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About Churchill War Rooms

The Historic Churchill War Room was once a zone for planning and plotting war strategies and secrets. The War Room used to be the deliberation point for Churchill and his War troupe and is now a visitor’s delight. Avid tourists who love to explore the wartime history of the British can head to the underground quarters and explore various rooms. The Churchill Museum is also a part of the Churchill War Rooms and has a huge collection of objects, maps, and legacy which was a prominent part of Churchill’s life. One can also look through history in the Map room where the books and charts can be found ever since they were left there in 1945.

Some of the most exciting parts to explore on the tour is The Churchill Museum which uses modern tech and multimedia to showcase everything about Churchill. Right from his appointment as the Prime minister to his victory the interactive Museum allows you to relive the past. Churchill was also regarded as a great orator and visitors can listen to excerpts from his great speeches. Other things worth exploring here are the displays including objects such as the rattle used by Churchill as a baby, a drawing made by Graham Sutherland that celebrates his 80th Birthday of Churchill, and also the flag that was used to drape Churchill's coffin at his funeral. The Churchill War Rooms are open on all days except for Christmas Holiday. It tells the story of several people who fought for Britain and died in conflicts since the First World War. The exceptional collections reveal yesteryear stories and events that mark the importance of this place. The collections are vivid representations of powerful physical experiences.

Why To Book Churchill War Rooms Tickets?

The Churchill War Room is a proud representation of how war planning was initiated to defeat the deadliest of enemies. To explore this marvel, it is recommended to buy the Churchill war rooms tickets online. When you book online there is a remarkable difference in the Churchill war rooms tickets price. Booking tickets for Churchill War rooms online means you can get many discounts on the deal which onsite might be difficult to source. To also avoid long lines and waiting periods, it is better to do it online. Here’s a good way to get Churchill War Rooms London tickets at a competitive price.

  • Get a great peek into the rich history of British wars and heroism by exploring Westminster's underground war chamber.
  • Tourists can learn about the valorous legends of the World Wars who lived through it and also died.
  • A great way to know more about the life of Sir Winston Churchill, his policies, his principles, and how he became the Prime Minister of the UK.
  • Several historical objects, images, and videos of men and women who served as staff ere can be found here in the underground hideout
  • rooms.
  • It has several rooms to be explored including the Cabinet Room, Map Room, and the Transatlantic Telephone Room.

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  • When you book the Churchill War Rooms tickets online, choose the time slot to tour this Imperial legacy in the best possible manner.
  • The Churchill war rooms ticket price will include a visit to all the zones here in this War Museum.
  • You should miss visiting the Museum’s subterranean bunker which was the British Headquarters in WWII.
  • For the information seekers and number crunchers, this is a great way to explore interesting stats and facts about the wars, how they were planned, and the valiant heroics of the warriors.
  • There is also a corroded Churchill corridor that was used as a guard against bombardment but history enlivens when you see this.

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Ticket Variations

Churchill War Rooms Tour with Audio Guide

In the History of World War, the antics and the strategic interventions are something that everyone can learn from. A great way to explore the history of the World War and know more about the myriad heroic true stories of love for nation and sacrifice is to visit the Churchill War Room. While booking the Churchill War rooms tickets online take note:

Children aged 0-4 - will be charged on an infant prices basisChildren aged 5-15 - will be charged on a child price basisAbove 15 - will be charged on an adult price basis

Your Churchill war Rooms London tickets will include entry into the world of heroics and wisdom par excellence. The Churchill War Rooms visit will be enhanced with a guide, or an audio guide in several languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Portuguese, and Mandarin.

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Westminster Abbey + Churchill War Rooms Tickets

The best part about this combination is the amount saved on two historic landmarks in one Churchill War Rooms Tickets price. Time to dive into the rich history of the British along with Westminster Abbey. The Poet’s corner and the coronation chair are a part of The Church which is the high point of the tour. With a free audio tour guide get easy entry into the Westminster Abbey and Churchill War Rooms and get an insight into the Churchill speeches and commendation of men and women who put their lives at risk while at war. The Churchill war rooms London tickets to access this part of the absolute marvel can be booked online.

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Exhibitions And Displays At Churchill War Rooms

The Churchill War rooms are your gateway to know more about how war times were and to discover in depth the lives and times. When you are here to scout for information and set your eyes on cherished objects and images, stay as long as you can. There's a lot to discover at Churchill War Rooms. We recommend giving no less than two to visit Churchill War Rooms, to cover the historic Cabinet War Rooms and at length the Churchill Museum. But to your surprise, many visitors spend even longer than that. Here’s information on different displays and exhibitions inside the Churchill War Rooms and get to know its highlights.

Undercover: Life Of Churchill Bunker

The Underground undercover life of its inhabitants is a great story to take back home. It showcases the zest with which hundreds of men and women spend their time working to save and fight for their nation. The Cabinet War rooms depict stories about how hundreds of men and women both civilians and non-civilians worked, ate, and slept here to save time for 6 years. This exhibit is located opposite the Transatlantic Telephone room before the entrance to the Churchill Museum. The display takes you to those heart-wrenching times when these men and women literally lived below the streets of London to avert bombardment from the Germans. Take a look at the popular Remington Noiseless Typewriters that were imported from the US to prevent any noise distractions.

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Churchill Museum

The Churchill Museum, a crucial part of the War Rooms lets the visitor get a comprehensive look into Winston Churchill’s life. Right from details about his birthplace Blenheim to his military career, from his early days to his two periods as the Prime Minister, this is an experience that cannot be missed. The award-winning tour place and the museum have valuable collections of closely guarded and personal artefacts of Churchill including handwritten letters, extracts from wartime speeches, and his personal belongings.

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Cabinet War Rooms

This is where the action is. The moment you enter this room, you are transported to the era of WWII, a time when lives were in danger, and existence was threatened. It was also a time when real-life heroes battled it out to save their nation and their people. Every little nook and space is a traverse to the past with numerous stories to unfold. Here is a chance to step into the tense zone to understand and sink in the kind of life those days. WWII is a crucial piece of history and there is no better way than to come here.

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Churchill And The Middle East

Since your Churchill War Room tickets also encompass the War rooms don’t give this one a miss. This room opens a chapter into Churchill’s influence on the modern Middle East. The room is a significant view of history as it has photos, displays, an annotated map of Churchill with an AV presentation to survey the impact of the UK on the Middle East. This room is located at the centre of the Churchill War rooms and can be explored with the historic rooms that were also the protection room for humans and secrets.

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Map Rooms

Back then, in the torrid times of an oncoming war, the Map Room was in use 24 hours a day. The room was the central point of critical information and notes. It was here that crucial information received was collated for the leaders and the armed forces. The Map Room was forever staffed and also had representatives from the Royal Navy, Army, and Air force. Tourists can visit this once heavily guarded area and notice the busy hustle on the walls of the Map Room. The pinholes and the marker impressions left on the map wall depict the busy times of scanning charts, maps, reports of army service, and much more.

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Churchill Bedroom

The quintessential leader Winston Churchill was a visionary who led Britain to WWII. He had his own private bedroom in the Cabinet War rooms that were located near the Map room and seconded as a working room. He used it to conduct meetings, for other work, and also for his hour-long afternoon naps. When you go there, do not forget to dive deep into the circles marked on the map opposite his bed. These could be the landing sites of a German invasion and have great historical significance.

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Cabinet Room

This room held major significance as it was the deliberation room where Churchill and his important ministers along with advisors met with army, navy, and Air Force heads. Most important decisions pertaining to the war were made here. Once you enter the room you can feel the unimaginable pressure these leaders might have felt in wartime. In the second World War alone there were about 11 cabinet meetings held. Churchill War room London tickets can be sourced online to take advantage of this emotional experience.

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Know Before You Book Churchill War Rooms Tickets

Essential Information
How To Reach
  • Location- Churchill War Rooms are situated across the road from St. James’s Park on King Charles Street.
  • Timing - While booking your Churchill War Rooms tickets, note that it is open every day except the Christmas holidays of 24th, 25th, and 26th December. During the Summer period, it starts from July 1’st to August 31’st. Its timings are from 9.30 AM - 7 PM. The last entry is allowed till 5.45 PM. During the Winter time, it starts from 9.30 AM - 6 PM and the last entry is allowed till 5 PM.
  • Best time to Visit - While booking tickets for Churchill War rooms, ensure you are keeping in mind the best times to visit. The Churchill War Room is a very busy tourist destination and crowds are hectic both on weekdays and weekends. Hence picking the right day will not matter and the best way is to choose the right time in the day to visit. The place is less crowded in the morning and in the evening and it is better to make visit plans from 9.30 AM- 12 PM or 4 PM - 7 PM(6 PM in winters). If you haven’t booked the Churchill war rooms tickets online then it is better to give yourself more time to get through the queue. The lines can get pretty long hence better to source your Churchill War room tickets online and skip this.

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There are many ways to get to Churchill War rooms and also the Google Maps comes in handy for specific directions.

  • London Underground: The Westminster Station is one block away from the War rooms. You can take the London Underground from your location to the Westminster Station for the easiest way to get here.
  • Bus: There are many tour companies there that provide bus services connecting all parts of London. There is a stop nearby at Whitehall which is nearly one block away from Churchill War Rooms.

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What attractions are near Churchill War Rooms?

Churchill War Rooms finds itself located at the heart of London. If you have purchased the Churchill War Rooms tickets for a visit here, it is a great idea to also visit Buckingham Palace and the Westminster Abbey which are located 5-10 minutes from the museum. You can also find other landmarks such as Big Ben and the London Eye.

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What is the best time to visit Churchill War Rooms?

If you will book the Churchill War rooms tickets on-site then it is better to take more time to include booking times. But if you check the Churchill War Rooms tickets price online, there is a lot of difference in the price. This way more time is saved. You can visit the site on any day either in the morning from 9.30 AM - 12 PM or evening 4 PM - 7 PM for a comfortable time and low crowd.

What is special about Churchill War Rooms?

It gives an insight into the wartime during WWII, it also gives a peek into Winston Churchill’s private life and a lot about how the war was planned, discussed, and deliberated upon.

Do we have to book in advance for Churchill War Rooms?

If you are comfortable waiting in long lines to fetch tickets for Churchill war rooms, then there is no need to book in advance. But if you are looking to comfortably head to the venue and skip the queue then booking the Churchill War Rooms tickets online in advance is better

How old are Churchill's war rooms?

It became fully operational on 27 August 1939, a week prior to Britain declaring war on Germany.


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