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The Southwark Cathedral in London is the oldest Gothic Church in London. It has a broad Christian community that is developing in conventional faith and deep-rooted love. Also known as the Anglican Cathedral, the Southwark Cathedral in London is situated on the south bank of the River Thames. The church was established in the heart of the changing and prospering Bankside community. Southwark Cathedral is the Mother Church of the Diocese of Southwark, which extends from Kingston-upon-Thames in the west to Thamesmead in the east and Gatwick Airport in the south. The Cathedral which is just five minutes walking distance from London Bridge station is a modern church soaked in ancient history. The church takes the protection and care of children and vulnerable adults very sincerely. The Southwark Cathedral in London is not just a tourist spot but also a place that carries a sense of the divine and sacred.

The artistically designed interiors especially with stained glass windows and altarpiece make it very impressive. Moreover, sitting in a garden flooded with attractive flowers and multi-purpose herbs will make you feel like you are in heaven. You can be assured of a warm welcome at this home of Christ. The Cathedral also serves as a mind-blowing flashback of the historic times with amazing and touching stories from the past while giving us some good photography options.

History Of Southwark Cathedral

History Of Southwark Cathedral


  • Earlier known as St Mary Overie ("over the river"), the parish church of Southwark turned into a cathedral only in 1905. Many famous people like John Gower, William Shakespeare, John Harvard, and others have spent time in the building, which is now Southwark Cathedral.The church originated in Saxon times has some great screen and altarpiece which is like one of the treasures of the cathedral.
  • Southwark Cathedral has an extraordinary collection of 19th, 20th and 21st Century stained glass windows which ecstatically illuminate the interiors with its overall design and smart color choices. Throughout the history of St Saviour's church and Southwark cathedral, it had revealed deep connections with the people of America. One can find a number of links between the Southwark theaters of the 17th century . The Southwark local theater regularly availed the services of the local church, St Saviour's, for different purposes . They also actively participated in the inner workings of local life by being the part of the vestry.
  • The church which is now known as the Southwark Cathedral, was founded in 1106 in the form of an Augustinian Priory . When the construction of the Tower began in 1310, the church got an additional installation of seven bells. Another interesting aspect of Southwark Cathedral is the Harvard Chapel. This popular chapel is considered to be a celebration of Harvard University’s founder who had his baptism at this popular and sacred Southwark Cathedral.

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Inside Southwark Cathedral

Hodge The Cathedral Cat
Hodge The Cathedral Cat

Hodge was an extremely high-spirited, adventurous, and friendly cat. His official adoption date by the Cathedral is the 6th of December. Hodge, one of Samuel Johnson’s cats, was immortalized in a passage in James Boswell’s 1791 book ‘Life of Johnson’. With an endearing personality, Hodge embodies the spirit of the cathedral and its rich history. Today, one can see an eye-catching and emotional bronze statue of Hodge. It was uncovered in 1997 by Sir Roger Cook, the then-Lord Mayor of London. One can find this just outside the house in Gough Square, which Hodge shared with Johnson and Barber, Johnson's black manservant and successor.

Doorkins Magnificat
Doorkins Magnificat

Inside Southwark Cathedral, Doorkins Magnificat, a beloved stray cat, once found solace. With a regal presence, she wandered through hallowed aisles, offering comfort to worshippers and tourists alike. Her gentle purrs echoed ancient chants, and her paw steps graced sacred stones. Doorkins became a symbol of warmth and community, uniting diverse souls in her quiet, furry way. The cathedral embraced her as family, a cherished creature whose legacy lingers, reminding us that even a stray can illuminate the divine. In the heart of London, Doorkins' magnificence lives on, a testament to the unifying power of unexpected companionship.

Churchyard & Herb Garden
Churchyard & Herb Garden

The Cathedral Churchyard is an age-old funeral ground and a place of worship. It is known to be a very peaceful and calm place especially in a hectic urban setting. The Churchyard was re-established in 2015 and decorated with flowers and useful herbs which makes the whole sight eye catching. In the churchyard, one would find a life size bronze statue of William Shakespeare sitting on a bench, which is a great spot for photography.

The Herb Garden in the Southwark cathedral is full of medicinal herbs and holds its strong role in the development of medicine. One can find a number of herbs grown today, one such is the dispersing herbs, used for scattering on floors, room perfume and insect repellent. Culinary Herbs for cooking, medicinal herbs used to treat the sick, dyeing herbs used to dye fabrics and brewing herbs used to produce for drinks like ale gruit, and tonic.

Know Before You Go To Southwark Cathedral

Essential Information
How To Reach
Essential Information
  • Location: Southwark Cathedral is situated less than five minutes walking distance from London Bridge station.

  • Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit the Southwark Cathedral in London is when there is less crowd and that is after the morning prayers around 8.30 AM. If you start your first activity with this Southwark Cathedral then you can explore the whole church with great ease.


What is special about Southwark Cathedral?

    Southwark Cathedral is a  vibrant place of worship, prayer which keep holding a number of programme and events like heritage talks ,music recitals, concerts, and family events.

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