Historical Places In London

Overview Of Historical Places In London

Every city has its historical significance that adds to the inexplicable charm of the city. This historical significance is preserved in the hearts of the people and some monuments in london that stand the test of time. These historical buildings in London are the true representation of the city's history and need to be visited to explore the depth of the city that is beyond its modern architecture and boundaries.

When planning a trip to a new city, some of the most important items in your itinerary must include trying out local eateries, visiting London historical sites, and enjoying the nightlife of the city as the hustle-bustle of the city transforms into laughter and enjoyment. London is one of the most history-rich cities with several remarkable monuments, places, and spots that you must visit on your trip. These historical places in London hold emotional value and need to be explored leisurely to witness the true authenticity and beauty of the capital of England. There are several must-visit historical places in London that you should visit and breathe in the historical importance of the city while being mesmerized by the authentic architecture of world-renowned builders and artists.

Top London Historical Places

While exploring on your own is important, there are certain London historical sites that deserve your special attention. Your trip will be incomplete without a visit to these places as they are not just historically important but also breathtaking to experience.

Tower of London

The Tower of London, rich in history, is one of the most important historical buildings in London. This place tells the stories of strategic battles and the lores of brave conquerors. It is a distinctive landmark that enhances the aesthetics of London severalfold. The place is brimming with its old-time charm and grandeur that makes it stand tall. Currently, the Tower of London is considered Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and the Fortress located in of the Tower of London is a historic castle that is nestled on the north bank of the River Thames.

Entry Fee - £24.50, £11.00 for kids (5-15 years)

Timings- Till 5 PM in the Summers and 4 PM in Winters

Location - London EC3N 4AB, United Kingdom

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is the world's most popular bridge and has an interesting history. The bridge played a crucial role in the development of London and is known around the world for its pale blue lines and Gothic-style architecture. Opened in 1894,Tower Bridge is an operational bridge that anyone can visit at any time. However, you might even witness the bridge opening for a passing boat in its cinematic glory.

Entry Fee - £11.40, £5.70 for kids (5-15 years)

Timings - Open from 9.30 AM to 6 PM

Location - Tower Bridge Road, London, United Kingdom

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is one of the most important London historical buildings that stand in the city to date. The iconic moment of change of guards that takes place at 11.30 am outside the palace has become a huge attraction for the tourists. The palace is also the wedding place of Prince William and Kate Middleton and has 755 rooms. Buckingham Palace is a London royal residence and also the administrative headquarters for the monarch of the UK.

Entry Fee - £37 for The Royal Day Out Tour, £3.25 for State Rooms

Timings - Open from 9.30 AM to 4.15 PM

Location - London SW1A 1AA, United Kingdom

The London Eye

Formerly known as the Millennium Wheel, The London Eye is a revolving observation wheel in London located on the South Bank of the River Thames. It has an overall height of 443 feet or 135 meters and was the world's tallest Ferris wheel until replaced by the Star of Nanchang in China. The London Wheel is one of the most famous historical places to visit in London and a sought-after paid tourist attraction in the United Kingdom witness over 3 million annual visitors.

Entry Fee - £32.50 for Adults

Timings - Open from 11 AM to 6 PM

Location - Riverside Building, County Hall, London SE1 7PB, United Kingdom

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral is both a historical and religious site in London and its construction dates back to 604 AD. The building itself is breathtaking and is one of the must-see historical places to visit in London with important historical significance. One of these stories includes the funeral of British Prime Ministers Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher. It is an Anglican cathedral in London that also serves as the seat of the Bishop of London. The cathedral is situated on Ludgate, the highest point in the city of London.

Entry Fee - £18 for Adults and £8.00 for Children (6-17 years)

Timings - Open from 9.30 AM to 4.15 PM

Location - St. Paul's Churchyard, London EC4M 8AD, United Kingdom

Westminster Abbey

Formerly titled as the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter at Westminster, Westminster Abbey is also located near the Palace of Westminster and is a Gothic Church with unparalleled charm and beauty. It is one of the most popular and oldest religious buildings where remains of the Royal Family are buried. The intricate and beautiful architecture makes the church a view to be reckoned with. Other than the Royal Family, several renowned personalities have been memorialised or buried in Westminster Abbey.

Entry Fee - £17.00 for adults and £9.00 for kids.

Timings - The timings differ greatly and should be confirmed before visiting.

Location - 20 Deans Yd, London SW1P 3PA, United Kingdom

The Shard

Also commonly known as the Shard of Glass is a 72-story skyscraper designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano. The skyscraper dominates the London skyline and is one of the most recognized buildings in the world. It opened in February 2013 and has become one of the historical buildings in London because of its exquisite view from the top. As it is a commercial building, only the viewing gallery is accessible and offers a 360-degree view of London.

Entry Fee - £32 for a single adult

Timings - The timings are selective for the ticket holders

Location - 20 Deans Yd, London SW1P 3PA, United Kingdom

Kensington Palace

Kensington is a beautiful brick palace located in the Kensington Gardens and is one of the popular London historical buildings. The Kensington Palace is a royal residence in the Royal Borough of Kensington. It is one of the several beautiful palaces in London and is partially open to tourists as the rest is inhabited by the members of the royal family. Book your Kensington Palace tickets and explore the gardens surrounding the palace are well-maintained and represent the artistic view of the palace.

Entry Fee - £15 for a single adult and free for children

Timings - The last admission to the palace is restricted till 4.00 pm in summer

Location - Kensington Gardens, London W8 4PX, United Kingdom

Churchill War Rooms & Museum

The Churchill War Rooms tickets offers a glimpse of the city under siege and illustrates the efforts of the British to thwart German bombs during World War II. The rooms are maintained in their original glory and display furniture, maps, and technology as they were during the war.

Entry Fee - £12 - £28. for a single adult.

Timings - Open from 9.30 AM to 6 PM

*Location *- Clive Steps, King Charles St, London SW1A 2AQ, United Kingdom

Big Ben

One of the lesser-known facts about Big Ben is that it is actually the nickname for the 13-ton and 96 metres tall world-famous bell and clock tower located in the heart of London. It is the second-largest four-faced chiming clock in the world and is generally referred to as the "clock tower". Big Ben is one of the most iconic and significant historical places in London. It is located at Elizabeth Tower, at the northmost end of The Houses of Parliament in Westminster.

Entry Fee - Free

Timings - Open from outside all times

Location - London SW1A 0AA, United Kingdom

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Jewel Tower

One of the oldest historical buildings in London, The Jewel Tower dates back almost 650 years and is located at the heart of Westminster. Built around 1365 as the palace for Edward III’s treasures, Jewel Tower was earlier known as the King’s Privy Wardrobe for obvious reasons. It has even more historical significance as it was one of the only two buildings to survive the fire of 1834. The 14th-century ribbed vault adds more attraction value to the tower.

Entry Fee -£6.00 for adults and £4 for kids

Timings - Open from 10 am to 5 pm on all days

Location - Abingdon St, London SW1P 3JX, United Kingdom

Eltham Palace

Eltham Palace is an art decoration mansion and one of the famous London historical buildings that portrays the luxurious aura associated with early 1930s fashionable society in London. It is furnished with exquisite French Décor and represents the world of class. Eltham Palace is a large house situated in southeast London within the Royal Borough of Greenwich. It is also a unique Art decorated museum that has a 1930s design with mediaeval architecture.

Entry Fee £33.80 for an entire family.

Timings - Open from 10 am to 6 pm on all days.

Location - CourtYard, London SE9 5QE, United Kingdom


What is London famous for?

London is famous for its archaic beauty and the several historical buildings in London that add historical and aesthetic value to the city. When visiting, you should visit Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, and the British Museum, among other historical places in London. You can also enjoy its rich history while exploring the city on double-decker buses, posing next to the authentic red phone booths, visiting lush parks, and exploring world-class museums and galleries.

What is the best time to visit London?

The best time to visit London is in the summer, which is hands down the best time to visit the historical places in London as well. As the fresh bout of snow thorns to pave the way for the spring, London booms into an aesthetic place with fresh energy and excitement. If you are planning to visit London, plan to go from September to October to have the best experience.

How old is Tower Bridge?

Built between 1886 and 1894, the Tower Bridge is 136 years old and embodies its historical significance as one of the iconic historical places in London. The history behind the Tower Bridger is interesting in itself, as it took eight years, five major contractors, and over 432 construction workers to complete this bridge under the expert eye of Sir John Wolfe Barry.

How big is the London Eye?

The popular London Eye is one of the important historical places in London built in 2000 and designed by Marks Barfield Architects. It is 135m tall and is the world's largest cantilevered observation wheel and also a RIBA award winner in 1999. The wheel weighs over 640 tonnes, and the boarding platform is 58 meters (190 feet) long and 6.2 meters (20.3 feet) wide.

What is special about St. Paul's Cathedral?

St. Paul's Cathedral is one of the important historical places in London, and the dome itself is one of the largest in the world at 366 feet high. You have to scale hundreds of the steps to reach the top and bask in authentic architecture that speaks for its beauty itself. The cathedral also hosts the popular Whispering Gallery on the way up, which only adds to the thrill of the monument.


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