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About Alton Towers

Alton Towers London is a beautiful escape on a short break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Sprawling across an area of 500 acres, the resort gives access to three fantastically themed hotels, Stargazing Pods, and an Enchanted Village. The place also features 40 world-class rides and attractions that give you a pure adrenaline-rushing adventure.

From adrenaline-pumping roller coasters like "Nemesis" and "The Smiler" to family-friendly adventures like "CBeebies Land," there is something to suit every taste. Beyond the rides, Alton Towers also features captivating live shows, beautiful gardens, and enchanting themed areas. Visitors can stay on-site at the Alton Towers Resort, which offers a variety of accommodation options, including hotels and lodges. Whether you're seeking heart-stopping thrills or a fun-filled day with family and friends, Alton Towers promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you with lasting memories.

If you are fond of water rides, slides, and attractions, you should not forget to visit the waterpark at Alton Towers. The water park also features some amazing rides to uplift your mood, where you can spend some quality time with your family. You can slide down through the tropical pool at Flash Floods, rejuvenate yourself in the warm waters of Volcano Springs at Bubbly Wubbly Pool, and enjoy the giant water coaster ride at Master Blaster.

Available Alton Towers Tickets

The visitors can avail themselves of the Alton Towers tickets in two forms, namely Theme Park Entry Ticket and Water Park Entry Ticket. These tickets will allow them to enjoy all the rides and attractions of the different parks, respectively. You can avail yourself of the discount if you book your tickets in advance.

Theme Park Entry Ticket

The Alton Towers tickets, including Theme Park entry, allows you to experience over 40 different rides and attractions. If you book the tickets in advance, you will get a chance to save a decent amount on your entry, making the ticket price more affordable to the public. Children below three years of age are allowed to enter the park for free.

Inclusions: - 40 attractive rides and attractions.- Discounted entry for students and advance ticket bookers.- Free for children below three years of age

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Water Park Entry Ticket

The Water Park entry ticket comes with a great deal of discounts and offers for students and groups. This ticket gives you access to the splashtastic water park at the Alton Towers London. You can thoroughly enjoy all the water slides and wacky water attractions. If you book your water park entry ticket well in advance. However, it is advisable to check the adult to child ratio while booking your tickets online.

Inclusions:- Entry to the water park.- Water slides and water attractions.- Discounts for students and groups.

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Top Rides In Alton Towers

Alton Towers, one of the best theme parks in London, consists of more than 40 rides and attractions that are suitable for all types of visitors. All these rides allow you to escape the normalities of life and take a step into the world of blasting fun and excitement. You can engage with the much-loved characters at the CBeebies Land or enjoy the thrill of world-class roller coasters with your family.

Sharkbait Reef By SEA LIFE

Sharkbait Reef is a wonderful attraction in the Alton Towers located under the debris of the galleon in Mutiny Bay. It is a tropical interactive pool that offers you a glimpse of plenty of mysterious and amazing inhabitants from the seas and oceans of the world. Some of the marine creatures that you can spot in this pool are spotted rays, seahorses, blacktip sharks, and chocolate chip starfish. You will also find tiny shrimps in the pool that will manicure the tip of your toes as you put your legs into the touch pool.

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Peter Rabbit Hippity Hop

Peter Rabbit Hippity Hop narrates a beautiful story of a playful Benjamin bunny hiding from his friends in the garden that belongs to McGregor. This ride allows you to join Peter Rabbit and Lily Bobtail and try to resolve the puzzle to find the hiding place of the bunny. Thus, it is an adventurous ride that allows you to hop into the sky and find the playful bunny from the top. Children can have a wonderful time at this park and, at the same time, have the stimulation of their brain cells while finding the playful Bunny hiding in McGregor’s garden.

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Go Jetters Vroomster Zoom Ride

Go Jetters Vroomster Zoom Ride is a spectacular global ride in the Alton Towers. It takes thrill-seekers on an adventurous flying ride around the world in a Vroomster with Lars, Kyan, Xuli, and Foz. In this ride, the young riders have complete control over the Vroomster, and they can move it up and down to launch from the Jetpad. This ride in CBeebies Land is a fundamental attraction for children, and they would definitely love to hang out at this place with the famous cartoon characters. including Kyan, Lars, Foz, and Xuli.

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Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure

Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure is another ride in the CBeebies land for children. This ride allows the kids to join Captain Barnacles and his crew members, while The Ostonauts make their way to the Alton Towers Resort for a rollercoaster adventure. Even toddlers can experience this adventurous rollercoaster ride with their parents and have a fun-filled stay at Alton Towers Resort. The ride lets the young thrill-seekers explore the latest underwater worlds, rescue the wonderful sea creatures, and protect the ocean with Captain Barnacles on their ride. After completing two circuits of the track, children are filled with excitement and joy that they would get charged up for another ride.

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Gangsta Grann

The Ride is a tour of the Crown Jewels alongside a Royal Carriage. You can hop into the royal carriage and take a spin into the sewers with the help of 360-degree special effects to break into the vault ladened with crown jewels. After finding the jewels, it would be fun to escape into the Gangsta Granny Rooms. These rooms feature different characters from the book Granny & Ben and hidden clues that help you crack the code of the vault for a special surprise inside. The children will surely enjoy it as they attempt to make the greatest heist in history in the Alton Towers.

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The Alton Towers Dungeon

Another inclusion in the Alton Towers tickets is The Alton Towers Dungeon which offers an experience for a complete 45 minutes. It is a wonderful interactive show with top-notch theming and technology. The ride consists of three fundamental attractions, namely The Judge, The Black River Boat Ride, and The Torturer. The Judge authorizes you to take a stand in the courtroom and plead your case, while The Black River Boat Ride takes you on a boat ride to gaze at some of the Dungeon residents. On the other hand, The Torturer will fill you with laughter with its favorite devices while being rested in the Torturer's chair.

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Wicker Man

Wicker Man is the first wooden roller coaster in Alton Towers that embarks you on a multi-sensory ride of passage into the mysterious world of The Beorman. The structure is towering above the treeline, and you can hear an ominous drum beat from within. This rollercoaster ride ignites your senses by burning the flames each time you traverse through its chest. You can also watch your on-ride photo displayed at the entrance and shop for them to cherish the memories enjoyed on the ride forever. The Wicker Man is indeed one of the best rides at the Alton Towers.

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Hey Duggee's Big Adventure Badge

Hey Duggee’s Big Adventure Badge is the new attraction at Alton Towers that allows kids to climb, slide, and bounce their way through engaging sensory play areas. You can then meet Duggee and collect your Big Adventure Batch or connect with the squirrel club and get yourself ready for a giant adventure to all your favorable Hey Duggee locations. In this attraction, you will also find a plethora of play equipment and other interactive elements, like slides, trampolines, tunnels, and climbing structures. The children should also not miss out on their own adventures in a pirate ship and a yellow submarine.

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Nemesis is a twisting and turning ride that takes dangling adventure enthusiasts around 250 tonnes of tangled steel. It is one of the best rollercoasters in the entire United Kingdom as it spins, loops, and corkscrews at 3.5 G-force past the rocks and rivers of the Forbidden Valley at a speed of 50 miles per hour. It is the most heart-thumping, exhilarating, and exciting ride that you must experience at least once in your lifetime. Unlike other rollercoaster rides, Nemesis keeps you very close to the ground. You can expect yourself diving into an underground tunnel and hoping that your feet do not touch the blood river that flows beneath.

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The Smiler

The Smiler, one of the inclusions in the Alton Towers tickets, is the first 14 loop rollercoaster ride in the world that races at a speed of 85 kilometers per hour. Its tracking twists include the 14 combining loops that have a length equal to thrice the times of the Oblivion. If you are suffering from the pains and aches of everyday’s life, this ride will turn your frown upside down. The five different manipulations of the ride will definitely convert you into a smiling advocate.

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Oblivion is the first vertical drop roller coaster in the entire world that makes every rider face their fear. This ride is a getaway to the state of being forgotten in the surrounding areas of X Sector. It starts with a slow and steep climb to the top to create tension in the minds of the riders and then makes a sheer vertical drop to the mercy of the Oblivion. As you reach the top of the rollercoaster, you will find a moment to savor the thing that is going to come next. Although it is advisable not to see down the ride, your mind will ask you to take a sneak peek at the colossal vertical 180 drop.

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Th13teen is the first vertical free fall roller coaster drop in the world included in the Alton Towers tickets. This dark and mysterious ride features moving track parts that turn brave adventure junkies into falling objects within the limit of an unstable crypt. After you hit the ground, it seems like there is no other way to shift gears into reverse. The ride makes your body sit in a 3.2G force to create an unparalleled level of psychological fear. It does not give you any warning or tick lift hill but drops you 5 meters through the air with no guilt.

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Waterpark At Alton Towers

The waterpark at Alton Towers features fantastic and slippery delights for different age groups. It allows its guests to go splashing in their interactive game areas or hop into pulsating high-speed water slides. You can drift along the lazy rivers, relax around the Bubbly Wubbly pool, and drench yourself while moving at a heart-throbbing speed of an awesome Master Blaster water coaster.

Master Blaster

Master Blaster is one of the fun water rides included in Alton Towers tickets. It makes you get ready for the huge blast of water while traversing on a giant water coaster ride at a breathtaking speed. You can enjoy this fun-filled ride if your height is at least 1.1 to 1.2 meters. People can also share the fun together with their fellow travelers by riding on a double ring. This ride does not only take you downhill but also propels you uphill at an incredible speed of 5 meters per second. Thus, it is the best ride for both adults and children alike.

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Rush 'N' Rampage

Rush ‘N’ Rampage is the two high-speed water slides that slip and slide you down the insane turns and twists. You can opt for Rush and relish an engaging experience at these water slides. Before going to an adventurous Splashdown pool, you can even create your own selection of five funky light and music themes. The only thing that you need to keep in mind before going on this ride is that all the riders must be above the age of 3 years, and the children are only allowed to enjoy this ride if they are accompanied by an adult.

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Flash Floods

If you are fond of an outdoor adventure, you can indulge yourself in Flash Floods. They are another inclusion of Alton Towers tickets that take the riders on an outside slide before splashing down into the tropical pool. These slides begin at the top indoors with one level below the Rush ‘N’ Rampage. If you slide through the left hatch, you will find yourself in an open lagoon with three different water slides. In other words, you will find a pool at the top followed by two slides that move into a middle pool and three slides that make their way to the bottom pool.

Lagoona Bay

Lagoona Bay is the fundamental tropical pool and is the center of attraction of the Alton Towers Waterpark. This pool is equipped with geysers, water cannons, and waterfalls. You must be wondering if it is a great place to participate in swimming activities. Rather, it is a fun place to paddle across the different areas of the lagoon or just sit back and relax. Therefore, Lagoona Bay is a beautiful place in Alton Towers waterpark to have a secluded time underneath the waterfall followed by a lenient swim in the outdoor pool.

Bubbly Wubbly Pool

If you move towards the right hatch of the waterpark, you will find a Bubbly Wubbly Pool. Here, you can rejuvenate yourself in the warm, bubbling, and steaming waters of Volcano Springs, irrespective of the weather. However, if the weather is hot outside the pool and you do not watch to get yourself drenched in the water, you can soothe yourself on one of the deckchairs beside this serene area. Thus, the Bubbly Wubbly Pool is pure bliss for the people who are seeking tranquility both inside and outside and want to calm their senses away from the bustling life of the city.

Wacky Waterworks

The Wacky Waterworks is a fun and exciting climbing frame that consists of more than 70 engaging water features. This attraction included in the Alton Towers tickets allows its guests to have a fantastic time with buckets, pull ropes, water cannons, and water wheels. You can climb over nets and creep into the tunnels and across bridges to avoid people catching you over with different water features. After reaching the top of this Wacky Waterworks, you can turn on the taps, fill your bucket with water, or use the spray cannon to soak your other fellow riders.

Know Before You Visit Alton Towers

Essential Information
How To Reach

Location: Farley Lane, Alton, Stoke-on-Trent ST10 4DB, United Kingdom.

Timings: 10 am to 5 pm

Best Time to Visit: Weekdays outside of the school holiday season are the best time to visit Alton Towers (i.e., between Monday and Thursday). You should visit this place in the morning to avoid crowds and have enough time to enjoy all the activities at the resort. Moreover, you do not have to stand in long queues to get along the rides.

Important Information: The Alton Towers tickets do not include water park tickets. You need to book the water park tickets separately as it is a separate attraction.

By Train- The travelers can travel by train to reach Alton Towers London. The nearest railway station to Alton Towers is the Uttoxeter railway station, and it is located around 10 miles from the resort. The other railway stations near Alton Towers are Trent Station and Derby train station. Alternatively, you can also take a resort monorail to reach your final destination.

By Bus- Several bus services are available on this route. D&G Bus operates the X41 and 32X to Alton Towers, while Notts & Derby operate the X52 service from Nottingham to Alton Towers.

By Car- If you wish to travel by car, you can drive between the M1 and the M6 from both motorways to reach Alton Towers. Also, be careful while traveling as there are several cyclists, walkers, and horse riders on the ride.

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Tips To Visit Alton Towers

  • Carry a water bottle or a collapsible or refillable container.
  • Don’t forget to bring your own lunch or snacks to the Alton Towers London.
  • Get along the biggest rides you want to enjoy first, and then proceed to the smaller rides.
  • Wear clothing with zip pockets to keep your essential valuables safe during the ride.
  • Book the Express Parking ticket in advance.
  • Carry a colorful parka or poncho to keep yourself dry at all times.
  • Book your Alton Towers tickets to visit on a weekday outside the school holiday season to avoid the crowd.


Do Alton Towers Tickets also include waterpark tickets?

No, Alton Towers tickets do not include waterpark tickets as it is a separate attraction. You need to be a guest at the Splash Landings Hotel if you want to use the waterpark, and you can get access to the attraction if you have pre-booked a session.

Do I need to book in advance for Alton Towers Tickets?

Yes, you need to book Alton Towers tickets well in advance, including the pass holders. It is advisable to pre-register your documentation at least 14 days prior to visiting your ideal destination. This process is generally made to keep all the guests and staff of Alton Towers safe and make the process quicker.

What makes Alton Towers so famous?

Spread across 500 acres of fascinating Staffordshire Countryside, Alton Tower is known for its three magnificent hotels, stargazing pods, and enchanting village. Here you get to witness over 40 world-class rides and attractions. It is the largest theme park in the United Kingdom and is efficient in helping guests explore the resorts through fun rides.

What is the best time to visit Alton Towers?

The best time to visit Alton Towers is during the weekdays, i.e., between Monday and Thursday. During this time, the place remains less busy, and you can have a better chance of hopping onto rides without the need to stand in a long queue. It is also advisable to visit the place during the morning time as you can have ample amount of time to be involved in all the fun activities at Alton Towers.

Are there shows for kids in Alton Towers?

Yes, there are plenty of shows for kids in Alton Towers. The kids can have an interactive and fun time with their friends at CBeebies Land Shows. Moreover, the children should also not miss the Teletubbies Big Band Live at Alton Towers.


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