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About Bungee Jumping In London

When visiting London, bungee jumping is a must-try activity to have a truly adrenaline-pumping experience and to take in the city's breathtaking skyline and vistas of the Thames River. There are incredible locations for bungee jumping in London, including Battersea Park, Coram's Field, and Putney & Barnes that provide a variety of jump experiences, whether you are in the northern or southern region, central London, or any other part of the city. The bungee jumping in London is open to everyone over the age of 14, and you can participate alone or with a special someone. While a standard forward jump involves plunging from 160 ft, you can choose the FAB jump that combines both forward and backward experiences to up your level of adventure. Whatever jump you choose, you will undoubtedly experience an adrenaline rush and the breathtaking London cityscape.

The expert instructors ensure that everyone is comfortable and safe while jumping off the towering crane over an airbag with bungee elastic bands tied to your ankles. You can even bring spectators to see you perform or record footage of the fantastic stunt. Hire a professional photographer who works on-site to capture your amazing moments with their cameras, providing you with cherishable photos or footage of your hair-raising bungee jumping adventure in London.

Highlights of Bungee Jumping in London

  • Bungee jumping in London allows thrill-seekers to experience a surge of excitement while admiring the city's breathtaking scenery.
  • Choose from Battersea Park, Coram's Field, or Putney & Barnes depending upon your location, and have some mind-boggling yet safe adventures.
  • Feel safe when plunging from a 160-foot crane over an airbag under expert supervision.
  • Face Bungy jump thrills all alone or go for a tandem jump with your partner, friend, or child and share the excitement.
  • Take your adventure to the next level with FAB bungee jumping activity in London, which allows you to take both forward and backward leaps in a single day.
  • Bring your family or friends to see your bravery and record your film to retain as a treasured memory.

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Best Bungee Jumping Deals In London

Bungee jumping in London is available at Battersea Park, Coram's Field, and Putney & Barnes. At each of these locations, you may have an adrenaline-pumping experience while also taking in expansive views of the River Thames and the London cityscape. Choose between solo, tandem, or FAB packages, then take a plunge from a 160-foot-high crane platform over an airbag.

Bungee Jumping - 160 ft - Battersea Park

One of the most thrilling places to go bungee jumping in London is this 160 ft jump spot in Battersea Park. It is a favored choice amongst thrill-seekers as when they jump from the 160 ft high platform, they get the chance to take in the breathtaking views of the River Thames, The Albert & Chelsea Bridge, and downtown’s amazing skyline.

The experience includes a short safety briefing from an experienced instructor who will outfit you with the required safety equipment. You'll jump and experience the surge of adrenaline as soon as you hear the countdown"3, 2, 1." Additionally, you will soak in the surrounding vistas while suspended by your ankles at the top of a massive crane.

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Tandem Bungee Jump - 160 ft - Battersea Park

For lovers, friends, or daredevils alike, this intense bungee jumping in London is an excellent way to have some memorable experiences. You and your enthusiastic bungee partner will be fastened together by the ankles as you get ready to launch yourself from the crane platform, which is 160 feet above the ground.

You and your partner will experience the challenge, the terror, and the rush of the tandem bungee jump together. Your instructor will give you a briefing before you are outfitted in safety gear and released from a height of 160 feet. You will experience the rush of excitement while taking in new perspectives of the River Thames, the Albert and Chelsea Bridges and downtown skyline.

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FAB Single Bungee Jump - 160 ft - Battersea Park

With the FAB Bungee Jump, which combines one forward and one backward bungee jump, you can up the ante on your adrenaline-pumping trip. You can experience two leaps, one after the other, first forward, before rising straight back up and repeating the action backward from a 160-foot-high crane in Battersea Park.

With views of central London and its iconic skyline, Battersea Park London is a great location just close to the River Thames to enjoy bungee jumping in London. Here, you'll be suspended by your ankles from 160-foot, taking in the amazing views of the River Thames, Albert Bridge, and Chelsea Bridge.

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Tandem Bungee Jump - 160 ft - Corams Field

One of the greatest spots to experience bungee jumping activity in London is at Coram's Fields in Bloomsbury, right in the middle of the city. It's a one-of-a-kind experience to jump from a crane at 160 ft while taking in the breathtaking vistas of Central London. There are only a few spaces available on any given day, so be sure to secure one to avoid disappointment.

Despite being a park exclusively for kids, the administration permits bungee jumpers in a small area of the park, however, access to the rest of the park is only permitted when a child is present. In this activity, you and your partner will find yourself clinging to the top of a 160 ft crane by your ankles and gazing out over the breathtaking scenery while tasting some adrenaline together.

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FAB Single Bungee Jump - 160 ft - Corams Field

With the grand Central London cityscape serving as your spectacular setting, this exhilarating 160-foot bungee jumping in London will allow you to experience the most intense thrills. You will be suspended by your ankles from the top of a massive crane after a safety briefing from your instructor and getting outfitted with safety gears. Then you will take the risk while enjoying amazing vista and hair-raising excitement. You will feel a face-shifting G-force when you hit your maximum stretching point and the cable recoils, drawing you back upwards. This bungee jumping activity among the iconic buildings of the nation's capital is unquestionably amazing and extraordinary.|

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Single Bungee Jump - 160 ft - Putney & Barnes

At the London Putney Bungee Jumping facility, situated on the northern loop of the River Thames between Fulham and Barnes, you may enjoy the thrills of leaping into the air and feel like you're flying. This is one of the most beautiful locations to experience the excitement of bungee jumping in London for offering breathtaking views of West London and River Thames.

While engaging in this sport at Barn Elms Sports Center, you will be 160 feet above the ground and face the action after a brief introduction and installation of safety equipment. You'll be hanging on a massive crane by your ankles, taking in the rush of adrenaline and the spectacular scenery all around you.

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Tandem Bungee Jump - 160 ft - Putney & Barnes

If you want to enjoy some extreme sensations with your partner or pal, head to Putney & Barnes in West London to indulge in tandem bungee jumping. At Barnes Elms Sports Center, you and your companion will receive a briefing from a certified instructor who will outfit you both with safety equipment. You will leap 160 feet while dangling by your ankles from a massive crane over an airbag. This bungee jumping activity in London is the greatest way to enjoy a romantic and thrilling adventure while also taking in some incredible views of the London skyline. You can also participate in the activity with your child aged 14 and up to strengthen your bond.

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FAB Single Bungee Jump - 160 ft - Putney & Barnes

Are you looking for ideas to take your bungee jumping to the next level? Consider engaging in FAB Single bungee Jumping in London, which is offered at Barn Elms Sports Center in Putney and Barnes, and experience some thrilling sensations. The sport entails both forward and backward bungee leaps from a crane platform that is 160 feet high. During forward bungee jumping over an airbag, you will first be attached to the top of a large crane by your ankles. You will then be pushed up and dangled again over the brink for your backward jump before being released when you are ready to do your stunt. You’ll undoubtedly have life-changing memories as you’ll be able to combine two different activities into one.

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How long does the Bungee Jumping activity last?

Bungee jumping in London takes roughly two hours, which includes the time it takes for a safety briefing and donning the necessary safety equipment. The time taken depends on individuals as the activity may take less time for some and more time for others.

What is the minimum age, height, and weight required to do bungee jumping in London?

  • Maximum weight limit for solo bungee jumping is 120 kg.
  • Maximum weight limit for a tandem bungee jumping is 217 kg.
  • Waist harnesses is suitable for waist size of 40 cm (15.7 inches) to 125 cm (49.2 inches)
  • Minimum age requirement is 14, and there is no maximum age limit for bungee jumping activity in London. However, children between the ages of 14 and 15 require parental permission and adults over 50 must have a doctor's certificate to participate in the activity.

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Do we have to book in advance for doing Bungee Jumping In London?

You must pre-book your jump because each location only has a limited number of places available for one day. If you arrive at the venue without making a reservation, you may be unable to participate in bungee jumping in London.

What is the best time to experience bungee jumping In London?

The best time for bungee jumping in London is between May and September when the weather is pleasant and appropriate for outdoor sports. It is recommended that you book your experience during the weekdays to enjoy the activity with only a few people around.

What is special about the bungee jumping activity in London?

Bungee jumping in London is one sport that allows you to fly far over the cityscape and take in the breathtaking views. It is less expensive than other exhilarating sports and is one of the best methods to experience some ultimate thrills. This adventure is open to everyone over the age of 14 who is in good health, and it can be performed solo or in tandem, so you can experience it with someone special.


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