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Notting Hill London is one of the most prominent areas all over the world due to a variety of reasons. This is widely attributed to the fact that a lot of people from various ethnicities decided to reside there. A majority of them are from the Caribbean Islands, whereas the others are from Portuguese, Spanish and even Moroccan descent. Moreover, Notting Hill in London has a very experiential history of trying and testing several different things before garnering its fame. It used to be a rural area that went through several changes before taking the form it is known for today.

The area has developed massively in the past few decades, and is linked together with two parks like the Holland Park and Kensington Gardens as well as two Michelin-rated restaurants named the Core and the Ledbury. Furthermore, there are some traditional markets and chain stores that make this area a hub for shopaholics. To add on to its beauty, the residential buildings here are painted in pastel shades making for world-class pictures. The fun doesn’t stop here as there are several pubs, bars, restaurants and locations where people of all age groups come to enjoy and have a good time. In addition, its areas like the Portobello Road and the Ladbroke Grove are known for the wide array of things that are organized there like Carnivals and Film Festivals. Whereas, the Westbourne Grove and Notting Hill Gate have earned a name for themselves due to the unlimited shopping option that they provide.

History Of Notting Hill London

Notting Hill

Earlier, Notting Hill was located in the county of Middlesex which was a very small village that constituted a part of rural land. The amount of mud that was dug in the area gave rise to Pottery activities. This was followed by a series of developments in the area which were named after the people who contributed the most towards them financially. Then, what was witnessed was this area being converted into a racecourse for horses which did not turn out to be fruitful as the mud there was loose and couldn’t support this.

A lot of developments took place in the area and it was developed into a very Porsche suburb to invite the elite groups to stay. Notting Hill in London seemed very inviting to people from the Mediterranean, Portuguese, Spanish as well as Moroccan descents to come and settle. The residential buildings consist of open spaces, avant-garde architecture, grand terraces and gardens on the porches making this area extremely desirable. This was a turning point for Notting Hill London where traditional shops were replaced by international chain stores like Starbucks and it took its turn of being called a Metropolitan area.

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Areas Of Notting Hill

The areas in Notting Hill London are pretty diverse in nature and each has a specialty of its own. The North Kensington area is known for the annual carnival that it hosts. Whereas, the Notting Hill Gate serves as a very popular tourist attraction with shopping stores lined up there. Similarly, the Portobello Road attracts film-buffs and cinephiles due to the numerous cinema halls it has.

Notting Hill
Ladbroke Grove

This area of Notting Hill London is actually a road on the west side which goes up to the Kensal Green area. During the annual Notting Hill Carnival, it serves as the main route with crowds gathered to celebrate the festival in harmony. It is named after James Well Ladbroke who developed the estate with the same name. It was originally a rural area and has even featured in one of Charles Dickens works.

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Notting Hill
Notting Hill Gate

Notting Hill Gate used to earlier serve as a tolling place and till date serve as a great example of the architecture of the post-Victorian era. Today, however, the area around the gate has made a name for itself. There is a posh atmosphere with antique stores lined up on either side with extremely well look-after gardens that seem manicured to their last bits. Two of the city’s most well renowned cinemas; the Coronet and the Gate are also situated here.

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Notting Hill
Portobello Road

Notting Hill London is covered with roads from North to South. Located parallel to Ladbroke market; it has the best known market in all of London. The Portobello Film Festival has been organized at various locations on this road since 1996 and several cinephiles and movie buffs come from all over to discuss and enjoy this world of cinema.

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Notting Hill
Westbourne Grove

This is a road that is lined up with retail shops and is considered a haven for shopaholics. Several celebrities also head here for shopping at exquisite boutiques or from the creme de la creme of florists. It is considered a major center of Greater London and has been called names like ‘fashionable’ and ‘up-and-coming’ by several magazines too. Ever since Notting Hill London got featured, several designers and retailers set up their stores in this area.

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Notting Hill
Westbourne Green

This is a residential area and is named so because of a small stream present there; called a bourne. It used to be a very small building and has been developed a lot in recent years due to the major developments around it like the Canals and the Railways. This residential area has two major drinking places that are very much famous among the millennials. These are ‘The Cow’ and ‘The Westbourne’ where you must head out for a drink or two when in Notting Hill in London.

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Notting Hill
North Kensington

It is considered one of the most prominent areas of Notting Hill London and its shot to fame was getting featured in the film ‘Notting Hill’. Once infamous for slum housing, this area now has several people living under social rental housing. It is also considered the most cosmopolitan area of the world due to the variety of people from different backgrounds and ethnicities who come and decide to live here.

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Know Before You Go To Notting Hill

Essential Information
How To Reach
Notting Hill

Location: Notting Hill, London, W11, UK

Timings: Open 24 hours

Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit the Notting Hill area of London are the months from May to October with a very pleasant weather without humidity and precipitation making it ideal for traveling.

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What is special about Notting Hill?

    Notting Hill London is an area in the west of London which has gained fame because of its pastel-colored houses and a hustle bustle filled market. There is also a film made in the same place which adds to its fame.

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