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About Imperial War Museum London

The Imperial War Museum London and its thousands of exhibits brings forth some of the darkest periods in human history. A visit to the Museum is a learning experience that is unforgettable. The Imperial War Museum has documented and collected items that showcase wars in the past and modern times. The exhibits displayed are right from the First World War to the World Trade Center attacks.

The many galleries that the Museum has been segregated into helps to organize your learning process. Each of these galleries features the details of the wars and conflicts from the military as well as civilian perspectives. The displays at the Imperial War Museum will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Some of them may be horrifying and render you speechless like the atrocities of the Holocaust while others fascinate you to no end for example the gadgets and tools used by the spies during World War 2. The aircraft, tanks, artillery, guns, etc on display are those that have been part of the wars. The Museum also has some unique exhibits such as a piece of the USS Arizona that sank at Pearl Harbor, a piece of the Berlin Wall, World War II propaganda posters and more.

Highlights Of The Imperial War Museum

  • The thousands of exhibits at the Imperial War Museum covers everything from right from the first world war to the Second World War to the Korean War the cold Wars the attack on the World Trade Center and so much more
  • The Imperial war Museum hosts a variety of free talks from individuals who have experienced the wars first hand
  • The Museum also organizes temporary galleries and interactive displays for children as well as adults which include verbal virtual books, videos, audio visuals and several others on a regular basis.
  • The museum also showcases a special exhibition on "Crimes Against Humanity " which features the various atrocities of Wars and genocides that has happened around the world.
  • Get to know about MI5, MI6 and the British Secret Service and Special Forces.
  • The Museum also displays fascinating objects of historic events all over the world. For example, a piece of the Berlin Wall, a collection of some of the first ever nuclear missiles, a pair of children's shoes from one of the liberated concentration camps, simulation of a World War I trenches, etc.

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Experiences At The Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum houses information, objects, personal stories and experiences of some of the most devastating and destructive conflicts in human history. The Museum showcases several galleries dedicated to wars and conflicts right from the First World War To the attacks on the World Trade Center. These exhibits and displays bring to life the effects and consequences of War both in the front lines and at home.

First World War Galleries

The First World War Galleries at the Imperial War Museum relates the story, suffering, destruction and losses caused by the Great War. The exhibits talk about how the war impacted the lives of millions both on the front lines and at home. It also showcases stories of bravery, devotion, endurance and comradeship. The exhibits in these galleries talk about how the Great War began, why it went on and how the battles were won and the far reaching consequences it had both at home and abroad. There are over 1300 objects on display including weapons, keepsakes, diaries, uniform, films and artworks. This section also includes an immersive experience such as walking through a trench and while looking out for Sopwith camel aircraft flying overhead and the Mark V Tank moving across your path.

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Lord Ashcroft Galleries: Extraordinary Heroes

The Lord Ashcroft Gallery has on display the largest number of Victorian Crosses and a significant collection of George Crosses. Acts of bravery in the frontlines is awarded with a Victoria Cross and the George cross is the highest honor given for acts of courage during peace times or in war time but not on the battlefield. Along with the medals there are stories of the brave men and women who won these medals and the circumstances that led them to perform such selfless acts of bravery and wisdom. There are artworks, images, films and several other objects that uncover the stories of bravery by these extraordinary heroes.

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Peace And Security: 1945 To 2014

This section of the Imperial War Museum features the conflicts and episodes after World War II on to the cold war and then the attacks on the World Trade Center.At the centre of the section there is the atomic bomb that u leashed its horror on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The displays showcases how this one act changed the balance of power and the way Wars are fought. There are displays that showcase several instances when political failures led to armed conflicts, how these conflicts were dealt with and resolved and how full out war was averted.

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Turning Points 1934 To 1945

The Turning Point Galleries features some very important highlights and repercussions of the Second World War. The displays relate the personal stories and experiences of those who witnessed the war first hand. There are interesting Tales of disappearing aircrafts such as The Zero and how it disappeared and then was discovered 50 years later. There are displays that relate the entire incident of Pearl Harbor and its deadly consequences. The Second World War had long term repercussions on many countries in Europe and other parts of the world. There are several displays in this section that showcase the life of people in Britain during the Second World War.

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Witnesses To War

This section at the Imperial war Museum showcases the objects that were part of the war in their physical form. Each object has a special story to narrate about the war, the people and the times. These objects range from aircrafts to tanks; combat vehicles to rockets; wooden barrels to wooden horses. Each has its own story to tell future generations. For example, the wooden horse that was used to train new recruits and how to saddle, bridle and rein a horse during the First World War. Then there is the V2 rocket that was made by forced labor during the brutal and ruthless the Nazi Germany regime.

Then there is the Spitfire aircraft that served with the RAF squadron during the Battle of Britain and had been a part of 57 combat missions. This aircraft was flown by 13 different pilots 6 of whom managed to come back alive.This section is dedicated to these witnesses of War that became a memorial to the soldiers who used them to fight their wars.

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Second World War Galleries

The Second World War Galleries is a relatively new addition to the Imperial war Museum London and it features over 1500 items collected from a wide variety of sources. These items bring to life the horror, devastation, death and destruction that was caused by World War 2. This war affected countries from every continent in the world and the Second World War galleries brings together a collection of untold stories, personal narrations and unseen items to ensure that the world never forgets these repercussions. of this devastating conflict in World History.One such unique object on display here is a piece of the wreckage of the USS Arizona that sank at Pearl Harbor in 1941 which is the first that is displayed outside of the United States of America.

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The Holocaust Galleries

The Holocaust Galleries and the Second World War Galleries narrates the heart rending relationship between these two most horrific incidences of human history. This section has personal stories from a few of the 6 million plus Jèws that was senselessly murdered. These stories are told through letters, photos , books, personal belongings, toys, jewelry and other items. There are over 2000 of these items on display at the Holocaust Galleries. Out of these there are some rare documents such as the birth certificate of the Holocaust Survivor Eva Clarke who was born in one of the concentration camps and survived the ordeal till the liberation of these concentration camps. The Holocaust Galleries has the latest research materials on this mass genocide that reflects the latest development in the study of the Holocaust.

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What To Expect In Imperial War Museum

  • The Imperial War Museum covers both military and civilian aspects of war. The exhibits relate narratives from both perspectives.
  • The Museum offers an overall experience of interactive exhibits, realistic audiovisual, simulated experiences to enhance your visit.
  • Expect to see combat vehicles, aircrafts, artillery, guns and more that were used at the frontlines right from the Spitfire from World War 1 to American Sherman tanks from World War II.
  • The Museum has a massive collection of photographs and documents of some of the most horrific conflicts in human history
  • Unseen objects and unheard stories are an integral part of the displays in the Museum. Here you will find a piece of the wreckage of the USS Arizona after it sank during Pearl Harbor. You will also find rare documents from the Holocaust such as the birth certificate of a Holocaust Survivor who was born in one of the concentration camps.
  • The Museum also has a very fascinating selection of gadgets and tools used by real life spies during World War II and beyond. These include hidden cameras, listening devices concealed in books and smoking pipes, exploding briefcases and more.

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Know Before You Go To The Imperial War Museum

Essential Information
  • LocationImperial War MuseumLambeth RoadLondon SE16HZ,United Kingdom
  • Timings: Daily 10 am to 6 pm
  • Best time to visit the Imperial War Museum:The Imperial War Museum is busiest between the hours of 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. If you want to avoid the crowd then opt for a visit in the early morning hours such as 10 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. or in the early evening between 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. The Museum is also busiest on Saturdays in particular so it is recommended to visit on weekdays.

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Tips To Visit The Imperial War Museum

  • If you want to really learn and see all that the Imperial War Museum has to offer then do make time to read the document exhibits well. There is a lot of information and you need to be prepared to do a lot of reading.
  • The Museum is quite large and on multiple levels some areas do not have proper directions or signs so make sure you do not get lost.
  • The Museum sometimes hosts a variety of free talks by people who have experienced a war first hand. You could find out about this and book your slot on such a day.
  • Temporary exhibitions and galleries are organized throughout the year. Booking on these days will definitely enhance your visit.
  • There are lockers at the Museum if you wish to store your bags or any other small items which you can't carry inside the museum.
  • Do make time to visit the Museum Cafe which actually serves full and excellence election of drinks and comfortable ambience
  • The Imperial War Museum has plenty of interactive exhibits that are designed for children however some sections are not recommended for kids to visit
  • The museum also has an excellent Cafe that serves a wide range of great dishes right from burgers to salads to sourdough pizzas, etc.
  • The Museum is wheelchair accessible and there are lifts and ramps on all floors
  • Although the entrance to the museum is free, small donations are appreciated.
  • The imperial Museum has permanent as well as temporary exhibits and most of the temporary exhibits are paid

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How long does it take to go around the Imperial war Museum of London?

It is recommended that visitors set aside 2 to 3 hours to go around the Imperial Museum London. The First World War Galleries and the Holocaust Galleries will at least 1 hour each and rest of the galleries 1 hour.

What is there to do at the Imperial war museum?

  • Visit the specially dedicated galleries such as the First World War Galleries, Second World War Galleries, the Holocaust Galleries and others.
  • Enjoy some refreshments at the Museum cafe
  • Shop for memorabilia from the Museum' gift shop.

Is photography allowed inside the Imperial War Museum?

Yes,photography for personal use is allowed inside the Imperial war museum unless it is specifically prohibited at a particular exhibit. The use of tripods and flash however is not allowed and in case the Museum is crowded make sure you do not photograph or film another person without their permission.

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Is it free to get into the Imperial war museum?

Yes, the Imperial war Museum has free entry although some exhibits may require a special fee

Why is the Imperial war Museum so famous?

The Imperial war museum over the years has collected and documented a host of artifacts, documents, images and other items. These exhibits relate some of the brave acts of soldiers around the world. The records show the magnitude of the devastating effects of Wars that have raged the world right from the First World War. The Museum has exhibits right from World War 1 to the present times.The relics of War such as the guns, artillery tanks etc are exhibited here


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