About Chinatown London

hinatown London is a bustling neighbourhood in the heart of London that offers an authentic impression of the Far East and is home to many genuine Asian eateries, stores, cafes, and bars. People travel here from all over the world to engage in a variety of fun activities and attend the annual Chinese New Year event, which leaves them with everlasting memories. Take a stroll through Chinatown London to experience the vibrant atmosphere and traditional architecture. The 1888 mural, the four entrance gates, the two stone lions provided by China, and the contemporary sculptures all make an excellent setting for memorable photos.

Try a range of scrumptious dishes at one of the neighborhood's many cafes and restaurants to make your visit to this lively area delightful. Drink a martini or a beer at one of its lively pubs or bars to add more stars to your trip. Don't forget to pick up some souvenirs from the shops that sell handmade goods, decorations, and other Chinese trinkets.

The town's yearly Chinese New Year celebration, which livens it up with vivid paper lantern decorations, parades, music, dancing, and mouthwatering food, is another significant draw. With so many entertaining things to do in Chinatown London, you will certainly have a memorable trip, whether you want to learn about Chinese culture or satisfy your appetite for Chinese cuisine.

History Of Chinatown London

Chinatown London

The Chinatown London we know today dates back to the 1950s, although the original Chinatown was at Limehouse in the East End region during the 18th century. It was a small community of Chinese seafarers living in London and working for the East India Company near the Limehouse docks. However, by the middle of the twentieth century, the area's population had shifted due to a fall in commerce and significant destruction caused by the Second World War. The West End's low commercial rates drew these sailors and soldiers who returned after the war to its current site, forming the new Chinatown.

Huguenot and Maltese immigrants formerly called West End home, but in the 1950s, a few Chinese restaurants started to appear, and the neighbourhood started to take shape. The neighbourhood had developed into a centre for Chinese culture by the 1960s and 1970s as a result of the arrival of additional companies and services. Today, it is home to a bustling town of over 150 businesses that provide tourists with a wide selection of traditional Chinese foods and items. Draped with red paper lanterns and Mandarin street signs, it now makes visitors believe they are in East Asia rather than the city's bustling West End neighbourhood.

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Highlights Of Chinatown London

Chinatown London
  • Visit Chinatown London to explore some famous landmarks, sample authentic Chinese recipes, shop for some traditional souvenirs, and learn about their heritage and culture.

  • Take a stroll through Chinatown London's many lanes and appreciate the colourful ambiance and stunning Chinese architecture all around.

  • Admire the Paifangs, four enormous architectural archways that serve as Chinatown London entrances.

  • Take in the breathtaking 1888 outdoor mural that measures an impressive 8m by 5m and is located in Horse and Dolphin Yard.

  • Savour a wide range of authentic Chinese cuisine as well as Korean, Taiwanese, Malaysian, and Japanese recipes, such as sticky rice rolls, dumplings, pickled raw octopus, and Cantonese roast duck.

  • Satisfy your shopping urges by picking up some spices, cosmetics, Chinese-inspired trinkets, home decor items, and gifts while also grabbing some great bargains at one of the many supermarkets.

  • Enjoy fine dining at some of its top-notch establishments, like Olle, Four Seasons, and Baozi Inn, or sample some street food dishes at the eateries on the side of the road.

  • Visit Chinatown during the Chinese New Year celebrations to experience one of the greatest things to do in Chinatown and witness the city come to life with a riot of colours, costumes, music, dancing, food, and thrilling sensations.

  • Attend the International Dragon and Lion Dance Festival to see the dance performances by local dancers and martial artists.

Things To Do In Chinatown London

Check out various restaurants, street-side eateries, bars, and cafes in Chinatown to sate your food and beverage cravings, and browse any supermarket to pick some great stuff. Plan your visit during Chinese New Year to indulge in some of the most amazing things to do in Chinatown London while taking in the vibrant atmosphere.

Chinatown London
Shop For Traditional Goods

Shopping is one of the most fascinating things to do in Chinatown London for being a hub of abundant options. Shop for traditional foods and beverages, recipe ingredients, and many other Chinese and Asian specialities at any supermarket like New Loon Moon or SeeWoo. Visit Golden Gate Cake Shop for delectable pineapple buns and custard tarts. Explore the establishments along the streets of Chinatown London to get Maneki-Neko, paper lanterns, traditional clothing, and other things while enjoying some retail therapy.

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Chinatown London
Visit The Four Gates

Admire the historic architecture as you enter the district beneath one of the impressive Paifangs (archways). Stop by for a memorable picture while witnessing the street ahead, which is dotted with a variety of Chinese goods. The first three gates, which were constructed in 1980 on Gerrard Street, dazzle guests with their exquisite architecture and style. The fourth gate on Wardour Street in Chinatown London stuns with a brilliant array of electric blue, green, and gold tones.

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Chinatown London
Celebrate Chinese New Year

Visit Chinatown London at the start of the Chinese New Year and prepare to be astounded by the explosion of colours, costumes, music, dance, food, and energetic spirit. Attend the classic Chinese Dragon Dance or the gorgeous Lantern Festival while also experiencing a unique fusion of Chinese and London influences that creates a vibrant atmosphere. Parades, dances, musical performances, and food stalls contribute to making the Chinese New Year celebrations a colourful event that everyone can enjoy and remember.

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Chinatown London
Take A Photo Tour

A photo tour is one of the most entertaining things to do in Chinatown London and an excellent way to experience the city's amazing attractions and colourful surroundings. Picture yourself in front of breathtaking four gates, stone lions, modern art installations, lantern-lined streets, colourfully painted alleys, or impressive doors. Additionally, there are many lovely eateries and cosy shops that are worth a shot. Visit during the Chinese New Year festivities and you will be spoiled with photo opportunities.

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Chinatown London
Explore Chinese Art At CAN

Explore a variety of exhibitions and performances at Chinese Art Now (CAN) and learn about the nation's rich cultural legacy. Its collection of works of art by both local and international artists may appeal to your inner art connoisseur. You may learn more about Chinatown London through augmented reality visuals and short dramas with its Augmented Chinatown 2.0 interactive audio tour. The annual CAN festival that celebrates Chinese culture is another attraction that may help you understand Chinese traditions.

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Chinatown London
Admire The 1888 Mural

Admire the stunning outdoor 1888 mural at the Horse and Dolphin Yard, which resembles a bowl of rice when viewed up close. However, a closer look reveals that this 8 by 5 meters mural is made up of 1888 individual photographs donated by the public. Unveiled on August 18th, 2008, it portrays the vibrant culture and rich history of Chinatown London. Visiting this mural is one of the best things to do in Chinatown London as it stands for the Uk's Chinese community's unification.

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Chinatown London
See The Lion Sculpture

Admire the enormous lion statue erected along Wardour Street in 2009 and serve as Chinatown's entrance guard. It is in contrast with the traditional style and a contemporary interpretation of a Chinese symbol of welcoming and protection. The artwork represents the diversity of East Asians in today's Britain and is composed of thousands of laser-cut Perspex fragments in a range of colours and designs. This colourful artwork makes for a great photo opportunity against Chinatown's white walls.

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Chinatown London
Attend International Dragon & Lion Dance Festival

Participate in the International Dragon and Lion Dance Festival during the Chinese New Year celebrations and witness incredible choreography from a variety of dance and martial art troupes. Here, you will be astounded to see clowns and musical groups moving in unison with the Lion and Dragon. These dance performances and other Chinese New Year traditions will help you learn about Chinese culture and enjoy a spiritual environment, making attending the festival one of the most amazing things to do in Chinatown.

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Interesting Facts About Chinatown London

Chinatown London
  • Chinatown was first established in the East End of London at the beginning of the 18th century, and it moved to its current position after the Second World War because of the affordable business rentals in the West End.
  • Initially, a small group of Chinese sailors who were living in London while working for the East India Company established the first Chinatown in the East End around the Limehouse piers.
  • Chinatown London is popularly known as the Imperial City for being located in the centre of the country's capital, while other Chinatown districts in other cities across the world are not as central.
  • Today, Chinatown London is a thriving neighbourhood with over 150 establishments that offer a wide range of ethnic foods and goods to tourists.
  • Gerrard Street, one of the main streets in Chinatown London, is where Ronnie Scott founded his legendary jazz club.

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What is Chinatown London famous for?

    Chinatown London is renowned for its eateries, supermarkets, souvenir shops, and lively atmosphere. The Chinese New Year celebrations and Dragon and Lion Dance Festival are its major draws, enticing tourists from across the world. The festival vibes, explosion of colour, and dynamic environment make them the most exciting things to do in Chinatown London.

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