About Drayton Manor

The wonderful and exciting theme park of Drayton Manor is one of the most famous highlights in the United Kingdom. Located in Tamworth, the experience of Drayton Manor is one of the most enjoyable things you can do with your loved ones. A perfect family’s day out or a trip with friends, this exciting place has 25 different attractions and rides catering to the souls of adventure.

The thrill of the rides belonging to Drayton Manor London are known just by their names, say “Jolly Buccaneer”, “Carousel” or “Shockwave” and people will tell you stories about them. Let it be an apocalypse-free fall tower or fall in alone for a shock wave, you can experience a rush of adrenaline with your loved ones. You can choose to visit Thomas land to meet your beloved characters of Harold, Percy, and Jeremy. The Drayton Manor tickets include a trip to the Knapford Station balcony that will make you meet the famous trio of Sir Topham Hatt, Rusty, and Dusty. Besides the rides, you can have a complete dose of entertainment with 4D cinema featuring Thomas and his friends. There is a zoo in the Drayton Manor London, which is home to 500 animals with 200 endangered species

Why Book Drayton Manor Tickets Online?

Booking Drayton manor tickets online is one of the best decisions you will ever make to fix your spot in this fun and thrilling place. A perfect family destination and staycation for teenagers, this place is always overcrowded leading to long queues for fetching tickets. The chances of the Drayton Manor tickets being sold out at the ticket counter are always high as this happens very frequently. Such an event is enough to spoil your fun and traveling plans. Online booking is a solution to all your problems as it provides you with an instant booking confirmation and offers you a variety of discounts to choose from.

Drayton Manure  Lady Colousal
  • Visit the UK's most popular destination among kids and teenagers for exploring different attractions like Shockwave, River Rapids, Apocalypse, Accelerator, and many more.
  • Explore the zoo with a variety of 500 different animals from South Africa, South America, and Asia.
  • Enjoy the kid-favorite attraction “Thomas Land” built over 6000 square meters.
  • Visit Thomas land and watch 4D cinema to meet your beloved characters Percy, Jeremy, and Harold.
  • Get the thrill of 100 rides including the infamous Shockwave, Apocalypse, Accelerator, and whatnot!

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Thrill Rides in Drayton Manor

If you plan to buy Drayton Manor tickets, your eyes must be on the thrilling rides of this famous park. From mild thrill to extreme thrill, this park has a variety of experiences to cater to every visitor. Depending on your idea of fun, you can either choose the most iconic and dreadful thrilling rides or can go on some easy adventures.

drayton manor shockwave

One of the two rarest roller coasters in Europe, the Shockwave ride is a stand-up roller coaster. Starting in 1994, originally named 7up shockwave, this white-knuckle ride has been several times named the best stand-up roller coaster in the whole world. This is the world’s only stand-up roller coaster featuring zero gravity. Once you board shockwave, you will be taken to a ride full of twists and turns with corkscrew, bends, and loops. Included in your Drayton Manor tickets, shockwave is always the top attraction of the exciting park.

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drayton manot bounty pirate ship.
The Bounty Pirate Ship

Sit on the bounty ship which spins and swings higher and higher as the ride progresses. Proving itself to be a great filler ride for the park, the ship swings until it almost becomes vertical giving chills to the souls of adventurers. The ride of the bounty will give you classic chills as the ship tends to become vertical giving you the entire captivating views of the Drayton Manor London park.The real thrills of this ride give you a rush of adrenaline that arrives at the point of the highest swings, after which this ride plunges to the ground at heart-dropping rapid speeds.

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drayton manor storm force
Stormforce 10

The infamous three drop water ride along with twists is enough to fill your heart with thrill. The ride presents itself as a story of a boat being sent to the waters with a canopy closing behind. The huge storm on the horizon makes the ride thrilling with rapid movements threatening the boat on a white knuckle ride. The idea of the whole ride is to courageously survive the storm with a drip that sends you into a rush of adrenaline. The end of the ride makes you feel another jaw-dropping plunge backward before reaching the last peak of the journey.

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Spinning 32 riders high up 22 meters in the air, this thrilling ride has been one of the main attractions of the park since 2002. The upward-facing frisbee ride is a second gyro swing installation based up on a surf village blown away by the storm. Maelstrom translates to the strong whirlpool in the river or sea making you swing and feel an outward rise in the sky. The bone-chilling ride will make you rotate 360 degrees in the sky only to plunge you to the ground at high speeds.

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drayton manorapocalypse

Apocalypse is a 54 meters high whooping free fall tower modeled in giant drop architecture with a speed of 80 kmph. Opened in 2000, the apocalypse is the tallest standing ride in Drayton Manor park. Launched as the first stand-up drop tower, this ride has 4 towers with 2 going up and 2 going down. Awarded as one of the most thrilling rides in the world several times, the apocalypse never fails to impress with its charm and thrill.

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Drayton manor air race
Air Race

Taking you to a 360-degree full spin, this ride swings you upside down with your world turning tilted. This ride follows the plot line of you hopping on into a plane and taking off into the sky to fly and race. This is a type of airplane race where two riders sit in one of the six airplanes, attached by a central column. The column begins to spin at rapid speeds with the airplane turning upside down making the riders experience barrel rolling

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Top Family Rides in Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor tickets are sold off in bills almost every day owing to the family rides boarded by kids and their parents along with teenage groups. Termed as family-friendly, these rides make sure to give a value-packed with fun to everyone expecting a dose of happiness and quirkiness.

drayton manor river rapids
River Rapids

As the name suggests, River Rapids is an adventurous cave in the Drayton Manor park. The ride is so exciting that it is one of the most boarded rides in the park. The journey of the ride is through an animated cartoon-style fishing port on their boat, which is around the course of the rapid, past vibrantly painted beautiful shacks and seafarers. The journey is full of rapid twists and turns, along with absorbing sounds mimicking a real-life seaport. Soon after its opening in 2021, this ride shortly became popular, where riders are made to sit holding a center ring all the time making it even more thrilling and exciting.

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drayton manor acceletor

The infamous car racing game of Drayton Manor is a themed family-friendly junior boomerang roller coaster. Originally named “Ben10 ultimate mission”, this ride opened its arms for people to enjoy in 2011. The acceleration pulls you backward 65 feet up only to be released with an immense backward speed downwards. Crowded mostly at night, this ride is known popularly to be one of the most bone-chilling rides at 66 ft height. Speeding maximum up to 37 mph, this ride gives all the experiences of boomerang coasters and packages.

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drayon manor jolly buccaneer
Jolly Buccaneer

As cool as its name Jolly Buccaneer sounds, this classic ride resembles a group of Pirates. Opened in 1992, this family special ride can contain 32 people tightly taking them on the bumpy track at rapid speeds. This ride is built in the infamous “Caterpillar” style rotating the riders around a central column in a miniature theme of boats. The boat speeds up fast, rising up and down repeatedly as the ride proceeds

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drayton manor drunken barrel
Drunken Barrels

Named Drunken Barrel because it leaves you dizzy with thrill and fun owing to its fast spinning adventures. This infamous ride is a teacup ride taking place inside a well-themed vernal beer hall, it takes the riders along while playing traditional music of Germany. This becomes even more extreme as it makes you spin from its barrel twisting the whole ride. This attraction is thrilling but may cause issues for people with medical conditions owing to its spin so one should be careful while opting for this ride.

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drayton manor sheriff showdown
Sheriff Showdown

Sheriff Showdown is a cowboy-themed interactive shooting ride that will make you grab an unreal pistol to hit the target. For each win, you get successful points in your pocket. You may be able to get bonus shots and take yourself to the top of the leaderboard like a boss. The targets are spread though-out making it easier for you to have your score displayed on a screen mounted within a Minecraft, playing strange audio. Originally named ‘golden nuggets Wild West shootout’, this ride has no age bar because anyone can be a sharpshooter cowboy

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drayon manor flying dutch man
Flying Dutchman

The beautiful flying ship ride known as the “Flying Dutchman”, makes sure to entertain any individual belonging to any age whether young or old. With a capacity of 40 riders per cycle, this ride is a complete family package. One of the most unique rides to experience with your Drayton Manor tickets, this ride is a nautical-themed amusement ride making you move faster at rapid speeds.

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drayton manor swinger
Wave Swinger

Another popular ride in the Drayton Manor tickets, Wave Swinger is known for making the experience psychologically sound and even more realistic. Wave Swinger features special lighting and sound effects with a capacity of 40 riders per ride. This ride is named wave swinger because it rotates giving the riders an ultimate swing. This infamous ride is known to start rotating gradually and then, moves rapidly. This experience gives you a chill of ocean breeze making you swing outward. Since this ride involves a lot of swing and circle movements, people with medical conditions must consider it before boarding this

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drayton manor carousel

As beautiful as its name, this fun ride takes 55 riders all together on the ride with enjoyment and thrill. You can either choose your favorite seat or ride a beautiful horse that gallops as the ride spins round and round. The carousel offers you one of the lightest and most playful rides that you can experience with your Drayton Manor tickets as this ride can be boarded by anyone irrespective of their age. This ride is enchanting and is as blissful as the classic rides shown in the movies being old-fashioned and enjoyable.

drayton rocking bulstrode
Rocking Bulstrode

Rocking up and down within a U-shaped track, this ride is built especially to amaze your little one. This family ride being a part of Drayton Manor tickets is a thrilling adventure making you rock up and down spinning in the circle as you start. One of the coolest things about this kid-friendly ride is that the Bulstrode spins up and down the track mimicking the classic example of a pirate boat ride. As this ride doesn’t let you know which side you are facing, it generates even more thrill, fun, and curiosity.

drayton manor tobys tram express
Toby's Tram Express

Making you spin and tilt, Toby’s ram is a fun family-friendly ride that makes you climb “Toby” only to be moved in circles. Rising slowly and slowly towards the sky, the ride will rotate you in circles, making you feel dizzy. Serving everyone from younger children to aged people, Toby is a kind of ride that gives you chills with its spinning, rotating, rocking, and tilting moves. Involving a lot of fun of rotation and spinning, one should be careful in boarding Toby with pre-medical conditions.

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Drayton manor
Captain's Sea Adventure

Circling in the infamous captain sea, this is a thrilling ride where you and your kid can experience the attraction of Thomas land. A child-friendly ride, one of its kind, a captain’s sea adventure is what a kid truly enjoys sitting in a locomotive shop and experiencing the spin. Equipped with their water canons, each ship in this ride makes sure you get the waters sprinkled on yourself while spinning in joy

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Drayton manor
Cranky Tower Drop

The name says it all as this infamous ride will take you to the heights of Drayton Manor park. The cranky crane powerfully lifts the riders giving them the chance to experience the mesmerism of the park and the city’s top views. Opened in 2008, this ride is a part of Drayton Manor tickets making it one of the most anticipated beginner rides and kid-friendly experiences. The cranky Tower ride is often compared to the thrilling apocalypse ride as both the rides work in a similar fashion. The real essence of thrill would be experienced at the time of the drop from the towers of cranky enough for the light hearts.

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Know Before You Visit Drayton Manor

Essential Information
How To Reach
Drayton manor
  • Location: Drayton Manor Park, Near Tamworth, Staffordshire, B78 3TW.
  • Timings: 10:30 AM to 04:30 PM on weekdays and on weekends it is 10:30 AM to 05:00 PM.
  • Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit Drayton Manor London is on weekdays that witness fewer crowds and early mornings after the rides open at 10:30 AM for proper exploration and fun.

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What is the best time to visit Drayton Manor ?

    The best time to visit Drayton Manor London is during the weekdays because of the fewer crowds. The theme park is mostly crowded during the weekends, so it is advisable to visit in the mornings after 10:00 AM on weekdays for proper exploration

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