About Day Trips from London

London is considered one of the most glorious cities in the entire world and is often crowded by visitors coming to explore its historical monuments, green spaces, beer gardens and even stunning bridges. Thus, locals as well as tourists are looking for quick getaways or day trips from London to the scenic countryside which offer a peaceful retreat from the bustling city.

There are so many amazing spots and tourist attractions near London which can be visited within a day and most of these day tours from London are to popular sites like Oxford, Stonehenge, Leeds, Cambridge, and many others. Tourists can also choose to combine several major landmarks if they are short on time and even hire a local guide who will help them enjoy the best of these places in a short span of time. Visitors will find many tour operators who offer full day combo tours to places like Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Oxford and Bath; be it the Roman baths in Bath or the iconic landmark of stone circle in Stonehenge, the day trips take visitors to some stunning locations around London. Some other popular day destinations are Canterberry, Salisberry, Cotswolds, Warwick et cetera.

Why Take A Day Trip From London

Day Trips From London
  • The trips from London are a great way to explore the countryside, nearby villages and towns, and enjoy a slow paced lifestyle not just for tourists as well as locals of the city.

  • These day trips from London provide a change of scenery as visitors get to witness the popular iconic landmarks like Stonehenge, Oxford, Windsor castle, Leeds, Cotswolds among others.

  • The day tours from London provide a peaceful and calming experience with lush green landscapes and an insight into the countryside lifestyle of Britain.

  • Many tour operators offer full day tours which include several popular destinations that can be visited within a day and gives a deep insight into the history of this vast region.

  • While London does have many historical landmarks it still does not provide the unique countryside experience with vast estates and castles for visitors to explore. This experience is offered by the day trips from London that visitors take to get away from the bustling city life for a few hours.

Tour Options For Taking A Day trip From London

London is a hub of iconic landmarks that are located in as well as around the city. Travelers who come to explore this beautiful city from across the globe also look for short day trips from London to the countryside which offer the most scenic and rustic experiences with castles, countryside estates and lush green spaces. They can choose to enjoy the trip with export guides or take a self-guided tour as there are plenty of options to choose from.

Day Trips From London
Guided Tours

One of the best ways to enjoy the day tours from London are these guided tours that are often headed by professionals and expert guides. With the guided tours, visitors will get an in-depth experience of the iconic and historical landmarks as they learn about the stories, history and architecture of that era. The guides provide the visitors with insights and facts about the monument and the location they travel to.The tours also include hotel transfers, and ensure that visitors have a hasslefree, comfortable experience from start to finish.

Day Trips From London
Non-Guided Tours

Non-guided tours are also known as self-guided tours and are usually chosen by a group of travelers who want to explore the wonderful locations and landmarks at their own pace in a relaxed manner. Visitors get to make their own itinerary and enjoy every part of the tour as they like getting to know every minor detail and spending more time at various tourist attractions. Although these tours have no time restrictions, visitors have to arrange their own transportation and manage their itineraries on their own.

Day Trips From London
Audio-Guided Tours

The audio guided tours are considered a better version of the guided tour by some people as visitors get information from a pre-recorded version and they can enjoy the tourist attraction at their own pace. Most landmarks offer the opportunity to buy these audio guides in different languages and learn about them as visitors take a tour of the place discovering its various features and highlights. Such tours offer visitors freedom in choosing their own itinerary as well as provide them with facts and insights about the landmark they are visiting.

Day Trips From London
Half Day Tours

The half day trips from London are best suited for visitors who want to escape the bustling noise of the city but also do not want to venture too far away. Visitors can choose these day trips to be guided by an expert or they can plan a trip of their own. As the name suggests, these particular tours only take a part of the day, and the visitors come back to the city within that day only.

Day Trips From London
Full Day Tours

Full day trips from London are best for visiting tourist locations that are located a bit far off from the city. These start quite early in the morning so that visitors can return back on time at night. The tours include transfers and transportation as visitors travel the entire day outside the city. A full day tour to Stonehenge, Oxford, Leeds, Cotswolds or some of the best options.

Day Trips From London
Combo Tours

Combo tours as the name suggests consist of two or more different locations outside the city of London. In these tours, visitors plan to cover two different major sightseeing attractions in a single day trip spending only a limited amount of time at each location. Since visitors have to cover more than two locations, such tours have a very strict itinerary and visitors do not get time to explore the landmarks at their own pace.

Day Trips From London

London is located in the Southern part of England and is surrounded by many wonderful attractions for tourists coming from across the globe. While London, Manchester and Edinburgh provide a metropolitan experience for visitors, there are plenty of other places to take day trips in order to have a peaceful countryside experience.

Day Trips From London
Day Trip From London To Stonehenge

Stonehenge is one of the most popular destinations for day trips from London and is located roughly 140 km away from the main city. This popular UNESCO world Heritage site is one of the most renowned structures all across the globe and is visited by around 1 million people each year. The main reason for such a huge footfall is how such a precise and symmetrical structure was constructed with heavy stones in a time period when there was no machinery or equipment available. As one of the oldest structures in history, Stonehenge has a museum which houses various artifacts found during excavations in the surrounding area.

Day Trips From London
Day Trip From London To Windsor

One of the most celebrated and magnificent destinations for day tours from London is the Windsor Castle located in Windsor. This castle is a gem of this region and was built at least 900 years ago and has been home to around 39 monarchs of the British empire. It is known for its integrated and beautiful architecture that sits comfortably against a beautiful lush green landscape. The castle grounds also flaunt vibrant gardens which are a great addition to this tour. In addition to this, visitors also get to go to the green parks, Eton brewery, Legoland and Winston in Windsor.

Day Trips From London
Day Trip From London To Warwick

Another amazing destination to take day tours from London is Warwick as it hosts a number of festivals which can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. Apart from its vibrant festivals, Warwick is also home to the Warwick castle which is one of the oldest castles known to mankind.

The castle was established by William the Conqueror in 1068 and is popular for its rich heritage, amazing history as well as its beautiful architecture. The castle has plenty of activities and attractions to explore, such as archery, walking tours, royal weekend party, zog themed play area for kids, among many other things.

Day Trips From London
Day Trip From London To Bath

While London is mostly known for the metropolitan city experience, it provides day tours from London to Bath in order to enjoy a more rustic and vintage experience. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is popularly known for the Roman built bathhouses and the magnificent architecture it has. These bath houses also have a lot of historical and cultural significance, as they reflect upon the architectural style of that time, making these one of the most visited sites in the UK. Visitors also get to enjoy natural hot springs as this is the only sport in the entire UK that offers this delight.

Day Trips From London
Day Trip From London To Cotswolds

Cotswolds is located approximately 140 km from London and offers a beautiful experience of the British countryside as it covers over 800 acres of land. This iconic tourist attraction is spread across five counties and has many traditional and Medieval villages as a part of it. Cotswolds is known for its numerous walking trails and activities that attract thrill seekers and adventure lovers. During the visit tourists can also enjoy the traditionally brewed beers as well as local dishes such as Tewkesbury mustard, Bibury trout etc.

Day Trips From London
Day Trip From London To Oxford

While Oxford is popularly known for the University of Oxford it also is one of the most visited destinations near London known as both an educational hub and a historical town. This popular town near London is home to an amazing set of museums and iconic attractions like the Radcliffe Square, Oxford Castle, Christ Church College and the Bodleian library among others. During the visit, tourists can also explore the Oxford market, a popular destination for shopping and exploring local crafts. You could also try punting, a ride along the river where you sail across in a punt boat.

Day Trips From London
Day Trip From London To Stratford

Stratford is an iconic location located 164 km from London and is best known for being the birthplace of the legendary writer William Shakespeare. The town is the perfect location for a day trip and offers visitors verdant landscapes and rustic architecture. During the tour, visitors can enjoy its green spaces, Medieval architecture, scenic rivers, and even get to visit the world's largest butterfly park. For the literature enthusiasts, there is the Shakespeare house that can be visited or one can view one of his plays at the Royal Shakespeare theater.

Day Trips From London
Day Trip From London To Cambridge

Cambridge is known as England‘s premier scholar town and offers amazing experiences to tourists when they take a day trip here. Known for its grand streets, iconic buildings and scenic bridges that are spread all around the town, Cambridge is known for more than the University of Cambridge. Visitors can also spend the time enjoying a traditional pub lunch, take scenic strolls along the River Cam and go punting while they are in Cambridge. Punting is a relaxing ride along the river steam in a punt boat.

Day Trips From London
Day Trip From London To Lacock

Nestled in Cotswolds, la Cook Locock is one of the most charming medieval villages in England. This rustic village is known for its Abbey and cloisters which gained popularity after the Harry Potter movie franchisee shot some parts of the film here. The village also has a photography museum called the Fox Talbot museum in honor of William Henry Fox Talbot who invented the negative/positive photographic process. The village is located over a hundred kilometers from London and offers visitors popular sights, curious attractions and scenic views to savor on their trip.

Day Trips From London
Day Trip From London To Leeds, Kent

Leeds is the most mesmerizing village to explore in the British countryside and houses the most stunning castle of Leeds, a popular destination in the region, which is also known for its historical importance as it has existed for roughly 900 years.

Approximately 1 million people from across the globe visit this iconic castle each year due to its rustic charm and amazing architectural style. The castle is often referred to as “the loveliest castle in the world“ and features a beautiful blend of Norman architecture with other elements added over time. This was once a stronghold of the Norman empire and even today houses the tales of the time within its walls.

Day Trips From London
Day Trip From London To Canterbury

Canterberry is a cathedral city in Kent which has also been marked as a UNESCO world Heritage site. The city is located on the banks of river Stour, and is believed to have existed since the Paleolithic era, therefore offering many historical sites for visitors to explore. Canterbury is also one of the most visited cities in England and offers visitors a number of tourist attractions to explore, such as the Canterbury Cathedral, Saint Augustine‘s abbey and St. Martin’s church. The cathedral has an amazing architectural style and beautiful interiors with a peaceful ambience. This town is great for history buffs and people who wish to engage in a day of sightseeing tours of historical landmarks.

Day Trips From London
Day Trip From London To Salisbury

Situated nearly 140 km away from London, Salisbury is located in the English county of Wilshire and is known for being a medieval cathedral city. Salisberry is often visited along with the popular tourist destination Stonehenge, as they are situated so close to each other.

The town is home to the renowned Salisberry cathedral, which has Britain’s tallest spire and largest cathedral close and cloisters. The cathedral houses a 14 century clock which is still working and also has one of the four known copies of the historical Magna Carta. In addition to this visitors can also visit the old Saram which is a hill fort belonging to the Iron Age and is known for its Norman ruins.

Day Trips From London FAQs

Which are the best one-day trips from London?

    Visitors who wish to take day trips from London can definitely explore popular tourist attractions like Stonehenge, Oxford, Canterberry, Salisberry, Cotswolds, and the Windsor Castle in Windsor. In addition to this visitors can also take a trip to Dover and Brighton for a culturally-rich and beautiful experience.

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