Romantic Things To Do In London

London is considered the third-most romantic city in the world and we believe it is so because of the wide range of activities it offers to couples. There are a plethora of things that the city offers; starting from taking a cute tour in Little Venice to enjoying the London eye up in the air. For a more thrilling experience, you can opt for a ride in the helicopter and witness the city’s architectural marvels from above ground-level. Or if you’re looking for relaxing and unwinding time, then, an evening of solitude in a park located in various boroughs of the city would suffice. An evening of luxury and something way more romantic could be having dinner at Shangri-La.

It’s three floors filled with restaurants that provide a variety of cuisines like British & Chinese and offers breathtaking views from its thirtieth floors and above. This city offers an exciting range of activities for couples in London to participate in. Romantic things to do in London span from taking up rides in the air, to amusing yourselves with luxurious dinners, participating in some historical walks, enjoying boat-rides together, to witnessing this majestic city all beside your partner making it an experience of a lifetime!

Visit London Eye
Visit London Eye
  • Visiting the London Eye is considered one of the most romantic things to do in London for couples as you and your partner mesmerize in the 360-degree aerial view of the city from 135m up in the air.
  • This ferris wheel ride of about 30 minutes is best visited during day-time with the sun shining over Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and the House of Parliament.
  • Sitting down hand-in-hand with your partner on the wooden bench in the capsule and seeing London passing beneath your feet via the glass flooring is an outward experience you must opt for.
  • Dining at the London Eye is also offered by ‘The Shard’ restaurant after 8:30 pm only in two capsules.
  • Couples can enjoy this 4-course meal against the constantly changing background of the capital and count it as one of the most romantic things to do in London.

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Pay A Visit at Tower Of London
Pay A Visit at Tower Of London
  • This Tower Of London has several sub-parts of its own divided into castles, towers, chapels and palaces which caters to different interests and tastes of people which makes it one of the most romantic places in London.
  • Visit the Jewel House and bedazzle yourselves with the Jewels of the Royal family by standing witness to the craftsmanship of that era, which accounts as one of the most exciting activities for couples in London.
  • The Ceremony of Keys is a 700-year-old tradition that sees the Chief Warder present the keys of the tower to the Resident Governor. This activity can only be observed if your written request is accepted there.
  • Walking together amidst the various towers, chapels, and palaces will take you back in time and experiencing this with your partner would make it a cherishable experience.

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Take A Helicopter Tour
Take A Helicopter Tour
  • Topping the list with the utmost romantic things to do in London for couples would be taking a 50-minute helicopter tour with your partner in the air and thereby covering all the iconic sights like Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, and many more.
  • This is one of those activities for couples in London that is bifurcated into various plans and you can choose according to your timings and budget. The best time to go for a helicopter ride is the afternoon as the sun shines overhead making everything look clear and dazzling.

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Visit Hampton Court Palace
Visit Hampton Court Palace
  • Amongst all the historical landmarks that the city has to offer, Hampton Court Palace would surely count as a theatrical one with the Great Hall being infamous for hosting Shakespeare’s Company in 1603 .
  • The best experiences in London for couples London would unquestionably be visiting the Haunted Gallery and listening to the scary tales being told while walking together through those halls.
  • Other activities to do in London for couples would be participating in the staged Royal feasts wherein each person dresses up as a royal member and comes over to enjoy a delicious meal together as Kings and Queens. This is a special event and usually takes place on occasions like Chritsmas.

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Explore Buckingham Palace
Explore Buckingham Palace
  • The exquisite range of things to do for couples in London including Buckingham Palace makes it one of the most-visited places in the entire country.
  • Visiting the Royal State rooms is quite an inquisitive activity especially for the cinephiles as many movies and series have been shot here including Bridgerton and The Crown. It is open to visitors only for 10 weeks each summer.
  • One of the most calming activities in London for couples is to take a lovely stroll with your beloved among the luscious trees of Green Park while admiring the magnificent views of the Palace and seeing the squirrels and birds gathering around.

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Hop On Hop Off Thames River Cruise
Hop On Hop Off Thames River Cruise
  • Hop on the cruise from any of the prominent locations: the Westminster Pier, the Greenwich Pier, the London Eye Pier and the Tower Pier and witness the city’s twinkling lights whilst being cozily seated near each other on the cruise.
  • One of the most romantic London experiences for couples is enjoying a glass of champagne and delving into a meal together on the cruise. You can also raise a toast to the spell-bounding locations like the Tate Museum and the Tower Bridge.
  • Click pictures as you pass through these jaw-dropping landmarks of the city.

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Take a Boat Tour At Little Venice
Take a Boat Tour At Little Venice
  • The Grand Canal in London is tucked beautifully amongst two canals and you can take a little boat ride in this little Venice with your partner which accounts for one of the most romantic activities for couples in London.
  • Eat like a localite: Grab a beer and have it along with fish and chips while taking in the serene beauty of the canal. This experience you’d remember for a lifetime as it’s one of the most fun things to do in London for couples
  • Catch a fun-n-frolic puppet show during the ride and enjoy this beauty of the Little Venice together.
Eat at Shangri La
Eat at Shangri La
  • Eating dinner at Shangri La is one of the most romantic things to do for couples in London as it is a part of the Shard hotel that has three floors of restaurants.
  • A couple who has a knack for continental cuisine with panoramic views is visiting The AquaShard which is designed in a contemporary style and is on the 31st floor.
  • The Gong on the 52nd floor offers cinematographic views and is a hotspot for camera-lovers whereas the Hutong on another floor serves a variety of cuisines based on Northern China.
  • Oblix is based on the New York skyline and the Sky Lounge offers a relaxed setting.
  • Lastly, Ting’s USP is to offer British cuisine with an Asian twist and tops our list for one of the most romantic things to do in London for couples

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Stroll Around Hyde Park
Stroll Around Hyde Park
  • Stroll around Hyde Park together and marvel at the inspiring works of art that are dedicated to late officers there.
  • Immerse yourself in the park by dipping your toes in the fountain or swimming in the Serpentine, the oldest swimming pool in all of Britain, that counts as one of the most underrated romantic things to do in London.
  • Attend a concert by a famous musician like Adele or The Rolling Stones and immerse yourself in the beauty of singing, cheering and tapping along to the same beats as your partner.
  • Another one of the best London experiences for couples can be playing tennis together, horse-riding and cycling all the while enjoying the fresh air of the park

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Take a Walk Around Southbank
Take a Walk Around Southbank
  • Southbank offers plenty of activities for couples in London to amuse themselves with, like , walking towards the old city or planning a photoshoot against the grand, colorful walls on the way.
  • Imagine you and your partner clicking aesthetic and awe-worthy pictures of each other and forging unforgettable memories worth a lifetime.
  • A lot of romantic activities to do in London for couples also take place here, from the Thames sight-seeing cruise or taking a vintage bus tour, a bike tour or even a speed-boat tour.

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Pay A Visit At St James Park
Pay A Visit At St James Park
  • St. James Park is wonderfully situated as it is surrounded by monuments such as the Buckingham Palace, the Clarence Hall and the Whitehall.
  • The flowerbeds of the park, the lake and the views bring you and your partner closer to nature.
  • One of the most romantic activities for couples in London is to behold the sights of the lake and fountain from the park while feeding pelicans, being comfortably seated in a deckchair.

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Attend The Jazz Night
Attend The Jazz Night
  • The London Jazz scene is the biggest in all over England & covers a wide range of artists and styles who come over here to perform.
  • It houses over 15 venues where Jazz nights are held regularly with some of them being Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, 606 Club, Vortex and Oriole. Partying in one of these clubs and listening to Vijay Iyer, Marius Neset or Jason Moran makes up for one of the fun things to do in London for couples.
  • Soho, which is an acronym for South of Houston is considered a pretty chic place for the youth to enjoy. It houses several nightclubs where Jazz events keep taking place and thus, is one of the busiest areas in all of London.

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What is the best time to visit London?

    The best time to visit London are the months from March to August as the temperature remains pleasant and gives way to fresh blooms, sunshine and mild rains. The months from March to May mark the onset of the Spring season and the city blossoms up with colors followed by the months of June to August with sunshine, rains and rainbows hovering over the city.

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