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Portraying the richness of consumer culture from the long-lost Victorian eras to the present days, the Museum of Brands in London is one of the most unique places to witness in Europe. This museum does exactly what its name suggests, showcasing the 150-year-old history of a variety of brands along with their advertising and packaging innovations. A large number of temporary exhibitions, debates, events, and reviews to examine the role of brands in shaping the modern world throughout history are held continuously here.

A host to 200 events and conferences every year, the museum is a go-to place for gaining information about brands like Unilever, Tesco, Facebook, and many other big names. The museum possesses a beautiful tropical sun garden and a cute museum gift shop for you to enjoy and take home a token of love from London. The museum of Brands in London is an educational hub for students hosting a popular learning program that attracts a whopping number of 20,000 students from all across the globe. The main goal of the Museum of Brands London is to offer high-quality learning by raising awareness by creative industries in the fields of commercial art, brand history, design, and the social significance of brands.

History Of Museum Of Brands

Museum Of Brands

Around 50 years ago, Robert Opic, a consumer historian, started to unfold the process of evolution of consumer products since the Victorian Times. After holding many exhibitions and events in different places, he opened the first museum of its kind in Gloucester which was dedicated to showcasing the history of packaging and advertising. Taking help from global brand agency PI Global and a few funding sponsors including Cadbury, Vodafone, Diageo, Kellogg’s, and Twinings, the museum was established in 2002 in Notting Hill, London.

Successfully running for a decade, the Museum of Brands London unraveled the 150 years of consumer and branding culture and shifted its area of operation. The infamous museum increased its capital area adding new gardens, event spaces, and galleries with funding from different sponsors. Now, situated at 111 Lancaster Road in London, the beautiful museum portrays the beauty and importance of brands in an artistic way witnessing spectators from all across the globe.

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Exhibitions At Museum Of Brands

Exhibitions that hold value and importance through the eyes of consumers for brands are one of the reasons people visit the Museum of Brands in London. Ranging from the historical events shaping the history of brands to the latest post-pandemic operation and consumption, the artistic museum fulfills the quest of a knowledge seeker.

Museum Of Brands
Time Tunnel

Holding its permanent place as an exhibition in the Museum of Brands London, Time Tunnel takes you through the tubes of time from the eyes of Brand cultures. A memory lane taking you from the Victorian times to the digital age is a way of showcasing the evolution of consumer society. You will be able to time travel through the long lost times of both the world wars, Neil Armstrong landing on the moon to the present age of the internet. The change in lifestyles through the eyes of brands after the invention of the railway, cars, TV, toys, cinema, the airplane, video games, and the internet is all played like a movie in a beautiful museum. The early 2000s walkthrough in the museum is enough to give you a dose of nostalgia.

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Museum Of Brands
Jubilian: 200 years Of Royal Souvenirs

These are a series of activities that portray a temporary display of Royal packaging catering to Royal enthusiasts in the celebration of the Queen’s platinum jubilee. The Queen’s journey throughout 70 years of becoming the British monarch showcases everything related to royalty throughout history. A few events are held for kids and students to participate including some Royal activities named as ‘to make and take the crown’, and designing a royal crown for better understanding and fun. Other events include the analysis of the psychological behavior of the royals, infamous Royal moments, and a talk show about branding and its influence on the royals. The star of the jubilee event is the contemporary limited edition packaging display mimicking the royals.

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Museum Of Brands
When Brands Take A Stand

A temporary display, Brands Take a Stand, presents packaging, posters, and TV commercials dealing with important social and environmental causes along with contemporary issues. While brands have always been an important part of any such cause trying to eradicate social issues, people have always been influenced and this is what the motto of the display is. A number of advertising campaigns are showcased known for supporting the conservation of the environment and the latest COVID-19 pandemic. Some other popular advertising campaigns include taking a stand against social evils, and the sustainability of human rights. Whether good or bad, the Museum of Brands in London hosts this event to mark the socio-cultural importance of brands and advertising in causes holding national and international values.

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Museum Of Brands
Professional Development Talks

Everyone wants to grow professionally and this development talk show is a great way to boost your skills and knowledge. Supported by marketer’s trust, this educational talk show tries to explain the psychology behind Royal faces with emotions and behavior. The infamous “side hustle-thing” is explained in its true potential owing to social and economic reasons and the process of succeeding in the same. Some other important talks include neuroscience, brands improving their luck, their community management, and growth.

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Museum Of Brands
The Grocer's Top 100 Brands

Developed in association with Neilsen IQ, the exhibition presents you with the biggest brands in Britain. Naming out the 100 top brands of Britain, this annual list holds importance which clearly tells the public about a brand’s success and its maintenance. Brexit along with the covid-19 pandemic has been an area of interest for the whole world and especially for brands selling their services and products in Britain. All of this is showcased in a beautiful manner relying on the facts of the shopping habits of people in Britain post the pandemic, work from home culture, and remote operation.

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Museum Of Brands
Packaging Design Online Exhibition

The first and unique online exhibition displays Google art and culture. The invention of influential packaging and design has shaped everybody’s day-to-day activities in some way or another and the Museum of Brands London portrays it in an intelligent manner. Dealing not only with the present, but the history of use cases for Aerosols, Cellophane, Plastic, and Bottle Tops is also a talk of the place. Another important aspect presented here is the effective use of logistics including packaging, storing, and transportation improving the quality and sales of the products. The online exhibition can be witnessed on Google Art and Culture website any time and anywhere.

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Activities To Do In The Museum Of Brands

You can be a part of different events and exhibitions in the Museum of Brands London along with a variety of cool activities that can be done here. The activities may range from the playful challenges you can take to test your knowledge or buying beautiful scrapbooks, and sweet gifts.

Museum Of Brands
Scavenger Hunt

As the name speaks for itself, the virtual scavenger hunt lets you virtually visit the Museum of Brands London. Tour the consumer culture site with your family in the comfort of your home or go on a solo trip on your busiest day through the scavenger. Simply by using Google Map Links, you will be able to go on Virtual Scavenger Hunt through the starting event of Time Tunnel. Following the arrows or the footsteps on the Google map for written directions, you may choose to take shortcuts to visiting your desired location and of course for enjoyment!

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Museum Of Brands
Gift Experiences

The award-winning Museum of Brands in London helps you to purchase gift tickets as a token of love from the place. Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, and celebrations, the gift ticket might make your day with its presence. The beautiful place even gets you the physical ticket delivered along with the usual E-tickets. The sales of the tickets directly support the running of the educational museum and help to preserve its wonderful collections for the upcoming years. Lying in the heart of Notting Hill, this art museum is a perfect place for a staycation that offers you a museum gift ticket.

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Museum Of Brands

To get a perfect dose of nostalgia, scrapbooks are there to make their mark. Ranging from old vintage scrapbooks from the times of our grandparents to the latest digital ones, scrapbooks are one of the coolest things to catch a glimpse of in the Museum of Brands London. Some historical scrapbooks include Victorian Scrapbook, Wartime Scrapbook, Edwardian, and the Royal scrapbooks. Decade wise scrapbooks from 1910, the 1920s up to the rock era of the 1960s and the discotheques of the 70s are the main attractions to hold.

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Museum Of Brands
Brand Challenge

Competitive quiz, the Brand challenge is a great way to test your knowledge about your favorite brands throughout history. Winning the quiz may get you a ticket offer to visit the Museum of Brands London. Some of the few examples of the playful challenge are the questions related to the brands featuring famous events and historical images, brands shooting their first TV commercials, and unique things created by brands.

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Know Before You Visit Museum Of Brands

Essential Information
How To Reach Museum Of Brands
Museum Of Brands

Location: The Museum of Brands is located at 111-117 Lancaster Rd, Notting Hill, London W11 1QT, United Kingdom.

Timings: 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM from Monday to Saturday and 11:00 AM to 05:00 PM on Sundays.

Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit the Museum of Brands London is during the morning hours of weekdays which witness fewer crowds as compared to overcrowded weekends.

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How long should one spend inside the Museum of Brands?

    For a proper exploration of the Museum of Brands in London, one should typically spend around 1-2 hours on an average basis

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