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About Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey London is a royal church that offers daily services for all travelers and is one of the World Heritage Sites with a history of over 1000 years. This church serves as a coronation ground and final resting place for several famous kings and queens of London. You will be astonished to know that it is the place where Prince William and Kate Middleton got married in 2011.

Westminster Church is home to the ancient Coronation Chair that was first found in the St. George’s Chapel. It is the memorial ground of 30 kings and queens, including Elizabeth I, Richard II, Mary Queen of Scots, and Edward the Confessor. The abbey lets travelers pay a visit to the Poets’ Corner which is a burial ground of over 100 writers and poets. You can also observe a vast collection of contemporary books and pamphlets in the Library & Research or pay a visit to the Henry VII Lady Chapel. Some of the other attractions that you must see on your visit to Westminster Abbey are Royal Tombs, Chapter House, and Westminster Abbey Choir School. You can book your online tickets to Westminster Abbey in advance and select from different options to make your expedition enjoyable and memorable.

Westminster Abbey Tickets Options

Westminster Abbey tickets are a great way to explore the iconic attraction of London city. There are a plethora of options that travelers can choose to make their journey even more interesting and enjoyable. With these tickets, you can not only view Westminster Abbey London but also pay a visit to the St. Paul's Cathedral, Churchill War Rooms, or the Houses of Parliament.

Westminster Abbey Tickets

Westminster Abbey tickets allow you to delve deeper into British history that dates back to more than 1000 years, unleashing the iconic attraction in London, Westminster Abbey. In this ticket, you can witness the Coronation Chair and the Poet’s Corner while traversing through the church. You can also pay a visit to the Royal Tombs, which is the final resting place of some of the most renowned Kings and Queens of Britain. The ticket also authorizes you to admire the crowning area of British monarchs since 1066. Moreover, you should not forget to take a stroll on the aisle where Prince William and Kate Middleton were married in the year 2011.

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Westminster Abbey Tickets + St. Paul's Cathedral Combo

The other option of Westminster Abbey tickets include combo tickets to Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral. This ticket gives you an opportunity to witness two of the top attractions of London in a combo pack. Through this ticket, you will get a deep insight into the Westminster Abbey which served as a burial ground for several kings and queens of London. Following this, you can explore the masterpiece of Sir Christopher Wren, St. Paul's Cathedral which served as a place of Christain worship for over 1400 years.Inclusions: The Westminster Abbey plus St. Paul’s Cathedral Tickets includes access to the Westminster Abbey and all the five levels of St. Paul’s Cathedral. You can also avail yourself of the English audio guide and multimedia guide in 9 different languages. The tickets give you an option to establish a connection with the guided talks and tours to make your journey more enjoyable.

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Westminster Abbey Tickets + Churchill War Rooms Combo

The combo ticket of Westminster Abbey and Churchill War Rooms gives you a chance to save big on your visit to the two historical landmarks of London. It lets you explore all the attractions of Westminster Abbey, along with the secret bunker of Winston Churchill where he planned the downfall of Hitler, named Churchill War Rooms. You can pay a visit to the Poets’ Corner, Royal Tombs, and Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey and Cabinet Room, Map Room, and Transatlantic telephone Room in the Churchill War Rooms. With a free audio guide, you can also listen to Churchill’s speeches and testimonials of people who risked their lives during the war.

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Afternoon Tea at Westminster Abbey & Magical Christmas Lights Tour

Afternoon Tea at Magical Christmas Lights Tour and Westminster Abbey tickets gives you a chance to enjoy a quintessential British afternoon tea in the beautiful surroundings of the historical Westminster Abbey. After the tea experience, you can relish the festive spirit of the surroundings and go straight on the tour of the entire London city to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous Christmas lights. You can also get on a coach, learn interesting facts about London city with the guide and dive deeper into the historical stories of the kings and queens of London

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24Hrs London Hop On Hop Off + Westminster Abbey Tickets

The 24 hrs London Hop on Hop Off plus Westminster Abbey combo tickets take you on a journey to witness several sights and attractions of London on a fleet of open-topped buses. These buses depart every 15 to 30 minutes and stop at around 70 different locations on four routes. Through this ticket, you can visit Westminster Abbey which serves as a crowning and final resting place for famous kings and queens of London. You can even relish a hop on and hop off boat cruise along the River Thames and a walking tour of the entire city.

Inclusions: The 24 Hrs London Hop On Hop Off and Westminster Abbey tickets offer audio guides in 8 distinct languages, along with Free WiFi.

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Westminster Abbey Tickets And The Houses Of Parliament Tour In London

This combo option of the Houses of Parliament Tour in London and Westminster Abbey tickets allows you to get acquainted with the two of the most renowned places in London. This ticket not only lets you gain interesting insights into the royal history of Great Britain but also offers you an opportunity to absorb the Gothic grandiosity of Westminster Abbey’s interiors and the Houses of Parliament. With this ticket, you can gaze at the highlights of the home to the renowned Big Ben, like the Lord’s Chamber and the House of Commons.Inclusions: The Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament Tour in London gives entry to the Westminster Abbey and the panoramic tour of the Houses of Parliament. You can also avail yourself of the professional guide or audio guide to learn about the attractions in-depth.

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Attractions Of Westminster Abbey

Poets’ Corner

If you are a literature lover, Poets’ Corner is a holy place included in your Westminster Abbey tickets. It is the burial and memorial ground of more than 100 writers and poets, including Charles Dickens, Shakespeare, and the Bronte sisters. Geoffrey Chaucer, the author of the Canterbury Tales, was the first poet buried in the Poets’ Corner in 1400. This place is situated on the ‘corner’, i.e., the eastern aisle of the south transept. The Poets’ Corner has become a tradition of interring or memorializing people in recognition of their contribution to British culture.

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Coronation Chair

Another attraction included in Westminster Abbey Tickets is the Coronation Chair. The Coronation Chair is the most precious furniture asset in the world that is retained in the St. George’s Chapel. This chair has been the center of attraction for coronations that dates back to more than 700 years in time. Popularly regarded by the other names as St. Edward’s Chair or King Edward’s Chair, the chair is embellished with graffiti on its rear part, on which the Westminster schoolboys and travelers have carved their names in the 18th and 19th centuries. You will be surprised to know that a sum of 38 coronation ceremonies has been held for reigning monarchs on this chair at Westminster Abbey.

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Henry VII Lady Chapel

Henry VII Lady Chapel is one of the stunning examples of late medieval architecture that consists of a fantastic fan-vaulted ceiling. This Lady Chapel is the memorial ground of fifteen kings and queens, such as Mary Queen of Scots, Mary I, and Elizabeth I. Since 1725, the installations of Knights of the Order of the Bath have been conducted on this chapel. You will discover 95 statues of saints around the walls of the Henry VII Lady Chapel. It took around three years for the new Lady Chapel to be built by Henry VII. Hence, it is definitely one of the most beautiful attractions of Westminster Abbey London.

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Library & Research

Westminster Abbey possesses a library that consists of around 14000 books that are printed prior to 1801. Included in Westminster Abbey tickets, the Library & Research has a collection of some contemporary books and pamphlets presenting the history of British coronations, St. Margaret’s Church, Westminster Abbey, and a lot more. Besides this, you will also find a rich muniment collection, catalogs, and a series of collections in the abbey. If you have a knack for studying or you are a historical buff, Library & Research proves to be one of the best places in Westminster Abbey.

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Music At The Abbey

The Christaininty believes to regard music as their most fundamental aspect, and you will find the music reverberating each day for a period of a thousand years in the Westminster Abbey. This inclusion in Westminster Abbey Tickets brings the gorgeous walls alive with the melodious tunes of the abbey choir sung every single day for almost 600 years now. The center of attraction of the Westminster Abbey’s music is the Queen’s organ and the Harrison & Harrison organ. Severa musical events are also hosted by the attraction throughout the year, which includes choral concerts, weekly organ recitals, and the popular Summer Organ Festival. Upon your visit to the Westminster Abbey, you can hear the melodious sounds of the music coming out of the choir.

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Royal Airforce Chapel

Located right on the east corner of Henry VII’s Lady Chapel, Royal Airforce Chapel is a memorial to the bravery of soldiers who lost their lives in the Battle of Britain in 1940. During the time of war, the chapel was destroyed with bombs and there were several visible holes. After some time, the holes were restored with glass and preserved. You will also find a stained glass window in the chapel which is also known as the Battle of Britain memorial. This window is believed to showcase visions of Redemption on different panels. Therefore, the Royal Airforce Chapel screams loud about the sacrifice it has made in terms of martyrs in the Battle of Britain.

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Royal Tombs

As discussed earlier, Westminster Abbey is the memorial ground of around 30 kings and queens. So, you may see several Royal Tombs on the premises of Westminster Abbey. These Royal Tombs are the burial ground of Henry III and King Edward the Confessor, whose grave lies next to each other. These tombs present the graves of all the royal people, including Richard II, Eleanor of Castile, Edward I, Edward III, Anne of Bohemia, and Philippa of Hainault. The last person to be buried in the Royal Tomb was George II. The Westminster Abbey Tickets gives you a chance to walk around these tombs and witness the royalty that lies in the memorial of these kings and queens.

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Chapter House

Located in the East Cloister, Chapter House is another attraction on the list of Westminster Abbey tickets. The Chapter House is a place in the abbey where the monks gather together to conduct ‘hold chapter’ with the abbot. In other words, they are summoned to pray and read the rule of Saint Benedict and talk about the day’s business. It took around nine years for the construction of Chapter House to be completed, and the octagonal shape of the attraction offers seating for more than 80 monks.

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Westminster Abbey Choir School

Westminster Abbey Choir School provides an all-round academic and musical education to boys aged between eight to thirteen years of age. Set in the heart of the Westminster Abbey, this purpose-built school offers complete preparatory schooling but is personalized to the needs of choristers. The school tries to give a highly subsidized, first-class, and all-round education to tourists within a safe and secured environment. They aim to prepare the chorister boys for the next stage of schooling or whatever path they choose to live in the future. Music is the fundamental thread that keeps the students together at all times.

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History Of Westminster Abbey

The history of Westminster Abbey London dates back to its creation in the year 1050, when Edward the Confessor started building this church on the west end of Thorney Island. The foundation of the church was laid down in 1090 by King Edgar and it became an abbey under the reign of Henry II during the late 1100s. After the Second World War broke out in the year 1939, several abbey’s treasures, like Coronation Chair, Retable, manuscripts, statues, tomb effigies, and much more, were removed for safekeeping. The college hall and the library served as a room to keep watch, the Pyx Chamber was used for Air Raid precautions, and the museum in the Undercroft was transformed into a dispensary.

Westminster Abbey was also a victim of the bombing raids with the worst one being shot on the night of 10th and 11th May 1941. The fires were set on the lantern roof which fell into the uncovered area below. The area was generally used for the monarchs’ enthroning during the coronations. The flames moved to a height of almost 40 feet but it was put out easily due to the spacious open area.

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Know Before You Visit Westminster Abbey

Essential Information
How To Reach
Restaurants & Shops
Tips To Visit Westminster Abbey

Location: 20 Deans Yd, London SW1P 3PA, United Kingdom.

Timings: 10 AM to 2 PM (Monday to Friday), 9 AM to 1 PM (Saturday)

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Westminster Abbey is during the spring season, i.e., between March and May. The weather during this time is neither too hot nor too cold to explore the entire attraction. It is advisable to visit the place in the early mornings to avoid crowds.

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By Train- The nearest railway stations to Westminster Abbey are Waterloo Station and Victoria Station. These stations are located at 16 minutes and 18 minutes walking distance from Westminster Abbey, respectively.

By Tube- St. James Park and Westminster are the closest underground stations, located at five minutes distance from Westminster Abbey.

By Bus- You can also board buses 11, 24, 88, 148, and 211 which will drop you at the entrance of Westminster Abbey.

  • Assistance Dogs- No animals are allowed in the Westminster Abbey except hearing dogs, guide dogs, and other assistance dogs.
  • Hearing Impaired- The hearing loop system is installed in the abbey and a British Sign Language guided tour is also available on the premises. You will also find printed transcripts of the tour in 14 different languages.
  • Visually Impaired- The visually impaired can avail themselves of the audio-described tour at the abbey.
  • Wheelchair Accessibility- Wheelchairs are also accessible in most parts of the abbey. If someone is entering the attraction in a wheelchair, they should enter through the ramp on the North Door.

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  • Baby Changing Facilities- Baby changing facilities are available at the Cloisters. It may be situated relatively far from some parts of the abbey, so request the staff member for the quickest route.
  • Locker- You are not allowed to carry large backpacks or luggage items inside the abbey. Moreover, there is no locker facility available at the abbey, but you can keep your luggage items at Excess baggage Company at Victoria or Charing Cross stations.
  • Photography- You are allowed to click personal photographs in the church and the cloisters, but not during the services. Also, try to avoid using flashes inside the premises.
  • Toilets- Toilets are situated in the Cloisters, including the wheelchair accessible ones.

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Restaurants:- The Cellarium Cafe and Restaurant is the fundamental restaurant located in Westminster Abbey.- The kiosks at the premises serve cold drinks and light snacks.- Some of the other prominent restaurants in Westminster Abbey are The Pem, The Quilon, Blue Boar Pub, and The Bay and Bracket.

Shops: Two shops are available in Westminster Abbey, namely Cellarium Shop and Main Shop. These shops sell gifts, tea, tapestries, and other spiritual gifts.

  • Main Shop- Westminster Abbey Shop, Broad Sanctuary, London SW1P 3JS, United Kingdom.
  • Cellarium Shop- Cellarium Shop, Dean's Yard, London, SW1P 3PA, United Kingdom.

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  • Book your Westminster Abbey tickets in advance to ensure safety, avoid long queues, and avail of great discounts when purchasing tickets online.
  • Approach the abbey staff in case you need any help.
  • It is not compulsory to cover your face yet social distancing should be there in tiny and enclosed areas.
  • There is no official dress code but visitors are requested to maintain decency in their clothing.
  • Men are requested to remove their hats inside the premises of the building.
  • You are not required to record videos, click photographs, and take selfies inside Westminster Abbey London.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as the stone floors in the attraction are relatively uneven.


What makes Westminster Abbey so popular in London?

Westminster Abbey is so popular in London as it serves as a site for royal coronations and burials. It is also known for being the location for 17 royal weddings, including the marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in 2011. Westminster Abbey is also the place where kings and queens of the English monarchs are crowned.

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What is the best time to visit Westminster Abbey?

The best time to visit Westminster Abbey is between March and May. During this time, the place experiences the spring season and the weather does not remain too hot or too cold to explore the entire place. It is advisable to visit Westminster Abbey in the morning as you do not expect too much crowd at this time.

Why should one book Westminster Abbey Tickets online?

Online booking of Westminster Abbey tickets is convenient as you can avail of the best deals and discounts anytime and anywhere. You do not have to stand in long queues and wait for your turn to book tickets. It is a hassle-free way in just a matter of a click. Thus, booking tickets online relieves the stress on the part of the visitors, providing them with a relaxing and enjoyable vacation.

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Do we have to book in advance for the Westminster Abbey Tickets?

You can book the Westminster Abbey tickets both offline and online. If you want to book your ticket offline, you need to visit the attraction early. However, online booking of Westminster Abbey tickets will reduce your stress of standing in long queues and you can also avail yourself of the benefits and discounts that come along with online booking.

Can we worship inside Westminster Abbey for free?

Westminster Abbey is a working church, and it does not charge anything to enter the church for worship. Services like Evensong are also free to attend for tourists. However, you are still required to book tickets to get access to Westminster Abbey.


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