About London Helicopter Tours

It is often heard that London is best explored on foot, but that was before a thrilling way was introduced. The London helicopter tours is one of the most loved experiences by not only tourists but also by London residents. The city of London is full of modern skyscrapers and the old traditional buildings that adds a charismatic effect to the cityscape. Getting an aerial view of the London cityscape is one of the best experiences a person can ever have by London Helicopter Tours.

A helicopter tours in London is one of the most popular activities to do in the city and almost every tourist that visits London tries to add this to their itinerary. The aerial ride lasts up to 50 minutes excluding the pre-flight briefing. You will cover almost 77 miles in your London helicopter tours that departs from Heli Air London, Buckinghamshire in London. From the flight, you will get an aerial view of St. Paul Cathedral Church, Buckingham Palace, the London Shard, the Tower Bridge, and many other important landscapes. This exciting helicopter will give you a new perspective to look at London, with an exclusive bird’s eye view.

London Helicopter Tours

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  • Fly with a bird's perspective and enjoy the fantastic view of the city of London

  • Ride comfortably on the Jet Powered Helicopters with all the safety equipment

  • Come across the majestic beauty of the prominent sites of London like- the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and the O2 Arena

  • Grab all your safety equipment before boarding the helicopter and enjoy your ride

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Must Know Before You Go
  • The maximum age for this activity is 99 years and the minimum age required is 6 years. Maximum weight limit is 95 kg.
  • Spectators are welcome and are allowed to take photographs.
  • All foreign nationals must share their passport and visa details at the time of arrival and entry.
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Highlights Of London Helicopter Tours

london helicopter tour
  • Get a chance to explore London with a bird’s eye view and take in the beautiful view of the London cityscape on your helicopter tours in London.
  • You are guaranteed to have a comfortable flight with all safety measures and quality equipment.
  • Witness the important landmarks of London from the air like the London Eye, St. Paul Cathedral, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, etc.
  • It is a 50-minute aerial ride that will give you an experience of a lifetime and you will be given a chance to click some amazing panoramic pictures.

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London Helicopter Tours Packages

The helicopter tours in London will give you an experience like no other as you will be witnessing the beauty of London from the air, not in movies but real life. Witness some of the most significant landmarks of the city on your exciting helicopter tours in London.

Helicopter Tour
Historic City Sightseeing Helicopter Tours For Two

Historic City Sightseeing tour for two is one of the most attractive helicopter tours in London. In this, you can choose from 17 cities like Perth, Oxford, Dreaming Spires, etc to go over in an aerial adventure. All the 17 cities to choose from have historic significance as well as great and important landscapes. You might choose a city that you have already visited to get a look at it from a different perspective or a city that you have never visited.

Inclusions:- Get to experience an aerial ride on a jetpacked helicopter.- Choose from 17 countries with historic significance.- Get the view of a city and countryside with an experienced pilot.

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Helicopter Tour In London
London Helicopter Sightseeing Ride For Two

This helicopter tours in London is one of the best helicopter tours you will have in your life. You and your companion will be made to sit on either side of the helicopter and you will be flying towards the divine city of London. Your pilot will help you spot some of the most important landmarks in the cityscape of London from the air, but some of the landmarks like the Shard and the London Eye will be hard to miss.

Inclusions:- You will depart from Essex and enter London.- It is a 25-minute helicopter ride.- It is available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

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12 Mile Themed Helicopter Flight For Two

If you love heights and love aerial views of cities and places, then this helicopter tours in London is one of the best things that can happen to you. Your excitement will increase as soon as the blades start spinning. The elegant helicopter flies 1000 feet above the ground and you will be in awe of the view, as you go at a speed of 120 km/h. You will be able to communicate with the pilot via the headsets given to you and also listen to the control.

Inclusions: - Experience this extravagant ride in a modern chopper for 12 miles.- Available on the weekends from March to November.- It is available in 45 places, from which you can choose your favorite ones.

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Helicopter Tour In London
Central London Helicopter Flight

You can’t get enough of London just by exploring it on foot, you have to see the city from a different angle, through a bird-eye perspective. London looks surreal from above the ground and the helicopter tours in London is an experience of a lifetime. In this package, you will be flying just 600 m above the city and you will witness all the important landmarks of the cityscape of central London. Your pilot will always have your back and point out the destinations so that you don’t miss even one like the Shard or the Tower Bridge.

Inclusions: - Have the most beautiful images of London imprinted in your brain forever.- It is available on selected days throughout the year.

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Helicopter Tour In London
12 Mile Themed Helicopter Flight For One

Having fun with friends and family is great, but some experiences are best-enjoyed solo, such as this package of helicopter tours in London. You will be the only one in the helicopter besides the pilot, with whom you will communicate via the headsets given to you, and also listen to the air traffic control. You will be flying into the city to witness the beauty of London and its iconic architectural landmarks. You will enjoy 12 miles of sheer pleasure and bliss as you fly 1000 ft above the ground at a speed of 120 km/h.

Inclusions: - Take flight on a modern helicopter for 12 miles.- It is available in 45 locations on selected weekends from March to November.

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Historic City Sightseeing Helicopter Tours

This is a solo helicopter tours in London in which you can choose from 17 cities you want to have an aerial view of. You can have an aerial view of the city you have already explored so that you will have a different perspective on it, or you can get a view of a place you have already explored. The 17 cities like Oxford, Perth, Dreaming Shires, etc have historical significance and will add a great value to your London trip.

Inclusions:- Get an aerial view of one of the 17 cities you choose that has historical significance.- It is a 25-mile tour and you will get to see a city and countryside.

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Know Before You Experience Helicopter Tours In London

Helicopter Tour In London
  • All foreign tourists are requested to provide their passport and visa details at the time of booking as well as upon arrival.
  • The maximum age for going on a London helicopter tours is 99 years and the minimum age is 6 years.
  • The maximum weight of a person to experience this ride is 95 kg.
  • Spectators are allowed to click as many pictures and videos from the helicopter as they want.

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Can kids take the helicopter tours in London?

    Kids are welcome to take the helicopter tour in London but the minimum age of the kids should be 6 years. Kids below the age of 6 can’t have this experience while adults above the age of 99 are not allowed for the ride.

Is there any weight restriction for taking helicopter tours in London?

What is the best time to experience Helicopter Tours in London?

Are safety equipment provided before taking a Helicopter Tours in London?

What makes the Helicopter Tours in London so famous?

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