including taking a walk at the bridge overlooking River Thames, taking a ride on the Giant Ferris Wheel at the London, and much more. It sure is worth exploring.

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