About Kensington Palace

The Kensington Palace houses a collection of attractions and exhibits that will give you an amazing insight into the lavish lives lived by the royal aristocrats. Most members of the royal family, like Queen Victoria, Prince Willian and Mary III spent most of their early lives at this grandiose palace. Discover the authentic state apartments, queen’s rooms, and museum exhibits which will leave you mesmerized by their splendid beauty, walk through the King's staircase and King’s gallery and admire the marvelous painting depicting the lives of the royal family. These paintings have been created around 200 years back, and still, stand today as the representation of the strong monarch.

Discover the essence of the escalating beauty of the Palace gardens. You can also catch an amazing movie at the Luna Cinema whilst snacking on delicious food and drinks from the bar. Book Kensington Palace tickets today to enjoy exquisite inclusions and offers and get a chance to live the amusing royal life through your own eyes. Click exquisite pictures and marvel at the crown jewels which are centuries old.

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  • Visit Kensington Palace and gain some insights into the lives of royal families and their residences for over 300 years in London

  • Get to know about the life and legacy of Queen Victoria through various artifacts while exploring amazing exhibitions in the palace

  • Stroll through the magnificent halls and rooms of the palace and admire the amazing architecture done by William Kent, a famous English architect

  • Explore the beautiful Sunken Garden and spend a peaceful time amidst the vibrant blooms & manicured lawns

  • Book Kensington Palace tickets and various areas including the spectacular Grand Staircase & the King's Gallery

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Must Know Before You Go
  • A one-way route will be in place with clear signage throughout.
  • The Orangery is currently closed for conservation and restoration works.
  • The Kensington Palace offers level access to all sections of the palace and a lift to every floor. The Clore Learning Centre, located on the ground floor, has wheelchair-accessible teaching spaces, lunchrooms, and toilets.
  • There is only one lunchroom at the Kensington Palace (Mr Hester’s Lunchroom).
  • Smoking is not allowed.
  • Photography/filming may be restricted in some sections.
  • Wear suitable clothing keeping in mind that your visit involves spending time in spaces with negligible to zero heating.
  • Ensure that you’re wearing appropriate footwear.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of arrival.
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Why To Book Kensington Palace Tickets?

Book Kensington Palace tickets online and get amazing deals and discounts on the tickets which gets you a chance to relish the royal aristocratic lives of the English royal family. With advance booking, one can select their preferred time slots according to the schedule. Get immediate confirmation, which will help you plan your whole day accordingly.

  • Takes a tour of the massive King’s gallery and the marvelous painting created by Wren.
  • Explore the magnificent chambers like The Presence Chamber, The King’s Drawing Room, The Privy Chamber, and the King’s Gallery at Kensington Palace.
  • Be awed by the beauty of the Sunken Garden and its beautiful flowers.
  • Visit the Queen’s apartments and admire the recreation of Queen Victoria’s childhood and splendid monarchy. Find out more about the royal family by visiting the museum called Life Through A Royal Lens, with a myriad of awesome portraits.
  • Discover the tales, events, and occurrences that occurred in Kensington Palace that contributed to the advancement of Britain.

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What’s Inside The Kensington Palace

Life Through A Royal Lens
Life Through A Royal Lens

In your Kensington Palace tour discover the true essence of the royal family and their rule for decades now, by visiting life through a royal lens museum. In your Kensington Palace tickets you will get to see the royal family, in a myriad of pictures adorning the galleries over the ages. Watch 200 year old of photography and watch the beauty of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert to Queen Elizabeth all through the medium of incredible portraits.

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The King Gallery
The King Gallery

Get a splendid chance to explore the real and authentic royal apartment in your Kensington Palace tickets. The king’s gallery has remained the same ever since the 18th century when it was first designed. Discover fine red damask, splendid oak joinery, and marble chimney pieces still intact 200 years later. In your Kensington Palace tickets you will also come across marvelous discoveries, history and mystery tales about the apartment where many royal decisions had taken place. 

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The King Staircase
The King Staircase

The King Staircase, is one of the most fabulous creative displays of art dating back to 1724. The King’s staircase is decorated with amusing Georgian times paintings and artistry that you would not want to miss out on in your Kensington Palace tickets. These paintings were created by Kent in the year 1724, and were further refurbished by Christopher Wren later. Ken even included a picture of his own on the wall painting which depicts him looking out of the window. Walk through the staircase and find out your own interpretation of the paintings.

The King State Apartment
The King State Apartment

The King State Apartment will definitely give you an insight into royal and opulent lives lived by the royal family. The state apartment, unlike normal homes, don't have urinter as they were used by royal courtesans and visitors, and instead are nerd with fabulous artistry and sculptures. In your Kensington Palace tour, you will find out about the king's staircase with extraordinary wall paintings, the presence and privy chambers, as well as the king’s drawing room that will impress you with their royal aristocracy.

A Queen State Apartment
A Queen State Apartment

The queen state apartment is one of the best insights into the opulent lives lived by William III and Mary II. Walk through the luxuriant rooms, comfortable bedrooms, and dining halls and get teleported into the golden times. The queen’s gallery houses amazing artifacts and sculptures that will leave you mesmerized. Stroll through the queen’s closet and learn about the argument that led to royal courtesans being stripped of their ranks. The queen’s dining room is another extraordinary attraction that you will discover in the Kensington Palace tour.

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Victoria- A Royal Childhood
Victoria- A Royal Childhood

Queen Victoria, one of the most renowned monarchs and idols that she later became, walked through the Kensington Palace during her early days of childhood. This will do its best to exhibit the state apartments that Queen Victoria must have lived in. Take an extensive walk through the birth room of the Queen, which has been created just the way Ken described it in his book. You will also get a chance to watch a documentary which tells you about Queen Victoria's growing up life.

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The Jewel Room
The Jewel Room

The Jewel Room is one of the most fascinating attractions inside Kensington Palace. It has splendid necklaces, earrings, tiaras and crowns that belonged to the royal family. This emerald crown made of exquisite gems is a sight that you should not miss out on. Some of the most mesmerizing pieces that you will find here are Queen Victoria’s Kokosnhik tiara and the Fife tiara, Garrad’s silver ledgers, Albemarle suite and more.

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The Luna Cinema
The Luna Cinema

The Luna Cinema is a great way to relax and rejuvenate the palace's gardens, while catching up on a splendid movie and munching on delicious snacks and drinks from the bar. Some of the most splendid movies that have featured in the Luna Cinema are Ghostubtsers, No Time To Die, and other applause worthy James Bond movies. The bars serve a wide range of items and drinks that will accompany your cute little movie date at a very reasonable Kensington Palace tickets Price.

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Kensington Garden
Kensington Garden

Get a soul rejuvenation connection with the gardens around you. The Kensington garden has always been in the news for its incredible flower display. With vibrant and colorful flowers, you can enjoy an amazing picnic expedition during your tour. The gardens are also celebrating the platinum jubilee wherein the flower displays will attract a huge crowd from across the globe. This platinum jubilee will celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s monarch which has been running for 70 years now.

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Know Before You Visit The Kensington Palace

Essential Information
How To Reach
Essential Information

Location: Kensington Gardens, London W8 4PX, United Kingdom

Timings : Wednesday to Sunday- 10am - 6pm 

Best time to Visit - The best time to visit Kensington Palace on weekdays, when the palace remains relatively empty and lets you explore the queen’s state apartment, king’s gallery apartments, the jewel exhibits and the palace gardens at its best. Avoid long queues, and enjoy stress free palace tours with your friends and family.

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    No, you can also book Kensington Palace Tickets from the ticket counter in physical mode. However, to enjoy exclusive discounts, package deals and inclusion, it is advisable to book online and avoid long queues and rushes at the counter. By booking online, you will find various tour packages at reasonable Kensington Palace tickets price that you can enjoy.

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