Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace: Overview

Hampton Court Palace London is a beautiful palace that provides a glimpse of Henry VIII’s summer retreat. This palace takes you back in time and allows you to explore life under the reign of King Henry VIII. It is one of the most luxurious royal palaces in England that allows visitors to roam around and immerse in the fantastic views of the Palace and witness the power and magnificence in every possible way in the form of beautiful attractions. Book Hampton Court Palace tickets in advance to witness the immaculate royal beauty of the palace with its gorgeous art collection and splendid interiors.

The Great Hall and The Royal Chapel are the fundamental places of sightseeing in the Hampton Court Palace that exude royalty and grandiosity at all times. You can even take a walk along the 60 acres of park and 750 acres of parkland at the Hampton Court Gardens or get a deeper insight into the Tudor cooking and entertainment in Henry VIII’s Kitchens. You will also be amazed to see the Haunted Gallery which is still believed to sight ghosts of the King's wife, Catherine Howard. The immense picturesque plantations embellished in the palace gardens are also appreciated by visitors throughout the year.

Why To Book Hampton Court Palace Tickets?

  • Go back to the time when the royal families used to reside in the Hampton Court Palace and experience royalty and luxury under the reign of Henry VIII.
  • Watch the majestic beauty of the interiors of the Royal Chapel, where locals have worshipped for over 450 years.
  • Stroll along the 60 acres of land of Hampton Court Gardens and find your way out of the adventurous maze.
  • Learn about the Tudor cooking and entertainment in Henry VIII's Kitchens.
  • Cross the challenges, obstacles, and illusions for a fun-filled adventure at Magic Garden.
  • Observe the Chocolate Room, where the royal chocolate makers prepare this scarce and luxurious recipe for Kings and Queens!

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  • Entry ticket to the Hampton Court Palace
  • Access to the amazing attractions such as the Great Hall, Hampton Court Gardens
  • Magic Garden, Chapel Royal, Chocolate Kitchen and more.
  • Get ready to be terrified as you walk through the Haunted Gallery, or watch artifacts in the Great Watching Chamber, all included in your tickets.
  • You also get access to the famous Henry VIII’s Kitchens.

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What To See At Hampton Court Palace?

Hampton Court Palace in London offers plenty of things to see that will leave you astonished upon your visit.. You can spend an entire day exploring the palace and enjoying the adventurous activities on the premises. The highlights of the Hampton Court Palace include taking part in staged royal feasts or participating in the medieval festival or flower show.

The Great Hall

Situated at the center of Hampton Court Palace, The Great Hall is one of the best things to see, included in your Hampton Court Palace tickets. The structure of the hall is so tall that it outstretches the other buildings in the neighborhood. The construction of the hall took place to impress and showcase the powers and achievements of Henry VIII. If you visit the place today, you will be mesmerized by its grandiosity as it is so huge. This sheer size of the hall manages to gather the interest of tourists from different parts of the world.

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Hampton Court Gardens

Sprawling across an area of 60 acres of garden and 750 acres of parkland, Hampton Court Gardens is yet another wonderful thing included in the Hampton Court Palace tickets. The garden is located in the arc of the River Thames, housing the ancient puzzle maze of the world. Apart from this, you will also find three national park collections, a ground-breaking grapevine, and a large collection of wildlife. You can take a stroll along the garden to explore these beautiful sightseeing options or have a picnic with your family only after taking permission from the authorities.

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Great Watching Chamber

Attached to The Great Hall in terms of construction, the Great Watching Chamber is one of the fundamental places of sightseeing included in Hampton Court Palace tickets. Initially, King Henry VIII built it as one of the State Apartments that can be accessed only by men of high rank. The Great Watching Chamber was the place where the Royal Guards stood to protect the entire palace and the members of the royal family from enemies. If you move a little further to the chambers, you will find a few doors at the end of the room that represent sequential chambers. This filtration system of doors is constructed in the palace so the King can only access the chambers inside the doors.

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Henry VIII's Kitchens

Henry VIII’s Kitchens were one of the big places in the entire Tudor England. In these kitchens, more than 200 cooks prepared around 800 meals a day to feed the hungry members of the Henry VIII family. To prepare the royal dishes, these kitchens use over 1.3 million logs every year. This place allows you to go back in time to witness the everyday hustle of Henry VIII cooks while moving along the labyrinth of kitchen spaces. You will discover everything in this kitchen, from roasting spits to boiling cauldrons. Thus, this place is perfect for Tudor cooking and entertainment in Hampton Court Palace London.

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Magic Garden

The majestic highlight of the Hampton Court Palace is the Magic Garden that lets visitors dive deeper into the insights of the palace in a unique way. The garden provides an escapade into the history, culture, and mythical legacies of the Hampton Court Palace. It showcases breathtakingly beautiful attractions, like the Dragons Nest, the drinking fountains, and plenty of other things. You will also discover the children’s playground in the garden that is created in a way to resemble a fun and tiny recreation of Court life. The obstacles, challenges, and illusions are definitely going to make this place a magical and adrenaline-rushing adventure.

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Chapel Royal

Another inclusion in your Hampton Court Palace tickets is Chapel Royal. The Chapel Royal is a colorful and lively church with soothing music located at the heart of the historic Hampton Court Palace. Although the interiors of the chapel were remodeled twice, once in 1530 by Henry VIII and next in 1710 by Sir Christopher Wren, it never fails to disappoint visitors with its immaculate beauty. It remains to be an active place of worship for over 450 years, from the time when Kings and Queens used it to seek blessings from God. The chapel welcomes every visitor to attend and sing religious services at the premises.

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Haunted Gallery

The Haunted Gallery is the place where Henry VIII’s wife, Catherine Howard was found guilty of adultery and was ordered for execution. There were rumors that the queen broke free from the guards and found her husband to prove her innocence. Her body continues to remain in the Chapel Royal within the Towers Walls. Allegedly, people still claim that her ghost can be seen running through the corridors, screaming for mercy. Therefore, it is one of the most adventurous places to see in Hampton Court Palace London.

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Chocolate Kitchen

Included in the Hampton Court Palace tickets, Chocolate Kitchen is a tiny yet specialized series of rooms used by royal chocolate makers to prepare this luxurious delicacy for kings and queens. It was commissioned to be constructed by Sir Christopher Wren for Mary II and William III, who had a sweet tooth. Chocolates, at that time, used to be considered the King’s wealth and were consumed by the royal people in their drinks throughout the day. Hence, the Chocolate Kitchen in the Hampton Court Palace is a symbol of the wealth, power, and modernity of Mary’s and William’s court.

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Royal Tennis at Hampton Court

Tennis is the favorite sport of Henry VIII, and Royal Tennis at Hampton Court is the place where kings and courtiers once indulged in this exciting, fast-paced court. In this place, you will find several displays, like handmade balls, custom-made racquets, and life-sized character illustrations. This place is a wonderful location to learn about the favorite sport of Henry VIII and the extent of their enjoyment when they play this sport at that time.

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Know Before You Visit Hampton Court Palace

Essential Information
How To Reach Hampton Court Palace
Rules And Regulations

Location: Hampton Court Bay, Molesey, East Molesey KT8 9AU, United Kingdom.

Timing: 10 am to 6 pm (Wednesday to Sunday)

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Hampton Court Palace London is between Easter and the end of September. During this time, the attraction is in full bloom, and you can explore the entire place at its full capacity. It is also advisable to visit the place during the weekdays, particularly in the morning time to avoid crowds.

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By Train- Waterloo Station is the nearest railway station to Hampton Court Palace. This train will take you to the South West Trains services to take you to your final destination.

By Bus- Bus services are readily available from different parts of the city to Hampton Court Palace. You can take bus numbers 111, 216, 411, 461, and 513 from Kingston and R68 from Richmond to reach Hampton Court Palace.

By Car- Alternatively, you can hire a cab or taxi to reach your ideal destination. It will take you only 13 minutes to travel from the fundamental city of Teddington to Hampton Court Palace.

By Boat- Ferry services are also available on this route.

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  • The Privy Kitchen Cafe- Located in the center of the palace, this kitchen offers you a vast variety of cuisines, from hot drinks to sweet treats, like Tudor-style soups and pies.
  • The Tiltyard Cafe- This cafe provides a buffet of freshly-made sandwiches, salads, soups, cakes, and hot coffee.
  • The Fountain Court Cafe- You can have a wonderful lunch break at this cafe by savoring light lunches, refreshments, and afternoon teas.
  • The Wilderness Kiosk- The Wilderness Kiosk offers ice creams, snacks, and freshly brewed coffee.
  • The family can also relish a nice picnic at the iconic gardens of the Hampton Court Palace.

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  • Free WiFi
  • Toilets with disabled access
  • Baby changing facilities
  • First aid services
  • Authority to carry buggies and pushchairs for babies
  • Fishing permit

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  • You are not allowed to eat or drink in any area of the palace except in the designated lunchrooms.
  • No filming or photography is allowed inside the palace.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited on the premises.
  • You are not permitted to cycle or ride scooters in any part of the garden or courtyard.
  • Don’t touch the artifacts kept behind the ropes.
  • Dogs are not allowed inside the premises unless they are special assistance dogs.

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Tips To Visit Hampton Court Palace

  • Plan your budget to book Hampton Court Palace tickets as it will cost you a little cheaper when booked online.
  • Take your car to the Hampton Court Palace for easy accessibility.
  • Listen to the guide to get a deeper insight into the palace and learn about the history of the building.
  • Wear comfortable clothing as you need to take a long walk through the day.
  • Keep the kids entertained along the journey through family trails and quizzes.
  • Reach the place as early as possible to cover all the areas of sightseeing at Hampton Court Palace.

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Do I need to book in advance for the Hampton Court Palace Tickets?

You can book tickets to Hampton Court Palace on the day of your visit at the ticket office. However, it is advisable to book your tickets in advance during peak times, like school holidays and events. This way, you can eliminate the hassle of standing in a long queue on the day of your visit and explore the attraction to the fullest. You can also keep a time slot of half an hour during peak times.

What makes Hampton Court Palace so famous?

Covered by beautiful gardens and renowned features such as the Great Wine and the Maze, the Hampton Court Palace London is famous for several naturally important events. It is known for the gruesome love affairs of Henry VIII as the palace is filled with incredible works of art and beautiful antique furniture.

What is the best time to visit Hampton Court Palace?

Although a visit to Hampton Court Palace remains favorable throughout the year, the best time to visit it is from Easter until the end of September. During this time, you will experience lesser crowds, and the Hampton Court Palace is also in full bloom. Hence, it is the best time to visit Hampton Court Palace.

How long are Hampton Court Palace Tickets valid?

The Hampton Court Palace tickets are valid only for the date and time that you have booked the ticket for. So, you must visit and explore the place the same day as you have booked the ticket.

What is the minimum age required for booking Hampton Court Palace Tickets?

Although there are no charges for children under the age of five years, they still need to book Hampton Court Palace tickets. The authorities do not permit the entry of children without the accompaniment of an adult. Hence, you should report the authority when buying tickets for children below five years of age to avail of the free of charge benefit.


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