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Places in South London encompass many attractions situated in the southern part of London, towards the south of the river Thames, which includes Greenwich, Kingston, Richmond, Southwark, Bexley, Croydon, Lambeth, Bromley, Lewisham, Merton, Wandsworth, Sutton among many others. South London originated at Southwark or Suthriganaweorc which means “the fort of the men of Surrey” and then extended up to Surrey in the north and Kent in the West. There are several places in south London that are recognised all over the world like South Bank, Greenwich, Deptford, Richmond, Clapham and many others. You can experience a fine mix of both the fast paced urban life and a more relaxed rural life in South London.

South London is a major tourist attraction because of its strong roots in culture and heritage. There are many places in South London where one will find awe inspiring architecture, marvellous art, cultural sites and many other intriguing tourist attractions in South London including galleries and royal palaces. For food lovers, there are many different pubs in South London including restaurants, cafes and clubs where one can enjoy palatable dishes from all over the world.

Places In South London

South London is one of the most interesting places for tourists as there are many places one can visit here. The famous architectural marvels like the London Eye, the Shard, the Tower Bridge, the museums, palaces and themed parks make it a memorable tourist experience.

London Eye

The London Eye which is also known as the Millennium Wheel is the tallest revolving observation wheel or Ferris wheel in the entire Europe. It is located at the south bank of the river Thames. It is 135 metre tall, and the wheel has a diameter of 120 metres. It is one of the places from where one can get the highest view in London with a panoramic view of up to 25 kilometres in all directions even extending up to Windsor Castle on a clear day which is 25 miles away.

Tower Bridge

Built between 1886 and 1894 by Horrace Jones, John Wolfe Barry and Henry Marc Brunel, the Tower Bridge is a suspension bridge, and a bascule, which is 240 metres in length and consists of two 65 metres bridge towers that are connected by two horizontal walkways at the upper level. A tour of the tour bridge will include the north tower, the south tower, the blue line, the walkways where you can look down and see through the glass door at a viewpoint, the engine rooms and a shop where you can buy books and souvenirs as something to remember your visit by.

The Shard

The Shard which is also known as the Shard of Glass, Shard London Bridge, London Bridge Tower is a skyscraper that has 72 storeys and has been designed by the eminent Italian architect Renzo Piano. Located in Southwark, London, it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in South London.

There are many popular restaurants in The Shard where one can enjoy a fine dining experience like Sky Lounge, Oblix, Gong, Bar 31, Ting, Hutton and many others. It also includes many offices, hotels, apartments, restaurants and also a public viewing gallery.

Royal Observatory Greenwich

The Royal Observatory Greenwich, formerly known as the Old Royal Observatory, is an observatory which is located on a hill at Greenwich Park in South London. This is one of the most important tourist places in South London as it is the home to Prime Meridian and Greenwich Mean Time. It has a major role to play in navigation and astronomy because of this very reason.

The largest telescope in the UK which is The Great Equatorial Telescope, the Peter Harrison Planetarium, The Octagon Room, The Shepherd Gate Clock, the Harrison clocks, The Flamsteed House are some of the major tourist attractions here in South London.

Sea Life Centre London Aquarium

Established in March 1997, The Sea Life Centre London Aquarium is located at the County Hall on the South Bank of the river Thames, near the London Eye. It is a famous tourist place in South London and hosts around one million visitors every year. Home to over five hundred species in fourteen themed zones, it stays open every day from 10 am to 4 pm.

The London Dungeon

The London Dungeon, located at the County Hall in South Bank of London, was established in 1974 by Annabel Geddes. It features 19 interactive shows, 20 live actors and 2 thrilling underground rides where the audience is taken through the 1000 years of the history of London. Some of the popular characters played here are Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd, The Torturer, The Judge, The Plague Doctor. It also includes events like The Gunpowder Plot, The Black Death. It stays open from 11 am to 5pm. One must visit this place and indulge in this memorable experience.

Chessington World Of Adventure

Chessington World of Adventure is a zoo, theme park and a resort located at Chessington in South London. Originally the zoo was opened in 1931 and in July 1987, the theme park was established, making it the first themed amusement park in Britain. The theme park has over forty rides and the Chessington Zoo has over a thousand animals and this is a very popular tourist place in South London being the fourth most visited park in the UK. The zoo houses animals like Sumatran Tiger, Western Lowland Gorillas and Sea Lions and many others.

The O2

Established in 2007, The O2 which is also known as The O2 Arena, is an indoor arena located in the heart of the O2 entertainment complex in Greenwich, South London. It has the second highest seating capacity among all the indoor venues in the United Kingdom.

Situated at the top of Greenwich Peninsula, it takes around ninety minutes to climb to The O2. There is also a music club, a Cineworld cinema, an exhibition space, bars and restaurants in this area. It is one of the most visited places in South London and is globally popular for its concerts and family shows.

Shrek’s Adventure London

Shrek”s Adventure London, also known as DreamWorks Tours Shrek’s Adventures, has been developed by Merlin Entertainments is a unique experience and is one of the most popular places in South London. Located at South Bank in London, it is a short walking distance away from London Underground Stations and Waterloo Mainline. It includes 10 live shows, a 4D ride, awesome animation, engrossing stories and classic sets from the Shrek films with all the loved Shrek characters. It is a tour of around one hour and thirty minutes and it stays open from 11 am to 4pm. One needs to book a ticket for entering Shrek’s Adventure in London.

HMS Belfast

HMS Belfast is a ship which was originally built for the Royal Navy. At present it acts as a museum ship on the river Thames, at Queens Walk in South London. It is operated by the Imperial War Museum. It stays open from 10 am to 6 pm and one needs to book a ticket to enter HMS Belfast. There are nine decks to explore here and one can also hop inside the café or bar for a refreshment. There is also the facility of audio guides which lasts for an hour and forty minutes.

Borough Market

Located at Southwark, London, the Borough market is a popular tourist place in London. The history of this market dates back to the 12th Century. Established in 1885, it is one of the oldest as well as the largest wholesale and retail food markets in London, famous for fresh produce and artisan prepared food. One can also find street food venders who sell gourmet dishes from all over the world in Borough Market. It stays open everyday from 10 am to 5 pm. There are also various other restaurants, cafes and pubs in this area which makes it a paradise for food lovers.

Crystal Palace Park

Located in South East London, near the suburb area surrounding the Crystal Palace, The Crystal Palace Park was built by Sir Joseph Paxton’s Crystal Palace Company between 1852 and 1854. There are several fun things one can find here including gigantic dinosaur statues, a 1100 square meter skate park, one of the largest mazes in the country with a diameter of 160 feet, the Crystal Palace Museum and the National Sports Centre. It stays open from 7.30 am to 4.30 pm every day.

Tate Modern

Located at the former Bankside Power Station in the Bankside area of London, Tate Modern is one of the most renowned tourist places in South London. It is an art gallery which is the home to modern and contemporary art from all over the world. It is a part of Tate St.Ives, Tate Liverpool and Tate Britain. There is free entry to the art gallery and it stays open from 10 am to 6 pm. For the exhibitions, booking a ticket is required, some of which may also be available at the door of the gallery. Tate Modern has pictures and sculptures made by some of the popular figures like Pablo Picasso, Jenny Holzer and Emily Kame Kngwarreye.

Millennium Bridge

The Millennium Bridge which is officially known as The London Millennium Footbridge is one of the most popular places in South London. It is a pedestrian only bridge which was created between 1998 and 2000 and it links the North Bank of the river Thames to Southwark in South London. It has also been nicknamed as the “wobbly bridge” when the pedestrians experienced tremors on its opening day itself. The Millennium Bridge is a beautiful spot where one can enjoy a walk across the bridge at any time of the day. Catching the sunrise or the sunset from this bridge would be an unforgettable experience.

National Maritime Museum

Created by the National Maritime Museum Act in 1934, the National Maritime Museum is a maritime museum located in Greenwich, London. It is part of Royal Museums Greenwich and is a major tourist attraction in South London because it has been heralded as a World Heritage Site. There are several interesting things one can find in the National Maritime Museum. The Ship in a Bottle, The Polar World Gallery, The Fijian canoes, the largest painting by JMW Turners called the Battle of Trafalgar, Nelson’s jacket are some of the things one must see in here.

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Places In South London FAQs

Why is South London said to be the best area for tourists?

South London is one of those places in London, which is a fine blend of the bustling city life and the quiet peaceful country life making it one of the best places in London for tourists. One can find no dearth of interesting attractions to visit here.

What is the best time to visit South London?

The best time to visit South London is in the summer which spans between the months of June and August. The mellow summer sun makes the weather very pleasant and comfortable for all outdoor activities. However, there are chances of occasional rains and the temperature ranges between 13 to 30 degrees Celsius around this time of the year.

How many days are enough for exploring South London?

Around a week is ample time for tourists who want to explore all the places in South London. If one wants to visit only the famous tourist attractions in South London, then about three to four days would be good enough.

How to reach London?

London is well connected with the rest of the world through flights. There are many international airports in London where one can find many international and domestic flights from destinations all over the globe. The roads of the United Kingdom connect London to other cities in the continent and they are in excellent condition. The railways in London also link other cities in the country as well as the continent to London.

Which is special about London?

London is one of the most visited cities in the world. This cosmopolitan city is the hub of many major tourist attractions. The rich history and cultural heritage makes one’s visit all the more intriguing.


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