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Big Ben clock tower in London is the nickname of the great clock tower located in the Westminster of London, United Kingdom. It was called Clock tower till 2012, and later got renamed to "Elizabeth tower" to mark the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The construction of Big Ben started in the year 1843 and was completed by 1859. This 316 feet tall building was constructed under the guidance of Ar. Augustus Pugin and Ar.Charles Barry. The 316 mt tall building has a square base of 40 ft width and the massive bell weighs around 15.1 tons.

Big Ben was recognized as the world's largest four side facing and striking clock in 1859 after the completion of its construction. With endless visitors to Big Ben clock tower throughout the year, Big Ben represents the whole of London to the outside world. Earlier the tour to Big Ben London to get to the top was absolutely free, but recently the services were put to hold except on Sundays as a part of the restoration work that commenced in the year 2017. Big Ben London is the unofficial name of the Clock Tower and is believed to have been named after Sir. Benjamin Hall, the president of the board of the works and it was during his tenure the work was cast.

Highlights Of Big Ben

Big Ben
  • The shape of Big Ben clock tower has become famous all over the world because of its uniqueness and it has now become a symbol of London.
  • Big Ben London represents the history of ages as its construction started in 1843 and lasted till 1859.
  • The bell placed on the top weighs around 15.1 tons and carrying it all the way up and placing it to perfection was done through a well-planned process.
  • Even today the above part of the clock tower is illuminated when parliament is in session.
  • The clock of the Big Ben Clock Tower is accurate and has barely ever stopped working.
  • The tour charges to climb Big Ben were absolutely free, but recently the tour to Big Ben was put to a stop due to the restoration work which began in 2017.

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History Of Big Ben

Big Ben
  • Big Ben located in the northern region of Westminster in London represents both British Parliament and Democracy.
  • Big Ben’s construction started in the year 1843 and was completed by 1859
  • The space above the clock is always illuminated when Parliament is in session.
  • History of Big Ben London runs back to the age of its construction, i e 1843.
  • The construction was completed within a span of 16 years and the building has been administered for restoration work 3 times, 1943, 1956 and in 2017 respectively.
  • When the palace of Westminster was set on fire, it was decided that the next Parliament should have a clock tower too, which led to the construction of Big Ben.

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Facts About Big Ben

Big Ben
  • The official name of Big Ben London was clock tower and unofficially it was addressed as Big Ben.
  • Big Ben is believed to be named after Sir. Benjamin Hall, who was the President of the boards back then.
  • It took 16 years to complete Big Ben's construction (1843-1859).
  • Restoration projects of Big Ben happened in the years 1934, 1956 and 2017.
  • The great bell of Big Ben weighs 15.1 tons.
  • The Clock Tower is known for its accuracy and four sides facing striking chimes
  • Recognized as the largest ever clock tower in the world.
  • The official name Clock Tower was renamed to Elizabeth Tower in the year 2012.
  • The name was changed in accordance with the diamond jubilee function of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Big Ben's time keeping is strictly monitored and regulated by a stack of coins placed on a huge pendulum.
  • When the British parliament is in session, the light above the clock faces is illuminated.
  • On 31st December 1923, the chimes of Big Ben were broadcasted on BBC for the first time and the practice continues till date.

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Know Before You Go To Big Ben

Essential Information
How to Reach?
Big Ben

Usually tours to Big Ben London are absolutely free and the safety is ensured while climbing the stairs. Big Ben is open to tourists throughout the year and a complete tour around the same almost takes 1-1:30 hours time. However, due to the recent restoration work, it was closed and only Sundays were open for visitors. Apart from Big Ben, there are a number of other historical monuments in the nearby localities and all of them are worth visiting for their artwork and amazing architecture.

Location: North region Westminster, London, United Kingdom.

Timings: Currently closed due to the restoration work, expected to open by Spring 2023.

Best time to visit: Evening time is the most recommended time to visit Big Ben.

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Why is Big Ben called Big Ben?

    Big Ben London is named after Sir. Benjamin Hall, the first commissioner of works, a large body structure in nature who was affectionately called "Big Ben".

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