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Osborne House tickets allow you to explore Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's former home located on the gorgeous Isle of Wight. This luxurious beachfront mansion features Italianate architecture known as the Osborne style, which is also reflected in modern British structures. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's interests, tastes, and sense of style are visible throughout Osborne and amaze everyone visiting the mansion. During your visit, you will get the chance to explore Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's private rooms, beach, and children's playhouse to get a close-up look at royal family life. Then walk around the garden terraces, where Prince Albert was reminded of the Bay of Naples by the breathtaking vistas across the Solent, and are the standout feature of this mansion.

The Queen used to host dignitaries, including heads of state, innovators, princesses, and other notable figures, in the elaborately decorated rooms and corridors that now display items from The Royal Collection. With your Osborne House London tickets, you can explore the opulent rooms and the bedroom where Queen Victoria passed away in 1901 while learning about the history of the royal marriage, family, and empire. Prince Albert took a personal interest in planning the gardens and the rest of the estate, and his ideas can still be seen in many of the designs to this day.

Why To Book Osborne House Tickets?

You can purchase your Osborne House tickets from the ticket counter at the entrance of the mansion or online. Purchasing these tickets online will save you from long lines and last-minute disappointment. When you book these tickets through us, you will also receive immediate confirmation, promotional discounts, cancellation flexibility, and exceptional customer service.


  • Visit Osborne House, which Queen Victoria and Prince Albert purchased in 1845 to evade royal court life.
  • Tour Queen Victoria's private rooms and marvel at the splendor of her State Rooms, where the Queen used to entertain the heads of state, princes, and princesses.
  • Take in the beautiful and refreshing ambiance while strolling across the undulating grounds of the spectacular Osborne estate.
  • Visit the bathing beach of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, admire their children's cottage, and get a close-up look at royal family life.
  • Behold the elaborate architecture, furniture, and excellent art collection and get an insight into Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's extravagant tastes and styles.
  • Explore ornate garden terraces, which are included in your Osborne House ticket price, and be amazed by the stunning blooming displays and the beautiful vista across the grounds.

Inclusions:- Osborne House ticket price includes admission ticket with access to the cottage, Children’s playhouse, gardens, Italianate terraces, State Rooms, and the beach.

Learn about the mansion's fascinating history and be delighted with its gorgeous setting by the sea with Osborne House London tickets

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Things To See In Osborne House

Take a historical tour of this royal residence of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with Osborne House tickets. Visit the royal residence's different rooms, including the States Rooms, and observe the beautiful Italianate architecture and luxurious furniture. Visit the royal kids' cottage, playground, and family room, and walk around the gardens, terraces, and beach to soak in the amazing views.

State Rooms

Access to the State Rooms of this royal mansion is included in your Osborne House ticket price, allowing you to witness the opulent space where the Queen of England entertained her significant guests. Created especially for Victoria and Albert, this mansion reflects their interests, aesthetic preferences, and sense of style in its design and furnishings. There is a strong sense of history present here as princes and princesses, heads of state, innovators, and inventors all roamed these luxurious halls when Osborne was at the center of the British Empire. You may also view the collection, which was commissioned by the royal couple and given to each other as birthday and holiday gifts.

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Family Rooms

With Osborne House tickets, you can step into the family rooms, which were the private world of Victoria and Albert and their nine children in the royal mansion. Explore the queen's sitting room, where the royal pair enjoyed some alone time, and the balcony, where Victoria and Albert cherished summer evenings listening to nightingales. View the queen's private bathtub in her dressing room and the bedroom next door, where she passed away on January 22, 1901. Tour Prince Albert's private suite, which has been preserved as it was during the Prince's lifetime. Queen Victoria kept everything as it was, with many of his personal possessions at Osborne still lying where he left them.

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Queen Victoria’s Beach

The royal couple and their children used to spend time at the beach to unwind from the stresses of royal life. The Queen once stated it was a charming beach to ourselves and a favorite spot for the royal family. The Queen frequently bathed at Osborne Beach, where her children also learn to swim. Your Osborne House London tickets offer you access to the beautiful beach, where you may take in the breathtaking scenery. You may also visit the bathing machine, where the Queen used to undress. To spice up your visit, jump in the ocean and swim or paddle from this sandy and gravel beach. Then relax with some delicious ice cream or a warm cup of fresh coffee from the cafe.

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Gardens & Grounds

The royal palace by the sea, the Italianate Osborne House, is surrounded by well-kept lawns and gardens, adding to the breathtaking panorama. People can relax and enjoy seasonal colors here all year. You can see the extensive terrace gardens, renovated in 2016-17 as part of an important conservation project, and bask in the flowering floral displays with Osborne House tickets. It comes alive in the spring with a riot of tulips. Summertime bedding displays are made possible by the moderate Mediterranean environment. With the tickets, you may also visit the broader parkland featuring ancient trees, many of which Prince Albert planted, and the Victorian walled garden housing espaliered fruit trees.

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Playgrounds & Trails

Osborne House tickets allow you to tour two wonderful playgrounds at the mansion and learn about the royal children's way of life and play. After touring the mansion's numerous rooms and other attractions, take your children to the playgrounds and have some chuckles while enjoying some royal pastimes.The first playground is near the tourist center and parking lot, where the tour begins and concludes. The second is close to Swiss Cottage, which has a lot of family-friendly games and activities and is a popular destination for youngsters. You may spot the royal Chihuahua while crossing the garden adventure trail from Swiss Cottage. Or, take a walk through the Rhododendron forest Trail to the shore to see the carved woodland creatures.

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Royal Collections

The Royal Collection includes the possessions of the royal couple and their children and is on exhibit at the Swiss Cottage Museum, State Rooms, and Family Rooms. You can view this enormous and priceless collection with Osborne House London tickets that also includes numerous outstanding artworks, articles belonging to Queen Victoria, and numerous other intriguing items collected from throughout the globe. It is now preserved and managed by the Royal Collection Trust.

The royal children were ardent collectors who accumulated natural history specimens, fossils, and artifacts now housed in a brand-new independent museum constructed nearby in a Swiss chalet style. The museum is still standing, along with its collection of thousands of items, which includes a 5-legged deer and the first transatlantic telegraph transmission.

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Know Before You Visit Osborne House

Essential Information
How To Reach

Location: York Avenue, East Cowes, Isle of Wight, PO32 6JT


1st April to 31st OctoberMonday to Sunday: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM; Last admission at 4:30 PM1st November to 23rd DecemberWednesday to Sunday: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM; Last admission at 3:30 PM24th and 25th December: Closed26th December to 31st DecemberMonday to Sunday: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM; Last admission at 3:30 PM

Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit the Osborne House is around its opening hours, so you have ample time to tour all of its rooms, gardens, and beach. There will be fewer people around during the early hours, allowing you to enjoy your trip with fewer crowds. Book your Osborne House London tickets during the week, as weekends are usually very crowded.

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By Car/Taxi: Osborne House is located on the Isle of Wight, an English island off the south coast. Osborne House is located 132 kilometers from London City Center and takes roughly 3 hours to arrive. This time includes the automobile ferry trip from Portsmouth to Fishbourne.

By Train and Ferry: Take a train to Southampton Central, then a bus to Town Quay, Red Jet Terminal. Then, at Eastern Docks, Southampton Passenger Ferry Terminal, board a ferry to Cowes, Red Jet Ferry Terminal. Take a cab to the Osborne House from there. It will take approximately 3h 29m.

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How old is Osborne House London?

Victoria and Albert purchased the Osborne estate in 1845 and constructed a new palace here to get away from their hectic court life in London and Windsor. Therefore, this royal hideaway by the sea is about 180 years old, which you can explore with Osborne House tickets.

What is the best time to visit Osborne House London?

The best time to visit Osborne House is from March to May when the weather in London is nice with moderate temperatures. It is recommended to visit this coastal mansion shortly after it opens so that you have enough time to see all of its attractions. In the morning hours, there will be fewer people around. It is also a good idea to book your Osborne House London tickets during the week to avoid the busiest weekends.

What is special about Osborne House London?

Osborne House is significant since it was the royal family's seaside retreat where they used to vacation and commemorate numerous important occasions. After Albert's death in 1861, Victoria stayed here for more than 50 years, finding comfort. Along with her large family, she hosted visiting monarchs, queens, and ministers here. You can understand the history of the royal family, empire, and marriage with a tour of this grand mansion with Osborne House tickets.

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Do we have to book in advance for Osborne House Tickets?

No, it is not necessary to purchase your Osborne House tickets in advance, but doing so will always result in a lower price and guaranteed admission.

Are we allowed to touch the Royal collections inside Osborne House?

With Osborne House London tickets, you can witness the extensive and opulent royal collection belonging to the Queen and her family. Since the collection is ancient and delicate, it is not allowed to touch for the sake of its safety and preservation.


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