London River Cruises

Overview Of London River Cruises

London River Cruises are a way to explore and experience the inherent interconnection between London and the river Thames which flows through the centre of the city and lies at the heart of the formation of it. It is a significant way to get accustomed with the history and culture of London, one of the most renowned cities in the world. Cruise ships head up to the river Thames and straight into the heart of the capital, offering their passengers an unforgettable experience, with unrivalled views of historic buildings and modern icons alike.

This 40 minutes long cruise would pass the architectural beauties and landmarks of London like Houses of Parliament, Big Ben (Palace of Westminster), St Paul's Cathedral, Tate Modern,Tower of London, Shakespeare's Globe, Tower Bridge. To enjoy this wonderful trip to the heart of London visitors can choose from a number of options in types of cruises available as per their convenience and affordability. Board the London Eye River Cruise and your journey ends at the London Eye, witness the enchanting beauty of London at evening on River Thames Evening Cruise and plan your adventure by boarding Thames Hop on Hop off cruise.

Why Book London River Cruise?

The river cruise in London isn’t only a refreshing day trip undertaken on the weekends but a cultural exploration of one of the most renowned cities of the globe. Therefore, book the tickets to observe the beauty and history of the city a bit closely. Majorly, the trip on London River Cruise is booked online but for some cruises like speedboat and cruises, offline booking is available as well. It's advisable to book the tickets online to avail different variations in tickets, an easy- hassle free booking and get a discount on the tickets prices as well. Not only that, booking tickets online is always a trusted and safe option, and helps you enjoy many premium offers.

Various package options across different cruises can be compared and the best ones of desired preferences are chosen easily making the trip accessible and convenient. There are many short duration and long duration trips available and prices of cruises vary based on what kind of facilities they provide on board for instance the less charging cruises don’t provide dining options. The rates of cruises also vary based on how many landmark sites they will cover on the trip and how long the trip lasts. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to the visitors planning a London River Cruise to list down their priorities, then choose their cruise out of the many options available. The confirmation and booking policy of tickets is an easy process plus the refund and cancellation policies are highly convenient too.

Highlights Of London River Cruises
  • Sail across the heart of London and see prominent tourist destinations on this 2-hour cruise
  • Click beautiful photographs of landmarks of London like The Shard, London Eye, HMS Belfast, & St. Paul's Cathedral, which look spectacular at night
  • Choose from the many options available in cruises like- The London Eye River cruise, River Thames Evening cruise , Thames hop on and hop off River Cruise, River Thames Lunch Cruise, River Thames Speedboat cruise, etc.
  • Listen to all the facts and gain knowledge about the popular locations through an audio commentary

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  • Expert Guide accompanies the visitors to enrich their trip by introducing them to historical and cultural knowledge of the city.
  • Wi-Fi On-board is provided
  • Enjoy recorded commentary on the various landmarks through Personal Audio Headsets.
  • Superior Coach USB Charging On-board are available as well.
  • Entry and guided tour of St. Paul's Cathedral and The Tower of London, if the option is selected by the visitors.
  • Enjoy the River Cruise between Tower Pier and Westminster Pier.
  • To make the trips accessible to many people the facility of wheelchairs has been included by the cruises as well.

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Top River Cruises In London

A number of london river cruise options are available which offer different ways of exploring the city and its historical architectures, be it enjoying their beauty over a tea in afternoon or loosing in the delight of the enchanting of the buildings with the sun setting in the evening. Choose your style of exploring the beauty of the city.

Afternoon Tea At London Eye River Cruise

Enjoy a day with London Eye River cruise to explore the history of the city with various sights like Houses of Parliament, Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral crossing by. Extend your trip to the marvellous London Eye to enjoy 360 degree moving views from the heart of the city for a duration of 30 minutes. Book various experiences such as serving champagne at public pods. With London Eye River Cruise even private pods can be booked for guests upto 2 to 25 with a selected range of food and drink upon request.

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River Thames Evening Cruise

Board this cruise to inhale the silence of London and witness the enchantment of the city at night along the historic Thames River. Inside their glass-encased boat, witness the beauty of the city’s main attractions with the shimmers of setting sun on river surface making it a magical moment. Enhance the delight of such a beautiful evening with sparkling wine and canapés while cruising along London’s urban shoreline as night falls. Thames sightseeing of attractions like Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and HMS Belfast at sunset while Listening to live music as you cruise between Westminster and Greenwich becomes superficially magical.

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Thames Hop On Hop Off River Cruise

Enjoy the unbounded and splendid views of the prominent landmarks on a river cruise in London with the opportunity of Hopping on and hopping off from any main piers of London for 24 hours to explore the places according to your itinerary and as per your convenience. Hop on and Hop off across the famous destinations like Westminster, Greenwich, London Eye, and the Tower and many other sites to create your own adventure. The tour starts at 10:00 am and passengers can board the cruise at various stops available, they can disembark at any of the available stops.

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River Thames Lunch Cruise

Turn the excitement of enjoying the breathtaking beauty of London and the waters of river Thames with an amazing culinary experience at the River Thames Lunch Cruise. Their two-course lunch has a variety of itineraries from non-veg, veg to desserts, later on enjoy drinks at the bar onboard the cruise boat. Enjoy the tour best during winters when snow falls outside and you get served hot cake inside the cruise and make yourself comfortable in the warmth of the cosiness of an indeck cruise. The cruise would pass by the star attractions of the city like the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge, London Eye, and Big Ben and would last for 2 hours, thus giving significant time to enjoy every site closely.

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Westminster To Greenwich River Thames Sightseeing Cruise

These cruises are highly affordable, convenient and guarantee a wholesome experience of the historical landmarks of the city along the river Thames. While boarding the cruise one would glide by some of London’s must-see landmarks like on a sightseeing cruise from Westminster to Greenwich on the Thames River. At the Westminster pier pass sights such as Shakespeare’s Globe, Tower Bridge, and the Tower of London with a recorded commentary playing in the background. At Greenwich, step ashore to visit attractions (own expense) such as the Cutty Sark or National Maritime Museum.

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River Thames Speedboat Cruise

Gear up yourself to make a cultural and historical tour of the city a bit adventurous as well by boarding a speedboat to roam around the historical landmarks like the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, St. Paul's Cathedral, and more. The passengers are accompanied by the skipper and a tour guide who along with describing the culture and importance of the sites would ensure the safety of passengers as well.

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Top Attractions To Spot While On London River Cruises

It’s advisable to get aware of the various historically and culturally situated nearby the banks of the river to not miss them during your trip. Let’s have a look at the various sites, briefly.

Tower of London

Get a distanced view of this mighty fortress, Tower of London a palace and an infamous prison which send a load of fascination and horrifying chill down the spine at the same time. In the 1070s, William the Conqueror, fresh from his victory but fearful of rebellion, built this massive stone fortress in London to defend and proclaim his royal power by torturing and executing rebels in the premises of this fortress. It must have horrified the Londeners. Throughout history, the Tower has been adapted, developed and even expanded by king Henry-III (1216-1272) and Edward (1272-1307) to defend and control the nation.

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Tower Bridge

It is the most sophisticated bascule and suspension bridge in London built during the late 19th century. The Tower Bridge is world renowned because it's the most striking bridge due to its Neo-Gothic architecture and lifting central sections which gives a refreshing look amidst the Gothic architecture all along the river. Get off the cruise to enjoy the stunning panoramic views and feel the thrill of seeing London and its mighty river through the Glass Floor. Follow in the footsteps of the unsung heroes of Tower Bridge to uncover their stories and take a look into the magnificent Victorian Engine Rooms to take a raw look at how they make the suspension bridge work safe and interesting.

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St. Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral, in London, is the cathedral of the Anglican bishop and is located at the heart of the central City of London, atop Ludgate Hill and northeast of Blackfriars. It is unusual to have a cathedral named after a saint. St Paul was the patron saint of the City of London, the saint to whom this church is dedicated. Feel the fascination of this magnificent architecture while passing through the river Thames and experience its marvellous culture.

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HMS Belfast

HMS Belfast is a must visit for all those people interested in knowing the history of various events through their remaining souvenirs. Belfast is the most significant surviving Second World War Royal Navy warship. The warship has 9 decks allowing one to explore not only the technology of the ship but also help in diving deep into the history of its journey over its 25 years course over the waters. Sneak into the secret and tough life of soldiers going in the oceans by hearing war stories and exprening various activities arranged on the warship for the visitors.

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House of Parliament

This is the heart of the democracy of the United Kingdom where the business of Parliament takes place in two Houses: the House of Commons and the House of Lords. As the cruises pass by the houses of parliament at the Westminster pier get the majestic view of these gothic style buildings designed and built in the mid 19th century. It’s situated opposite the London Eye. The parliament used to be called the Palace of Westminster in 11th century and still has some mediaeval architectural remnants like Westminster Hall, the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft, the Jewel Tower and the Cloisters of St Stephen’s .

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Big Ben

It is the nickname for the Great Bell of the striking clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London, England known for its high accuracy and its massive bell. The name is quite often extended to refer also to the clock and the clock tower which is officially named as the Elizabeth Tower. This iconic silhouette is instantly recognisable because of its architecture and is one of the most Instagrammed landmarks on the planet. It has been built in a gothic style of architecture similar to that of the Palace of Westminster. Enjoy the chiming of its bells while crossing by the wide and beautiful Thames, while sitting over the deck of a river cruise in London.

Shakespeare’s Globe

It’s the renowned theatre,education centre and cultural landmark situated on the banks of the river Thames. The Globe was built as a large, round, open-air theatre in the late 16th century to accommodate a large number of viewers of Shakespere’s plays. The Globe was given the architectural style similar to the Colosseum in Rome, but on a smaller scale – other Elizabethan theatres of the time also followed this style of architecture and were called amphitheatres.Enjoy some incredible performances at theatre while discovering the culture and history of the city as they are incomplete without shakespere’s mention.

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Millenium Bridge

It’s a suspension bridge on the south-bank of the river at a 3-min walk from the Shakespere’s globe. It connects the St Paul's Cathedral on the north bank of the Thames with Tate Modern and Shakespeare's Globe in Southwark. Take a beautiful view of the magnificent bridge while sitting on an open roof crusie deck and passing by it. With the bridge lightened up in the nights with its reflection on the waters of the river Thames gives it a breathtaking view to enjoy and an unmissable opportunity to click a ton of pictures.

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The Gherkin

spot this majestic egg shaped skyscraper also called the 30 St. Mary Axe, situated in London’s financial district, The city of London while cruising in the river Thames. It’s the city’s most modern piece of architecture. The Gherkin has never been open to the public, only on open house days in September. The restaurant On the top floor – the 40th is only for business use. There is a cocktail bar for workers and their guests as well providing a panoramic view of London.

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What To Experience In London River Cruises?

  • Experience a memorable day in the heart of the city, the river Thames and go around it to enjoy the scenic beauty of the city during your London River Cruise tour.
  • Behold the majestic beauty of the historical landmarks like the houses of Parliament, Big Ben (the Elizabeth Tower), St. Paul’s Cathedral, etc.
  • Create your own adventure by joining in Hop on and Hop Off cruise and the speedboat cruise to make it an amazing experience of its own kind.
  • Have an experience of enjoying an afternoon tea in the river and a good lunch at the London Eye.
  • Enhance the experience of roaming in London by visiting its landmarks like the Tower Bridge, attending a prayer at St. Paul’s Cathedral and do not forget to walk over the millennium bridge.
  • While onboarding an evening cruise don’t forget to spend some quality time adoring the sunset and listening to live singing performances during your London River Cruise trip.

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Know Before You Experience London River Cruise

Essential Information:

River Thames Evening Cruise

Boarding Time- 6:15 PM

Cruise Timings- 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM, for almost a duration of 2 hours. It’s advisable to reach the destination almost 15 minutes before the boarding time.

Boarding Point- Westminster Pier, where the cruise departs from, is less than a kilometre away from London City Centre and can be reached by private and public vehicle.

Thames Hop on Hop off River Cruise

Boarding Time- 10:00 AM

Cruise Timings- Unlimited for 24 hours

Boarding Point- the cruise board off Westminster and the London Eye Pier which are at a 10-20 min distance from the main City of London

Afternoon Tea at London Eye River Cruise

Boarding Time - 3:30 PM

Cruise Timings- 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm, for about a duration of 1.5 hours

Boarding Point- The cruise departs from the Tower of London, Tower Hill and the Tower Pier. Reach The Tower of London by bus; Tower Hill is the closest subway station through metro; and, Tower Pier from the City Centre of London is at a 15 minute distance.

*River Thames Lunch Cruise *

Boarding Time- 11:45 AM

Cruise Timings- Board the cruise for a duration of 2 hours

Boarding Point- The cruise departs from the Tower Pier

RiverThames Speedboat Cruise

Boarding Time- cruises available as per the booking done at entrance

Cruise Timings- enjoy the ride for about 50 minutes to 70 minutes

Boarding Point- Board the cruises at the London Eye Pier.

Westminster To Greenwich River Thames Sightseeing Cruise

Boarding Time- board the cruise at your convenient time

Timings- the tour would last long for 1 to 2 hours

Boarding Point- get over the cruise at Westminster Pier

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Tips To Experience London River Cruise

  • Keep the local weather conditions in mind while dressing yourself up for the London River Cruise trip. Be sure to pack yourself in layers, raincoats (macs), sturdy shoes and an umbrella (brolly).
  • Sharpen your historical knowledge of Britain before going along the river Thames to experience the detritus of its thousand years of civilization.
  • London isn’t only famous for its expensive and luxurious hotels but also the street of different cultures like Turkish, Indian, Vietnamese or even a Peruvian ceviche.
  • A trip to London and its culture isn’t complete without the local drinks. Don’t forget to treat yourself with some drinks into a pub and partake in the local brew.

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London River Cruise FAQs

How much time does it take to complete the London River Cruise?

The exact time taken by the river cruise in London varies across different types of cruises but the average time taken is around 50 minutes.

What will we see on the boat trip?

The cruises cross by all the major landmarks of London situated along the banks of the river Thames. The star attractions like the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and Tower Bridge. One also get the chance to enjoy other catching destinations like- St. Paul’s Cathedral, Cutty Sark, Tower of London, etc.

Do they offer food and drinks onboard?

A memorable evening of food, wine, and entertainment on selective cruises on the Thames River in London are beautifully arranged. Savour your meals while enjoying the beauty of the architecture of the city while feeling the rhythm of the live music being performed .

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What facilities are available on the cruise?

The basic facilities like wi-fi, commentary headsets, guides and selective access to food, drinks are available across all types of river cruise in London. Different types of facilities are provided by different cruises in different packages.

Can I eat my own food or drink on a river trip?

Many cruises don’t allow taking your own food and drinks along while boarding cruises for the trip.


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