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The London Transport Museum is one of the most informative and educational tour places in London that must be experienced. Based in Covent Garden, it is a one-of-a-kind experience that displays transport icons and their make along with their ingenious design. From the iconic red London bus to the first and foremost Tube map design, the museum is home to several innovative models of transport. The Museum is also reminiscent of the close interdependence of London with its transport system. Getting the London transport museum tickets is a must as visitors will love to explore the interlacing of London’s culture and progress with its transport from 1800 until today.

Be stunned by the evolution of iconic vehicles, but do not forget to explore the world’s first underground steam train that goes back to the 1890s. There is more in store at the London Transport Museum, especially for design mavericks. The Travel Gallery is a section in the Museum that has some mind-boggling designs of posters and artworks. Harry Beck’s original Underground map design is unmissable as it gives deep insights into the development of the world-famous roundel transport logo. The visitors can also enjoy interactive galleries where they can step inside real buses and trains and try out the Tube driving simulator. To enjoy this, source tickets for the London transport museum online for a comfortable plan.

London Transport Museum Tickets

London Transport Museum Admission Tickets
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London Transport Museum Admission Tickets
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  • See the first underground steam and electric trains in history with antique London buses and trams at London Transport Museum

  • Book London Transport Museum Tickets and see historical vehicles, posters, notable items that highlight the evolution of London's transportation system

  • Visit "All Aboard" play area, where your kids can drive interactive vehicles as conductors, mechanics, or drivers

  • Marvel at the sight of 450,000 exhibits at the London Transport Museum which covers more than 200 years of transportation history

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Must Know Before You Go
  • Luggage or large bags are not allowed.
  • On weekdays the cafe is open from 11 AM to 3 PM, on weekends from 10 AM to 4 PM.
  • Last entry is at 5:15 PM daily.
  • Stroller/buggy parking is available.
  • You can convert your day pass to an annual pass when you arrive at the museum.
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest at the time of booking, and also upon arrival. PAN card will not be considered as a valid address proof.
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Why Book London Transport Museum Tickets?

London transport Museum

Highlights:- Explore the London Transport Museum through interactive and colourful display shows and an underground map on your visit.- The electric tube railway is surely unmissable as it also gives insights into the world's first underground railway.- There is also oodles of information to understand how the London Underground transit systems played an important role in the Second World War.- Also, those interested can train as tube drivers in the Future Engineer section.- Many machine aficionados can witness ancient historic vehicles, posters, graphics, etc., to witness the evolution of transportation in London.

Inclusions: The London Transport Museum tickets include temporary access to various exhibitions and an all day access to all the sections of the museum. You will be able to roam around the whole place within the operational hours of the museum.

Galleries and Museums At London Transport Museum

The London transport museum tickets price gives you a tour which is a value-generating trip to action and will rest your curiosity about machines that run on wheels. It is a holistic trip that plays you into action turning your curiosity into a supercharged experience. From traversing London transport at War to sharing the Growth story of London, go ahead and buy the London Transport Museum tickets for all in the family. The tickets for London Transport Museum can be booked in advance online to view these attractions.

London transport Museum
London Transport’s Caribbean Workforce

One of the most popular places in the Museum is this that talks about and celebrates the contribution of Caribbeans to London transport. When in this zone, onlookers and avid information collectors would also know more about the struggles and triumphs of these people as they moved away from the Caribbean to the UK. The heart-winning stories are about the Caribbean people who worked for London Transport and still work. The exhibit is completely free with the London transport museum tickets.

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London transport Museum
Hidden London: The Exhibition

Time to hop on an immersive journey to London’s secret spaces in the oldest underground railway in the world. Britain’s past in the war era has some of the most gloriest stories to be told. This expedition took you to the forgotten part of the Tube Network with incredible stories like the Plessey Aircraft that employed 2000 members, mostly women and had an underground factory. The photo archive section also has several old objects, vintage posters, and diagrams that will give quite the perception you need.

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London transport Museum
19th Century London and Victorian Transport

Victorian transport and 19th Century London were both at their peak in terms of growth, evolution, and culture. During this time, two Paris beauties, the Cabriolet and the Omnibus, contributed to London's changing face of traffic. The horse-drawn cabs were great for London’s maze of narrow streets and became a trend with rich London citizens. Also, the coachbuilder George Shillibeer launched London’s first hai and ride bus service in 1829. This and several other facts that highlight London’s transport can be discovered here.

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London transport Museum
World's First Underground

With your tickets to the London transport museum, you can also explore the story behind the World’s first underground. This is the story of London’s development part by part, especially after there was a dire need for the railways owing to a lack of space. The London Underground was the perfect solution for comfortable travelling in the crowded transport spaces in London. In this exhibition at the London Transport Museum, one can see the only remaining steam trains used first on the teething Metropolitan line of the London underground.

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London transport Museum
The Growth of London

When you buy the London Transport Museum tickets, routing your investigation to the Growth of London exhibit is a must. This great exhibition showcases how the city experienced a population boom in the 19th century and how this was an important growth factor. Following this uprise, many tech innovations followed in every aspect of the English Capital. This was especially true in the case of street planning, transportation network replanning, and more.

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London transport Museum
On The Surface 1900-1945

London’s public transport systems date way into the past, but this exhibit resonates with 20th-century history. The interesting section is about human evolution's reality- man and machines are meant to change and evolve. Tourists will love to see how World War One, the industrial revolution, and the growth of tech in automobiles changed the face of London transport systems for good.

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London transport Museum
London By Design

This is what art lovers will be interested in. Science has played a key role in developing the London transport system from scratch to what it is now, but art's role is also undeniable. The London public transport back then and even now carries a vibe, an undertone and a personality, and art plays a large role in this. After you purchase tickets for the London transport museum, do not forget to go to this section and explore brandings, graphics, and poster designs that helped elevate the character of the transport system. The vintage posters from the London transport design's golden age give the system a face.

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London transport Museum
London Transport At War

Head straight to the London Transport at war exhibit to learn how its transport and supporting architecture had a significant role in the first and second World Wars. Here you will learn more about how the moonlit underground tunnels were seconded as bomb shelters. This also proves how important this system and designs were in the wars and later development.

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London transport Museum
Future Engineers

This is a super interesting section, especially for children and intrigued minds. Future Engineers have interactive exhibits that talk about roadblocks faced by contemporary engineers in today’s time in design and engineering. You can try driving the Elizabeth line tube carriage and put your mind to repairing trains and planning eco-friendly urban areas.

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London transport Museum
On The Surface 1945 to Today

The gallery representing 1945 to present-day has London’s most popular vehicles, including the Routemaster red buses, earlier versions of tube carriages, and more. Here visitors gauge the difference in the evolution of designs and structures based on the city's changing needs. You will be stunned by the innovation and novelness in constructing today's transport systems.

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Poster Parade
Poster Parade

The Poster Parade is home to some of the most iconic poster designs and the artists who designed them. The display theme changes every three months and has a selection of more than 5000 posters covering 100 years of graphic art. The Poster Parade is an important section, showcasing in its celebratory theme work related to important events, anniversaries, and current issues. The Poster collections can also be explored online, and replica posters are available at the Museum’s online store.

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Past Exhibitions
Past Exhibitions

This is a very interesting section, especially for art lovers. In this section are works of art related to any obscure London narrative. Artists are invited to respond to a particular story or a theme. The exhibitions also include historic London transport posters and their contemporary Thameslink equivalents. You can also try the signalling puzzle to divert trains to the right platforms. Artists are also invited to respond to the theme of London Stories and create an illustration that visually captures the spirit of London.

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Know Before You Book Visit London Transport Museum

Essential Information
How To Reach
London transport Museum
  • Location - The London transport Museum is in The Piazza, London WC2E 7BB, United Kingdom.
  • Timings - The London Transport Museum starts at 10 AM and goes on till 6 PM.
  • Best time to visit - The best time to visit the London Transport Museum is in the morning when they open at 10 AM. This way, you can avoid the thick crowds and explore everything easily. If you still can’t make it that early in the morning, the next best time is 3 PM, which has a minimal crowd.

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    The tickets for London Transport Museum are available onsite also. Still, booking the London transport museum tickets in advance is better to enjoy access without worrying about whether you will get it. The London transport Museum ticket price also may vary when booked online owing to some good price chart downs and steal deals.

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