London Food Tours - Overview

Relish some of the most delectable fares served across this historic city by opting for the best London food tours. From the classic British bagels and fish and chips to sticky toffee puddings, donuts, cheeses, and much more, there is no dearth of choices. Being a truly global city you can also savor delicacies from various other cuisines from across the planet ranging from Indian and French to Italian, Cantonese, Argentinian, and Turkish.

Embark on your grub journey by choosing one of the most specially designed food tours in London that promise to offer a distinct taste of popular food items in the city. Go for the cheese experience and enjoy the taste of several varieties of cheeses and cheesy dishes from all over the world. If you are intrigued by the popularity of some iconic beverages of England such as the gin or the craft beer, opt for a Craft beer tasting tour or a gin tasting tour. There are several other tours available in London that give you a deep insight into the country’s culture and ceremonial aspects. For instance the Afternoon tea or the English Breakfast are great options to enjoy the quintessential British culture up close.

Why Take London Food Tour?

Why Take London Food Tour?
  • Get a taste of the rich culture and heritage of the city through its rich gastronomy by taking one of the most famous London food tours.
  • Explore the delectable fares from not only traditional English menus but also cuisines from all across the world including Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and much more.
  • Take a craft beer tasting tour to learn about special techniques involved in the beer making process, or go for a gin tasting tour to indulge in one of the most popular beverages in the city.
  • Learn about the interesting influences of foods from other cultures on the local culinary art through some of these food tours in London.

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Available London Food Tours

Set out on one of the most specially curated food tours in London put together to give you a unique taste of the city’s most elegant foods. Enjoy a unique cheese experience where you get to try out different varieties of cheeses as well as cheese-based dishes. You can also opt for a craft beer or gin tasting tour and learn about the evolution of these popular drinks in the country.

Cheese Experience
Cheese Experience

Embark on this one of a kind London food tour where you get the chance to savor an entire range of the most delectable cheeses. Try out the various kinds of cheeses on offer particularly the Cheddar which is very popular in English cuisines as well as other Italian and soft cheese samples. Apart from the most popular cheeses from around the globe, you can also try out several scrumptious cheese-based dishes like the famous cheese toasties.

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Craft Beer Tasting Tour
Craft Beer Tasting Tour

Savor the taste of craft beer that is different from the regular beers on this specially designed London food tour. Learn about the special techniques involved in making these beers with specific ingredients to add a different flavor. Discover how this beverage has slowly become a part of the city’s culture over the past few years.

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Gin Tasting Tour
Gin Tasting Tour

This is one of the most popular London food tours that you must experience when in this historic city. Learn more about this famous drink that despite not being quintessentially English, is one of the most favorite beverages across the country. Sip on this incredible drink and get an insight about its evolution and popularity in England since the 1700s and 1800s.

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Top Things To Try While On A London Food Tour

There is a plethora of unique tastes and experiences that you can try by choosing from among the various London Food Tours. Indulge in a ceremonial English afternoon tea session or savor a large and typical English breakfast. Dig into some of the most scrumptious cheeses or indulge in a gin tasting session with one of these well designed tours.

Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea

Delight in the wonderful offering of the city by indulging in one of its most iconic indulgences, the afternoon tea. A complete ceremony in itself, this relaxing experience is savored by everyone in the country starting from the Royalty to the common man. There are a variety of finger foods, little treats, and other delicacies that feature at the afternoon tea including sandwiches, chocolates, pastries, desserts, tea or coffee, and much more.

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English Breakfast
English Breakfast

There is no better way to start your day than with a sumptuous English breakfast, that is also offered in the form of London food tours. An English breakfast or ‘brekkie’ as they are commonly referred to here, is synonymous with a large spread of mouthwatering and wholesome items. Dig into a fairly large plate comprising sausages, bacon, black pudding, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, and toast accompanied with tea or coffee. You can go for vegetarian or vegan options as well.

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British Cheese
British Cheese

Discover the wide variety of cheeses, particularly the English favorite Cheddar cheese, used by the local population on one of the most famous London food tours. Cheese is among London’s most favorite food items which is brought in from different parts of the world. Savor a wide range of cheese samples from famous cheese producing areas such as the Bath Blue from England, Dunsyre Blue from Scotland, the Pearl Las from Wales, and several others.

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Gin Tasting
Gin Tasting

Get a taste of one of the most beloved spirits in England that has risen in popularity over the centuries. Learn about the fascinating history and interesting tales about how gin was used for paying wages to industry workers in the country on one of the most amazing London food tours. Sip on this much preferred tipple by the London populace as you partake of an interactive session.

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Tips To Take Food Tours In London

  • Book your London food tours well in advance in order to make sure that you get the tour on your preferred date and time slot.
  • Ensure you keep a photo ID along with you especially if you are doing a drinking or pub tour.
  • Wear comfortable footwear as the London food tours entail a significant amount of walking across the city.
  • Some of the most popular areas in the city that you can check out when on a London food tour, are the Brixton, Soho, Islington, and Camden, among others.

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Which is the best food tour in London?

    One of the best London food tours is the Cheese experience where you get to enjoy a wide variety of cheeses from around the country. Cheese is one of the most favorite food items in England and there are various cheese based dishes as well that you can savor.

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