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The sea life aquarium situated in London is one of the most majestic attractions to visit, and to connect with the ethereal nature surrounding us. This splendid attraction has over 14 vivid zones, with marine animals from the arctic zones to the rainforest of amazon.Visit this aquarium and enjoy a fantastic edutainment trip like never before, with a special zone dedicated to the penguins. At Sea Life aquarium London you will find the amusing ghetto penguins, in enclosures replicating the Northern hemisphere. These enclosures can change temperature and light zones, during seasonal changes, such that the penguins can easily adapt.

Next on, explore the fantastic rainforest zone, where you find spectacular creatures from the Amazon. From flesh eating piranhas to vivid species of spiders, and from extraordinary Cuban crocodiles to turtles, this zone will inspire you with its different animal lives.The Sea Life aquarium London is a spectacular attraction where you can also indulge in piranhas feeding programs. Observe the most spectacular animal species from close up and make splendid memories. These species include octopus, jellyfish, turtles, sharks, coral reefs, and many more, making this one of the largest aquariums in Europe.

Why Book Sea Life London Tickets Online?

While Sea Life London tickets can always be bought in person, purchasing tickets online is the most convenient and hassle-free way to travel. You may avoid the crowds and heat of the ticket counter by ordering Sea Life London tickets online, which not only allows for the convenience of pre-booking but also provides fantastic discounts on each purchase, letting you make your trip as cost-effective as possible.

Highlights Sea Life London Tickets
Inclusions Of Sea Life London Tickets
  • Enjoy a fantastic tour through distinct 14 zones, accommodating the best of attractions and covering the most vivid marine life.
  • From the northern hemisphere to the deep enthralling coral reef from the pacific, Sea Life aquarium London is a perfect way to feel more connected with the nature around you.
  • The aquarium has zones displaying the penguins from the arctic, over 300 species of sharks, exquisite rays, and amusing rainforest creatures like flesh eating piranhas, poison dart frog, cuban crocodiles, tarantulas and more.
  • The aquarium also conducts a feeding program and special interactive zones where you can observe the giant octopuses and jellyfishes from up close. Watch the dive with the sharks and make splendid memories.

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  • With your Sea Life London tickets you can experience feeding the piranhas and watch them go frenzy.
  • Watch the poison dart and cuban crocodiles in their enclosures, two of the most draededul creatures in the world.
  • You can also observe over 100 different exclusive shark species, ranging from killer whales to hammerhead sharks with your aquarium tickets.
  • Witness the most marvellous rainforest animal species as well, as you enter the Sea Life aquarium.

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Popular Sea Life London Tickets Options

The Sea Life London offers a wide range of tickets to the visitors in order to give them unique experiences of the marine world. With Sea Life London tickets, you will be able to explore the marine world as well as take part in a wide range of programs like interaction and feeding.

Standard Sea Life London Ticket

The standard Sea Life London ticket provides the most remarkable and an all-day access to all the theme zones and attractions at the Sea Life aquarium London. Book for the Sea Life London tickets online and enjoy exclusive discounts as well. The standard ticket comes with a day's access to all the 14 fascinating theme zones, wherein you will witness the spectacular species of rays, sharks, penguins, rainforest species and the coral reefs spread over 3 floors. The ticket also includes dish feeding programs, interaction with the diving pools and the display as well

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Anytime Entry: Sea Life London Ticket

The exceptional anytime entry ticket will give you an access to the attraction at time of your choice. Here, you can enjoy a guided tour to all the 14 different attractions spread over all 3 floors. Not only this, anytime entry ticket provides you an insightful peek into the behind the scenes of the aquarium. Get to learn about the operation of this entire aquarium, and interact with experts as well. Book for the anytime entry Sea Life London tickets and enjoy exclusive inclusions like knowledge of the support systems, breeding programs and more.

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Standard Sea Life London Ticket + VR Experience

The standard ticket promises another tempting offer, where you will enjoy all the inclusions of the standard ticket. Walk through the 14 marvellous zones, and watch the most exquisite marine animals, spread over 3 floors. The most spectacular addition to this, is the virtual reality experience. The VR excursion promises you a gripping dive into the depths of the ocean. Watch the most awe-inspiring views of the shark, penguins, rainforest species and stingrays in this multisensory VR experience like never before. The standard Sea Life London tickets are easily available at our website and can be easily booked.

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Sea Life London Ticket + London Eye

This Sea Life London ticket is one of the most amusing packages with great inclusions. In your Sea aquarium experience the vivid marine life, and observe the moluccas, octopus, vibrant coral life, shark and other exquisite rainforests species that are extrinsic. Not only this, the package allows you a day’s access to the splendid London Eye, where you can observe the most awe-inspiring views of the London cityscape. It is an extravagant ferris wheel with 32 capsules, overlooking the entire scenic cityscape.

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Sea Life London Ticket + Shrek's Adventure London

This Sea Life London ticket is one of the most amusing packages with great inclusions. In your Sea aquarium tour, experience the vivid marine life, and observe the moluccas, octopus, vibrant coral life, shark and other exquisite rainforests species that are extrinsic. This tempting package also offers access to Shrek's Adventure London. This theme park consists of amusing sensory attractions and rides. If you have kids with you on the trip, then there is not a better experience to indulge in this adventurous park. This ticket is valid for 90 days, after your first booking.

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Sea Life London Ticket + Madame Tussauds London

This exquisite package includes access to a plenty of attractions in the aquarium. Take a tour through all the 14 zones, and 3 floors and witness the most distinguished rainforest species, penguins, coral reefs and rays like never before. The Madame Tussauds London is another vivid attraction that you can visit in your excursion, that allows you a 90 day access to this attraction. The museum is one of the most renowned structures, wherein you will find wax sculptures of some of the most celebrated sports players, politicians, freedom fighters, celebrities and more.

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Aquarium Zones In Sea Life Aquarium

Witness the most majestic and vibrant coral reefs at the coral kingdom at this diverse Sea Life aquarium in London. Watch awe-inspiring views of the jellyfish at the ocean invaders, and head onto the rainforest adventure. Here you will come across the most stunning crocodiles, turtles and scary spiders as well.

Coral Kingdom

The coral kingdom is one of the most spectacular additions to your Sea Life London tickets. The coral kingdoms have a wide range of reefs that range from infamous nemo fishes also called as the clown fish, to the vibrant yellow tangs. The coral reefs make up 25 percent of the ocean floor and are extremely important for marine habitat and ecosystems. Get a chance to delve deeper into the spectacular coral lives of the sea world. Learn more about the corals, and the magic polyps with elongated tentacles that make these marvellous creatures a one of its kind unique creature.

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Ocean Invaders

Consisting of three different and interactive zones, the ocean invaders are absolutely an unparalleled addition to the Sea Life aquarium. It does its best to introduce the magical species of the killer fishes, their habitats and their impressive behaviours to the observers. In here you will find three different exquisite zones. The first one is where you will find the smallest jelly fishes and observe them from the prism. The next section, Understanding Jellyfish, will answer some of the most often asked questions about this fascinating creature. Finally, the wowed jellyfish zone is where you'll locate the most incredible species you've ever seen.

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Rainforest Adventure

In your Sea Life London tickets you will get a chance to witness the most marvellous rainforest species like never before. This zone houses the flesh-eating piranhas and the fabulous Cuban crocodiles, who are the main attraction of the place. Also witness the infamous poison dart frog, Chilean rose tarantula, the frenzy colony of leaf cutter ants and more. The rainforest zones are one of the most intriguing attractions that will help you understand these deadly animals from up close. Watch the most fearsome tarantula, frenzy collection of piranhas and lastly the cute snapping turtle.

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Creatures Inside Sea Life Aquarium

At Sea Life aquarium, witness creatures that range from the thick wilderness of the amazon rainforest to the freezing climes of the Northern hemisphere. Discover dreadful looking sharks, and watch the most marvellous and vibrant coral species as well. There are plenty of species of octopuses, coral reefs and penguins here as well.


With a noble case to protect the shark species of the ocean, the Sea Life aquarium London houses over 1000 sharks in their aquariums. From baby sharks, blue whales hammer heads and to killer whales, the shark species of the aquarium is unparalleled. There are over 500 species of the shark in the aquarium each with distinct features and characters that will leave you in awe. The sharks in the aquarium can be found at the SEA LIFE, Shark walk zone. There are plenty of sharks, and your tour guide included in the Sea Life London tickets will give you an insightful journey into the life and development of these humongous creatures.

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Although away from their homes, the gentoo penguins in the Sea Life aquarium are kept in enclosures with temperature equal to the Southern hemisphere. The enclosures are made colder with special light effects that go dull around the winter months, replicating the polar conditions. These conditions help the penguins with their breeding activities. In your Sea Life London tickets you will get to spot a plethora of these cute creatures and have a splendid time learning about their lifestyles, eating habits and seasonal behaviours as well. Sea Life aquarium London is one of the most fascinating attractions to best marvel at the beautiful polar species.

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Coral Reef Inhabitants

Coral reefs are one of the most vibrant and vivid marine species that will leave you in awe of their enchanting beauty. Witness the splendid species of polyps with their tentacles coming out, rendering an absolutely marvellous sight. A visit to the coral kingdom is a definite inclusion in your Sea Life London tickets. The majestic coral kingdoms render an ethereal tour that will help you learn about these vivid marine species and their grateful contribution to the ecosystem and the algal species as well.


If you are fascinated by octopuses and their exemplary lifestyle, then the Atlantic coast theme of the Sea Life aquarium will definitely make you come back for more. There are over 300 vivid species of these mollusc genus, and their wonderful habits, behaviours and lifestyle is something you should not miss out on. There are large tanks in the aquarium which house these species. Observe the most intelligent species of the invertebrates floating around in their zones, with their round doughnut shaped heads and tentacles.

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Rainforest Species

Another one of the most exceptional species to explore in your Sea Life London tickets are the rainforest species which are some of the most dreaded marine animals. In here you will find the fearsome piranhas, and have a great time learning about these toothy carnivores. You might also get a massive chase to feed these deadly fishes and watch their frenzy actions. Next on, at this theme zone you can witness another one of our deadliest creatures, the Cuban crocodile. Steady and silent in its own zone, Thai carnivores are well skilled to attack their prey anytime.

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Rays are some of the fun looking marine animals that you will spot in the Sea Life aquarium. The rays, although look harmless, can cause instant death in humankind. These species date back to about 150 million years, and are some of the oldest creatures of earth. At this aquarium you will come across a vivid species of rays. Some of the most exquisite species are the undulate ray, sting rays, bowmouth guitarfish, and more. Learn about the behaviour and lifestyle of these creatures and make splendid memories in your aquarium excursion.

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Know Before You Visit Sea Life London

Essential Information:

Location: Riverside Building, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7PB, United Kingdom

Timings: 10am-4pm (Monday- Friday) 10am-5pm (Saturday- Sunday)

Best time to visit The best time to visit Sea Life aquarium London is during the weekdays when the crowd is not that strong. Visit during early mornings to avoid the rush hours and the queue at the entrance.

How To Reach:

By cab: You can hire a cab or rent a vehicle to get there, it will be about a 7 minutes drive from the city centre of London.

By metro: Waterloo and Westminster Stations are the nearest stations and from here you can find the activity location in 2-3 minutes on foot.

By Walk: You can also take a walk from the city centre of London to reach this location.

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Should I book Sea Life London Tickets in advance?

Yes, it is advisable to buy Sea Life London tickets in advance to avoid the rush and hassle at the Sea Life aquarium counters. But tourists can also book for sea life in London at the counter.

How long should one spend inside Sea Life London?

The complete experience of Sea Life London Aquarium will take approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. However, this is entirely up to you and how long you want to spend exploring the aquatic environment.

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Why should I book Sea Life London Tickets online?

Book for Sea Life London tickets online to enjoy exclusive discounts. The package also offers tempting inclusions, with one day access to London’s infamous attractions like London Eye, Shreks Adventure Park, and more.

What makes Sea Life Aquarium London so popular?

The sea life aquarium is extremely popular for encompassing the vivid wildlife species from the arctic to the amazon rainforests. In here there are a plethora of exquisite zones that you can explore. Watch the piranhas, penguins and cuban crocodiles and learn about their seasonal behaviours and habits on your visit.

For how long are Sea Life London Tickets valid?

The tickets are valid for 90 days. Tourists can visit the attraction anytime during the first 90 days of booking.

What is the best time to visit Sea Life Aquarium London?

The best time to visit Sea Life aquarium London is during the weekdays when the crowd is not that strong. Visit during early mornings to avoid the rush hours and the queue at the counters.


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