Warwick Castle

About Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle London is a fabulous attraction and is considered one of the most exciting places that you can explore on your London tour. The castle dates back to the 11th century, and its splendid Anglo-French construction, with plenty of towers, castles, and vibrant fields, will definitely teleport you into the golden era. The castle features some of the most exquisite attractions for you to explore. The lavish Zog playground is where your toddlers are sure to have a lot of fun and the Time Tower which is one of the highest and tallest structures in the castle. In your Warwick Castle tickets, you will also find the extremely fun Zog and the Quest for the Golden Star combining five different exciting zones and attractions themed around dragons that you can enjoy.

Learn about how the knights guard the wall of the castle, from foreign intrusion through day and night. The castle’s most gripping and realistic experience is the special light and sound shows ending with spectacular fireworks illuminating the entire night sky of Warwick.Try out other intriguing activities like archery under expert guidance. Walk through the staterooms and marvel at the beautiful pieces of art, splendid sculptures, beautifully well-maintained rooms, and a lot more.

Highlights Of Warwick Castle

  • Explore the splendid castle dating back to the 11th century and witness the most awe-inspiring algo-french architecture, splendid verdant gardens, and the towers adoring the castles.
  • Warwick castle has amusing and intriguing attractions perfect for your toddlers. Test their inquisitiveness and explore a plethora of different rides and attractions like Zog playground, Zog and the Quest for the Golden Star, and the horrible history maze.
  • Warwick castle also has enthralling archery programs. Give it a try and shoot your target while challenging your friends. The archery is conducted under expert guidance in the castle.
  • Visit State Rooms, Kingmaker, Garden Maze, Castle Dungeon, and Time Tower along with awestriking shows happening on a daily basis.
  • Explore the ancient grounds, stunning interiors & mighty Trebuchet at Warwick Castle the largest working catapult in the world

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Warwick Castle Tickets Options

The Warwick Castle tickets lets you enjoy the most majestic attraction inside the castle. You can explore plenty of rides, watch splendid theatrical performances, walk through the state rooms, and enjoy exquisite overnight stay as well. Enjoy all these attractions with different types of tickets offered by us.

One Day Ticket

Get access to the most spectacular attractions and rides of Warwick castle. The one day Warwick Castle tickets will take you around the castle, wherein you will spot numerous play zones, spectacular shows like birds of roses and wars of prey in your tour. The One day ticket includes one day admission to all splendid attractions like Zog Playground, Zog and the Quest for the Golden Star, Horrible Histories Maze, the kingmaker, time tower and more. The ticket has a splendid offer of discounts on advance booking through our websites. The ticket also has a rainy day pass within it.

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Short Break Ticket

The short break ticket promises you to an ethereal fireworks show at the end of the day. Watch the most awe-singing theatrical performances and walk through the lavish staterooms and towers of the castle. Explore the most majestic views of the peacock garden and watch the verdant and escalating views of the pageant field in this ticket. This package includes a one day admission ticket to all the attractions, and also lets you explore Warwick Castle London with an overnight stay at the Knight's village.

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Annual Pass

Explore the most majestic views of the castle, and visit the popular attractions like Zog Playground, Zog and the Quest for the Golden Star, Horrible Histories Maze, the kingmaker, time tower and more.The annual pass provides a year long access to this splendid castle, wherein you can also get access to enthralling overnight stay options and dining affairs as well. You can visit Warwick Castle London as many times as you want throughout the year with the merlin pass.

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Attractions Of Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle is one of the most exquisite attractions in London, that offers various activities and interests that can be enjoyed by visitors. You can indulge in Zog Playground, Horrible Historic Maze, Time Tower, and many more which will take you through the history and developments of the Castle.

Zog Playground

If you are visiting Warwick Castle, then you should visit this playground at least once. With your Warwick Castle tickets, you will get access to a plethora of slides, and tunnels that will test your kids’ skills, strength, and inquisitiveness. The playground has special highlights like winged zip rope and turrets of Princess pearl which are must-try sensory and physical plays. This playground provides the most escalating combination of physical and sensory attractions and plays areas that will keep your toddlers busy throughout the day. The play zone also has recent additions like the fly, slide down dog’s tail.

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Zog And The Quest For The Golden Star

Next on your Warwick Castle tickets, the Zog and the Quest for the Golden Stars, combines 5 different intriguing theme zones. The theme park is featured around the Zog dragon who has now mastered the art of flying and roaring. After a fun having day, you will also have a splendid chance of getting photographed with zog the dragon. This play zone has a plethora of tasks, like flying high without touching the ground, testing out thrilling roads, and saving the princess, which will keep the intriguing kid's bus for an eternity.

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Horrible Histories Maze

Your Warwick Castle tickets will take you to the chilling Horrible Histories Maze. Through the woods, you will have a fun time trying out exceptional challenges like vicious vikings, stormin normans and more. These interactive games and challenges are a definite try in your Warwick excursion. The horrible history maze has an exquisite time travelling theme, wherein you will travel through amusing themes like measly middle ages, frightful first world war and a lot more. The maze incorporates splendid sensory effects, obstacles and minor movements that will make your excursion even more fun and thrilling.

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The Kingmaker

The Kingmaker is another fascinating attraction included in your Warwick Castle tickets. Travel through the 15th century timeline, and learn about the fascinating tale of war of roses, which includes King Kingrichard declaring a war on his cousin to get his deriable throne. This intriguing story depicted through the sculptures and paintings, is a must visit. The story begins with Richard neile, who was one of the strongest heroes in power. Learn about the Lancastrians family, their curel motives, and about the historical development, as you walk through the attraction which finally ends up with the Battle of Barnet.

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Time Tower

The Time Tower, is one of the best attractions in Warwick Castle where you will get an insight into the development, construction, and history of this beautiful castle. With your Warwick Castle tickets, you can learn about the castle and its development at its best. It host is one of the most extraordinary shows that will walk you not only through the development of the castle but also through major historical changes and revelations that led to the Time Tower, one of the most exquisite attractions that you can explore.

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Have-A-Go Archery

A game of archery is one of the best that everyone needs to enjoy in their Warwick excursion. Challenge your friends for a spectacular game of archers, and target your perfect shot. Visitors are also provided with trained archers, who will guide you through this game in your Warwick Castle tickets. Put your aiming skills to test, at Have-Go-Archer which is an intriguing activity suitable for kids as well.

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The Conqueror's Fortress

This splendid fortress is one of the oldest parts of the castle still intact and full in shape. The fortress overlooks the serene views of the entire castle. Learn about the ethereal story of the castle dating back to the 11th century and make this excursion a fine edutainment trip. The conqueror’s fortress also demands a proud depiction of the awe-inspiring architecture of the golden era. Observe the enchanting detail and the tough Anglo French mediaeval styles architecture that makes this fortress an unbelievable attraction to explore in your excursion

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Towers & Ramparts

Explore two of the most spectacular Anglo-French architecture of Warwick Castle. Caesar's tower is where the royal aristocrats reside according to their ranks. On the other hand, the ramparts, is where the guardians and the knights guarded the castle through the day and night. Learn more about this fabulous history with your Warwick Castle tickets, as you admire the Guys tower, built in the 14th century. Here people used to live there according to their status. The tower goes as high as 29 metres and is one of the tallest structures around the castle. The towers and the ramparts are the most extraordinary way to dwell at the scenic history of Warwick Castle and its development through centuries.

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Great Hall And State Rooms

Live the lives of the royals, aristocrats, kings and queens, by visiting the state rooms. These rooms still have the aristocrats, furniture and the sculptures intact till date. The state rooms have well received the history of the 16th century and is an excursion you should not miss out on, as it provides an insight into the lives of royals of the state. The great dining hall was where Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth served their dinners. Explore the majestic hallways and marvel at the aesthetic interiors with golden chandeliers and magnificent paintings as well.

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The Trebuchet

The trebuchet is one of the biggest artefacts at this castle. The system was built with a humongous 22 tons of oak frame and ash throwing arm. The trebuchet is used during battles to aim large rocks and other ammunition, with a purpose to defend the castle from battles. You will also come across splendid revelation, wherein you will learn that this trebuchet is also used to aim weird things like, animal carcass, and head and limbs of prisoners of the enemy, with an aim to spread diseases and win the battles.

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The Peacock Garden

Discover the extraordinary peacock garden in your Warwick Castle tickets. This splendid garden has beautiful peacocks, moving in and around the park. Observe the beautiful foundations, tempting flowers and beautiful cut hedges as well. The garden has a stall offering afternoon tea that you should definitely taste. Take some time off your excursion and relax and rejuvenate at the peacock garden. The garden with its extremely pleasing climes, and aesthetic atmosphere will help you connect with the nature around you better.

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Pageant Field

Catch a glimpse of the most serene and enthralling views of the Pageant field like never before, offering unparalleled views of the castle. The Agent fields have sweeping green pasture lands, beautifully cut hedges and vibrant wilderness that are a perfect escape into nature. Click enthralling pictures, with the vivid views of the natural climes and the splendid castle in the background. The pageant field is an amusing part of the castle tour that is popular among visitors.

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East Front

The east front provided the most exquisite views of the castle from up front. The east front entrance gate of the castle has unbeatable architecture and fabulous views of the structure like no other. Gaze at the view and soak up in beautiful climes as well. The east front might look like any other Anglo French mediaeval exterior, but its Gothic style intricate detailing makes it an unreal structure that you should explore. Because of the past developments in the architecture, the east front of the castle became a significant part of the architecture of Warwick Castle London.

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River Island

Although this location is now home to the trebuchet, the river island is a spectacular and unbeatable spot to marvel at the distinct wilderness of the forests surrounding the location. This enthralling post is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate amidst the natural climes. The river island was earlier a splendid zoo, however through the time, the animals left the area leaving up only the aviary we see today. The river alongside which the castle stands, is an exquisite landscape that will forever remain etched to your memory.

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Mill & Engine House

The Mill and the Engine House was the first part of the castle which was introduced to the marvel of electricity. This mill is located exactly where the corn was grinded for food. The mills saw a lot of developments throughout the time and went through plumbing advancement as well. This part of the castle was recently opened to the public after a massive restoration process.

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The Dragon Slayer Show At Warwick Castle

The Dragon Slayer show at Warwick is one of the most recent and exceptional additions to this attraction. The show has gripping light and sound effects, with beautiful theatrical shows, narrating the tale of two lovers. With exceptional fireworks at the end of the show make your excursion absolutely unforgettable.

Exhilarating Battles And Special Effects

A gripping theretarcial performance, with spectacular light and sound effects, makes this performance a one of its kind thing to witness with your Warwick Castle tickets. The exhilarating battles and special effects have unparalleled shows and romances, with a gripping narrative. Dance to the tunes of age old sounds, and watch the light dancing around the show. The performances include horses to make it even more realistic. With the castle in the background, this ground shaking theatrical show is a must watch.

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Gripping Storytelling

Catch the tale of the most awe-inspiring love story in your excursion to Warwick Castle London. If splendid theatrical shows excite you, then the gripping storyline and realistic performances by the method actors will definitely make you come back for more. The story starts with the legendary protagonist Earl of Warwick, who returns from his war to the Tower of Warwick with an aim of winning the heart of the princess Felice. Travel through the intense storyline and learn about this awe-inspiring love story in a splendid act.

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Spectacular Projection

What’s better than a splendid and gripping fireworks show at the end of your excursion adding stars to your trip. The Warwick Castle London incorporates a magical fireworks performance, where you will witness the most vibrant colour shooting up and illuminating the night sky of Warwick. This show begins in the evening with another splendid and magical light and sound performance. Watch the tales of the castle crumbling and the dragon’s attack with hair-rising sound effects and intense light shows. The show ends with the griping fireworks performance that will leave you in awe.

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A Moving Theatrical Performance

There is no theoretical performance more gripping than this at Warwick Castle London. The Thai performance with an intense and gripping storyline about the prince, Earl of Warwick who returns from the battle in search of his true love for Princess Felice, narrates a tale like no other. As the show advances, you will also find the intense dragons take over, gripping light and sound effects, making the ground shake and the castle rumble, all incorporated into one fabulous and unforgettable theatrical performance like never before.

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Know Before You Visit Warwick Castle

Essential Information
How To Reach Warwick Castle

Location: Castle, Castle Ln, Warwick CV34 4QU, United Kingdom

Timings: 10am - 5pm

Best time to visit:The castle receives a moderate crowd throughout the year. The best time to visit the castle is during the morning hours, when the ticket counter is fairly crowded and easily accessible. The climate of the United Kingdom remains surreal throughout the year. Therefore, tourists can easily explore the castle, at any time during the day.

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By Car: The castle is 3.6 miles from London City Centre and can be reached in approximately 20 minutes by cab/ private car. Tourists have to make sure of the traffic conditions before hiring the cab.

By Train: Board the train from Marble Arch (Stop O) to Orchardson Street (Stop EP) and reach Warwick Castle after a 9-minute walk. This train runs every 8 minutes.

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Do I have to book in advance for Warwick Castle Tickets?

No, tourists can book for their entry at the booking counter, however, the online site provides advance booking options as well which comes with a number of inclusions like overnight stay, dining options and more. You can skip long queues for the tickets and can also avail many deals and discounts if you book in advance online.

What is the minimum age required to book Warwick Castle Tickets?

You are required to be 3 years and above to book Warwick Castle tickets.

What is the best time to visit Warwick Castle?

The best time to visit the castle is during the morning hours. You can explore Warwick Castle London during the morning hours, when the ticket counter is fairly crowded and easily accessible. The climate of the United Kingdom remains surreal throughout the year. Therefore, tourists can easily explore the castle, at any time during the day.

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How long should one spend inside Warwick Castle?

Warwick Castle has plenty of activities and attractions that will keep you busy for an entire day. The castle requires at least an entire day to fully traverse and explore all the state rooms, towers, hallways, and courtyards.

What makes Warwick Castle worth visiting?

Warwick Castle is one of the most exquisite attractions that you should explore in your London tour. This castle has numerous attractions like, zog playzone, maze mystery series, light and sound shows, state rooms visits that will give you an insightful peek into the fabulous history.


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