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The London city tour is the best way to explore the English capital's top landmarks and tourist attractions. Most of the city tours in London are accompanied by export guides or visitors get the option to explore the popular tourist attractions at their own pace.

For those travellers who enjoy city sightseeing, London is filled with amazing structures and attractions to enjoy from a unique perspective with various walking tours and bus tours. Another amazing option for travellers is the hop on hop off bus tour which lets them explore the various tourist attractions at their own pace. Tourists also love the open top bus tours which lets them enjoy the various sites of London from the top deck of a double-decker bus.

Be it the Saint Paul's cathedral, tower of London, Buckingham palace or the London eye, there are many amazing tours of these popular tourist attractions, both separately or as a group. One of the most magical experiences in the city is that of the Warner Bros studio where visitors get to see the making of Harry Potter and feel the magic of the wizard world. Several city tours are also organised for nearby locations outside London which ensure a comfortable trip and memorable time to the renowned tourist destinations.

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  • Thrillophilia should be your one-stop destination to book city tours in London as we offer great deals and discounts on these packages.
  • Booking from a trusted platform ensures that travellers get the best of their money as well as enjoy a beautiful experience travelling across the city of London.
  • Travellers will find all sorts of tickets including various popular attractions of the city like Buckingham Palace and even day trips to places like Windsor Castle.
  • In addition to several variants of the London city tour, we also have wonderful day trips for visitors to Oxford, Cotswolds, Leeds and other mesmerising countryside locations.
  • The variants of London Day Tour includes Guided tours, self guided tours, audio tours, half day tours and full day tours for visitors to choose from.
  • In addition to the popular tourist attractions visitors can also choose experiences including off the beaten paths like the London dungeon, Churchill’s war rooms and Carlyle’s House.
  • Visitors can book their tours in advance and even opt for skip the line tickets for popular tourist attractions to enjoy a hassle free experience.

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City Tours In London

The ever evolving London offers amazing landscapes and beautiful tourist attractions to explore. As one of the cultural capitals in the world London offers a little bit of everything for everyone including history, architecture, green landscapes, food and cinema. Explore Oxford Street or the Notting Hill or take a trip to the world of Harry Potter with the London city tour of your choice.

Bus Tours

Among the best ways to explore this beautiful city is the city tours in London by bus. Be it a hop on hop off tour or an open air bus tour, travellers get to experience and discover what this amazing city has to offer from a comfortable double-decker. In the hop on hop off tour visitors will find frequent buses at every step of the way. They can get off the bus and explore a particular tourist attraction after which we can take the next bus and continue the journey of exploring London.

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Walking Tours

If visitors wish to explore several amazing tourist attractions nestled close to each other they can opt for a walking London city tour. All they have to do is put on the best and most comfortable pair of shoes and get ready to embrace London for its rustic charm and scenic landscapes. While discovering London on fort they get to explore the city and its most authentic experiences from up close. This way they get to spend as much time as they want at a particular tourist spot and enjoy every detail at their own pace.

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River Cruise Tours

As one of the longest rivers in England, the Thames covers nearly 350 km. A major part of the city of London is visible from the river side and therefore the best London city tour will be the river cruise on Thames. The river tours allow visitors to explore the city from a completely different point of view and enjoy the amazing architecture. Visitors can combine the cruise with a delectable lunch or dinner as they float over Thames and soak in the mesmerising views.

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London Harry Potter Tours

A magical addition to the city tours in London, this experience is a dream come true for all the fans of J.K. Rowling‘s masterpiece. Visitors can take the Harry Potter tour and embark on a magical journey exploring the set of the film designed at the Warner Bros studio. The tours allow visitors to experience the magical set up and learn about every thing that took place behind the scenes in one of the favourite film series. Pose as a wizard with your favourite broom and learn about the different parts of the wizarding world Harry and his friends lived around.

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Attraction Tours

London has no shortage of tourist attractions and popular sports for visitors to explore, see, and experience during their trip. With so many amazing places to visit , tourists are often left confused to make a choice between all of them. The attraction tours come in handy in such situations as they cover all the popular tourist attractions such as Saint Paul’s Cathedral, London eye, Madame Tussauds, tower of London and Buckingham palace. In addition to these popular attractions the city tours in London also offer the chance to explore other significant places.

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Bicycle tours

Among the best features of London, one is that it is very bicycle friendly which allows visitors to explore and discover the beautiful places of the city on two wheels.The bicycle city tours in London are completely safe and fun as long as the visitors follow some basic rules. During this two wheel tour visitors can be accompanied by an expert guide or they can opt for audio guides to take them through the magnificent city. Learn about the historical monuments, beautiful architecture and the amazing landscape of the city as you enjoy the cool London breeze on your face.

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Food Tours

London is known to be one of the culture capitals in the world and therefore offers a delectable culinary experience to its visitors. As the popular saying goes, the best way to explore any city is through its cuisine and cafes, therefore the best way to experience London is through the carefully crafted food tours. In addition to British cuisine, travellers are greeted and treated by a variety of different cuisines from around the globe. British pop culture offers a fun and vibrant experience.

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Stadium Tours

Football fans in London definitely have to take the stadium tours as they are greeted by the sight of some of the most amazing and renowned football stadiums in the world.

From the famous Wembley stadium to the London stadium to even the home of Arsenal FC - Emirates stadium, and Chelsea FC - Stamford Bridge, London is brimming with such wonderful experiences. Enjoy the majestic set up and the upbeat experience that the stadium tours have to offer. Get a chance to meet the players practising or get a close look at the sessions.

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Experiences On Sightseeing Tours In London

London is known to be one of the oldest cities in western civilization, and the city offers its visitors some fascinating history, amazing architecture and captivating attractions to explore, with various city tours in London. From renowned places like Buckingham Palace and St Paul’s Cathedral to the lush green landscape of Kew Gardens there is something for everyone.

St. Paul Cathedral

Saint Paul’s Cathedral is an iconic masterpiece and an amazing example of 17th century architecture. With the Saint Paul’s Cathedral tickets visitors get to explore the beautiful interiors of this historic monument and learn about all the history it houses in the past 1400 years. The cathedral is also home to one of the biggest domes in the entire world, which stands tall at a height of 366 feet. Amazing acoustics of the whispering gallery, and panoramic views offered by the stone and golden galleries add to this experience.

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London Eye

Open to the public in 2000, this extraordinary piece of architecture offers visitors a 360° view of the city. The capsule ride lasts for about 30 minutes in which visitors can enjoy canonic views of popular London attractions like Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Thames and much more. Visitors can also book an entire capsule to celebrate a personal occasion with loved ones, over the city of London and with its extraordinary beauty.

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View From The Shard

Based in one of the tallest buildings in London, The Shard, this place offers the most scenic views of the city. The skyscraper of the building has two different viewing platforms from which visitors get to see London at its best. One of these Ring platforms is a triple level indoor Gallery that is located on the 69th level of the building and the other one is a partially outdoor gallery that is located on the 72nd level of the building. Visitors get a clear view of the tower bridge, the river Thames, Shakespeare’s Globe theatre and the Saint Paul’s Cathedral.

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Tower Of London

The tower of London narrates a beautiful and dramatic tale of the city’s past like no other monument in the city. This mesmerising tower is witness to the British monarchy and how the church impacted the country‘s politics and history. A visit to the tower of London allows visitors to experience the stories about the kings and queens of English empires and even the prisoners and court members. In addition to this, visitors get to see the symbols of royalty like the crown jewels and other important items from history.

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Buckingham Palace

Serving as the residence of the Queen of England, Buckingham Palace is a true Victorian retreat for those who are a fan of English history, architecture and culture. Visitors get to see the lifestyle of the English monarchy from up close and witness the beautiful facade of this magnificent palace. Built as a large town house for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703 it developed into a permanent house of the monarch in 1837. There are a variety of London city tour options that visitors can choose to explore and experience the Buckingham Palace.

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Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds is among the most visited museums and tourist attractions in the city. Housing statues of some of the well-known personalities of past and present from around the world, the museum pays great attention to detail and quality. Madame Tussaud’s museum is home to wax statues of heroes in different fields, and a place where the fans can get to see them from up close. Divided into various zones, visitors are greeted by the statues of musical artists like Taylor Swift, and even the royal family of Britain.

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Wembley Stadium

This well-known football stadium in Wembley is among the most visited tourist attractions during city sightseeing in London. The stadium is a well-known venue for many major football matches including local matches of England national football team and even the FA cup final. It can house up to 90,000 spectators at a time and is well known for its incredibly massive structure.

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Thames Cruises

One of the most popular means to access many delightful places and options for city sightseeing London, the Thames cruise is nestled on the banks of themes. With Thames river cruises, visitors get to experience and discover London from a very different perspective. As the river flows to the heart of London visitors get to enjoy panoramic views of many amazing landmarks in central London. In addition to this visitors can enjoy delectable food and drinks as well as music as they float on Thames.

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Day Tours From London

Great Britain is home to some of the most amazing and wonderful tourist attractions across the globe. While the metropolitan cities are hotspots for tourists, Britain also offers a lot of exciting places to visit to visitors in its countryside. As tourists enjoy the city sightseeing,London also has many day tours for its visitors in which they get to enjoy the lush green landscapes of nearby towns and villages.

Day Tours From London To Stonehenge

Stonehenge is among some of the most visited and renowned structures across the globe. The popular UNESCO world Heritage site is frequently visited by about 1 million people each year. The mystery that surrounds this precise unsymmetrical structure is what attracts the history buffs and tourists. It is considered to be built somewhere around 3000 BC and 2000 BC, making it one of the oldest structures in history. The Stonehenge also has a museum that displays various artefacts found during excavations in the surrounding area.

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Day Tours From London To Oxford

Oxford is not only home to University of Oxford but also is known as one of the most visited destinations for day trips from London. Oxford houses several amazing museums, as well as popular attractions like Radcliffe square, Christ Church College, Oxford castle on prison, Bodleian library and others. Visitors should not miss the iconic Oxford covered market and also try punting in Oxford.

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Day Tours From London To Bath

While the city tours in London allow visitors to explore the metropolitan city there are several day tours like the London to Bath trip. The UNESCO world Heritage site is known for the Roman built bathhouses and the stunning architecture as well as the rich historical cultural significance. This is also the only spot in the entire UK that has natural hot Springs for visitors to enjoy. The Thermae Bath Spa is a great addition to this day trip and a must visit for travellers from around the globe.

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Day Tours From London To Windsor

One of the most well-known and amazing destinations for a day trip from London Windsor castle is the gem of Windsor. Known to be at least 950 years old this castle has been the home to 39 monarchs of the British empire. The intricate and beautiful architecture is complemented by the lush green landscape of its vibrant gardens which are a real treat for the visitors. In addition to this the day trip to Windsor also includes visits to the green parks, Legoland, Winston and Eton brewery.

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Day Tours From London To Cotswolds

Cotswolds is a beautiful experience when indulging in the British countryside that sprawls over 800 acres of land. The tourist attraction covers five counties that include various traditional and mediaeval villages as well as towns. A great place for thrill seekers and people who like outdoorsy activities, Cotswolds has numerous walking trails. Visitors can also enjoy the old tiny town‘s and their traditionally brewed drinks as well as the delectable local flavours.

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Day Tours From London To Leeds

Leeds is among the most enchanting villages in the British countryside where visitors enjoy taking day trips from London. The mesmerising village is home to the stunning castle of Leeds which is a renowned as well as historically important attraction in the region and has existed for 900 years. Annually the castle is visited by approximately a million people from across the globe. Referred to as the “loveliest castle in the world“ this enchanting structure was a Norman stronghold of London at one period in history.

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London City Tour Variations

London is a must visit for any traveller in the UK and has plenty of places to offer for people of all ages. The London city tour has many variations from which visitors can select a particular option of their choice and comfort. Be it with an expert guide or exploring the charming lanes of London at their own pace, visitors will love spending time in this cultural hub, that is the London city.

Guided Tours

As the best London city tour variants, guided tours include the professional and expert guidance of a knowledgeable guide who accompanies the visitors on their entire trip. Often such tours also include transfers from the hotels, ensuring a comfortable experience throughout. Guided tours are amazing for travellers who are visiting the city for the first time or wish to learn about the historical as well as architectural significance of the popular tourist attractions.

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Self-Guided Tours

The self guided tours are also known as non guided tours, and are often the first choice of group travellers who wish to explore the beautiful city at their own pace instead of others. Making their own itinerary and exploring various locations on their own, travellers get invested in every minor detail and also have a better chance of experiencing the places in more depth. Mostly, there is no time restriction in the tour and visitors easily change their itinerary according to their comfort and experience.

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Audio Guided Tours

A better version of the self-guided tour, an audio guided tour is marked as an option where visitors pay for an audio guide to avail information about particular tourist attractions. This way they get to enjoy the places at their own pace and can also learn about the historical and cultural significance. This option is available with most of the popular tourist attractions, and visitors even get the option to choose from various languages available.

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Half Day Tours

Half day London City tour is best for visitors who wish to explore a certain area with guided expertise and then spend the rest of the time exploring the city at their own pace. True to the name, these kinds of tours take up only a particular part of the day for exploring places that are mostly situated close by. The time spent travelling from one location to another is not a lot in such tours and therefore visitors get to enjoy the rest of the day at their own leisure.

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Full Day Tours

Full day tours are best for visitors who wish to cover a major part of the popular tourist attractions in one day. This type of city tours in London mostly include places that are situated close to each other or may include one place that is at a far away location from the city. Generally such tours start in the morning and end in the evening or night as visitors return back to their hotels/home. Since the tour has visitors travelling for the entire day, it mostly includes transfers and transportation.

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Combo Tours

As suggested by its name the combo city tours in London include two different major sightseeing attractions for a single day trip. Sometimes these tours also include more than two attractions in order to cover more locations in a limited amount of time period. These tours are run on a very strict schedule and do not allow visitors to explore the places at their own pace. The group in the tour is accompanied by an expert guide who manages the schedule and provides interesting insight about the attractions.

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London City Tour FAQs

What are the best tourist attractions we can see during a London city tour?

Some of the popular tourist attractions to visit during the London city tour of choice are Tower of London, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Madame Tussauds, British museum, Westminster abbey and The Windsor Castle. In addition to this tourists also select the city force in London for Thames cruise, London eye and view of the Shard.

How long is the London city Tour?

Depending on the London city tour chosen by the visitors, these can last from a few hours, to Half day, to even Full day, from morning to evening. Some of the Hop on Hop off tours are 24 hour long, in which visitors can enjoy exploring the city at their own pace.

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What makes London so Famous?

London is one of the most populous cultural cities across the globe. This magnificent metropolitan city is known for its rich history, stunning architecture, world-class museums and art galleries, its lush green spaces, and plenty of popular tourist attractions to explore. The city is home to some of the most revered historical structures like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Tower Bridge and more.

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What is the best time to take a London city tour?

With so many amazing variants of city tours in London, tourists should opt for making their bookings for the months of March to April or Mid September to November. Visitors will not find crowded places in these months and still enjoy the beautiful weather of this mesmerising city.

What is special about sightseeing tours in London?

There are many city tours in London that offer the visitors wonderful experiences of its historical culture, magnificent architecture, and cosmopolitan vibes. These sightseeing tours offer great insight into the unique blend of cultural heritage and new age experiences, with a special touch of stunning scenery and architecture. Visitors get a deep insight of these places and can also choose to explore the attractions at their own pace with an expert guide or audio guide.


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