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London, a wonderful city of dreams where life never stops as you'll always find something fascinating and thrilling to do. Visiting the enormous Alton Towers, Warner Bros. Studio, exploring Windsor Castle and Warwick Castle, and of course, the Royal London Tour; there is no stopping to the many things to do in London this weekend with your friends and family.London is surreal, dreamy, and the epitome of England's rich history. You would find a number of surprising relics of ancient London, including the Tower of London, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, and several other recognizable icons. Further, the capital city serves as a startling turning point in fascinating and distinctive biographies. Being the most visited city in Europe, receiving 27 million tourists annually, and with hundreds of things to do in London this weekend, it's no news that the metropolis is the top destination which ought to be on every traveler's bucket list, given that the city was established by the Romans and has prospered through the ages.

While there are always a ton of activities to do in London this weekend, the summertime reveals a completely different aspect of the city. London's tourism reaches its apex the moment the season of love shines, and why not? The city is alive with music, art, aristocracy, and daring endeavors. Every distinctive neighborhood in London is divided into the thriving and unique regions of North, West, South, and East London as well as the industrial and touristic center of Central London!

Things To Do In London This Weekend

There are countless activities to do in London this weekend that you can do with your friends and family. You can visit the 40 exhilarating rides at Alton Tower, ride the enormous rotating Ferris wheel at the London Eye, or tour the magnificent castles in London. If you happen to be a thrill seeker, you can try going for activities like Go Karting or Skywalking, or ArcelorMittal Orbit.

Visit Alton Towers

One of the largest theme parks in the UK, Alton Towers Resort has more than 50 attractions and rides. Alton Towers is home to the world's first vertical drop roller coaster, Oblivion, and the world's first roller coaster encounter intertwining fire and wood, the Wicker Man. Visiting Alton Towers should be on your list of things to do in London this weekend as it's a heaven for thrill-seekers. Galactica captures your rush of weightlessness, and Wicker Man pioneers the fusion of modern spectacular effects with classic wooden coaster technology. You can decide whether to spend the night in one of the many on-location hotels or maybe just stop by for some time!

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Take a Ride at London Eye

A visit to London will be incomplete without London Eye's adventurous trip, which lets you ride the highest cantilever wheel in the world. London Eye is a prominent symbol, located on London's Southbank with 32 glass pods that make up the wheel and riding one lets you view up to 40 kilometers on a clear day. The beautiful perspective of the city is described in depth by bilingual guides in their narration. London Eye is one of the must-do activities to do in London this weekend as it lets you soak in amazing vistas of the most iconic landmarks of London, like Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, The Shard, Thames River, and a few more

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Take a Tour Of The Tower of London

This medieval structure of the Tower of London, one of the best-preserved Gothic castles in the world, is renowned for its horrifying past. It's one of the most popular tourist destinations and one of the most interesting things to do in London this weekend. This amazing structure has acted as a palace, treasury, archive, armory, barracks, and royal park over the years, despite being most remembered as a place of confinement and execution. Explore the fabled crown jewels and discover the tower's bloody past. Some of the highlights of the Tower of London are the famous Crown Jewels, kept in the Waterloo Barracks consisting of magnificent crowns, sparkling orbs, and staff.

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Pay a Visit To Warner Bros. Studio

Being able to explore your favorite childhood destination while having the opportunity to be in the settings of your favorite Warner Bros. Studio productions, such as Harry Potter, DC Comics, and many others, is like living out a dream. Experience the rare behind-the-scenes material from these films and get a chance to catch your favorite characters. One of the most popular things to do in London this weekend is to take a walking tour of the Warner Bros. Studios- The Making of Harry Potter to discover more about these movies. Utilize the given accessories and take pictures while being Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, or Hermione Granger. It's unquestionably among the top activities to do this in London weekend with friends, family, and kids.

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Explore Hampton Court Palace

Among the popular things to do in London this weekend is a visit to the Hampton Court Palace, originally built in the sixteenth century as merely a brick red fortress, but then Sir Christopher Wren later rebuilt it as a marvel of Baroque architecture. It is surrounded by numerous famous gardens, including the first hedge maze in Britain. The Chapel Royal is one of the castle's most exquisitely decorated rooms. It is, by far, one of the most sorted activities to do in London this weekend if you wish to explore the "Triumphs of Caesar" and other works by Rembrandt and Caravaggio.

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Visit Warwick Castle

One of the most intriguing things to do in London this weekend is to visit Warwick Castle, which has been in existence for more than 1000 years and is Britain's finest medieval adventure for friends and family. Warwick Castle is a thrilling, action-packed day trip for all ages, featuring dazzling performances and attractions, a ton of macabre history, and fantastic birds of prey, all set within 64 acres of gorgeous grounds and gardens. It has been possessed by 36 different families during the course of its 950-year existence, in addition to four stints as royal territory under seven different kings. It served as the family residence for three different Warwick earldoms and served as a residence for the Neville, Dudley, Plantagenet, Greville, Beauchamp, and Beaumont families. Learning more about these families should be one of the most intellectual activities to do in London this weekend.

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Explore Windsor Castle

The English county of Berkshire is home to Windsor Castle, a royal residence, representing nearly a thousand years of architectural heritage. The castle is closely linked to the English royal family and subsequent British royal families, and visiting Windsor Castle is one of the most significant things to do in London this weekend. Windsor Castle serves as the Queen of England's preferred weekend getaway. Visit St. George's Chapel, the State Apartments, and the Royal Collection while exploring the Castle. You might be able to witness the spectacular Changing of the Guard ceremony if you go early in the day.

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Try Go Karting in London

Go Karting in London is the most widely-practiced motorsport and one of the most prominent activities to do in London this weekend. It's an amusing adventure that does not require purchasing equipment or a separate kart. You don't require a racing license but you still get the opportunity to compete against your friends on an exhilarating race track. Compact single racing cars called go-karts are easy to drive and can be operated by children as young as six. You don't have to be a promising racer to enjoy go-karting, though. Discover circuits including West London's TeamSport Go Karting and Tower Bridge's The London Karting Company, Revolution Karting, and more

Royal London Tour with Changing of the Guard

Another addition to the list of most popular activities to do in London this weekend includes an exclusive Royal London tour with changing of the guards taking place in the morning. Experience London's most famous locations and learn intriguing facts from a knowledgeable guide. Along the way, your tour guide will enlighten you with intriguing adventures and facts about London's extensive past. Discover Westminster Abbey, Parliament Square, Elizabeth Tower, and the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, among other sights. With the Changing of the Guard, which is a traditional ceremony in London, you can round off your three-hour Royal London tour and be mesmerized by the city's most beautiful architectural landmarks.

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Why is London Bridge so famous?

London Bridge is a famous landmark as the antique lamps on the bridge were fashioned from the army cannons that Napoleon Bonaparte smelted. It's said that London Bridge is haunted. Visitors have reported seeing a British police officer guarding the bridge and a woman in black skulking around the darkness for years. The London Bridge is renowned for its roles in horror films like "Day of the Wolves" and "Bridge Across Time, aka Terror on the London Bridge".

Is a trip to London expensive?

With a rich history and royal significance, London is a picturesque metropolis that is also one of England's most varied and vibrant cities. Despite being one of the most costly cities in the world, London can still be visited on a tight budget. A typical vacation to London will set you back between £60 and £120 each day. If you stay in inexpensive accommodations, prepare your own dinners, and primarily visit free attractions, you can stick to a reduced budget.

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Do we need to book in advance for Alton Tower tickets?

Visiting Alton Tower is one of the most amusing activities to do in London this weekend as it is famed and generally crowded as millions of visitors explore the landmark regularly. It houses more than 40 thrilling rides and is a family-friendly location to visit with kids. Therefore, it is necessary to book your tickets in advance if you want your trip to Alton Towers to go smoothly. It saves you a lot of time and you get to avoid huge crowds and standing in the waiting line for your tickets.

What is so special about Warner Bros studio?

Warner Bros. Studio in London offers a fantastic opportunity to discover the enchantment of the Harry Potter film series, the best-selling movie franchise of all time. It is among the most thrilling things to do in London this weekend since it takes you behind the scenes and exhibits a vast collection of gorgeous sets, costumes, and props.

How old is Windsor Castle?

Windsor Castle is about 952 years old, having been established around 1070.


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