Unusual Places To Visit In London

Unusual Places To Visit In London

Buckingham palace, Windsor Castle, Big Ben, ZSL zoo, and more are places everyone visits when they are in London. But there are a few unusual places to visit in London which are equally worth visiting, like Sky Gardens, which offers a 360-degree stunning view of London from three stories above ground. Or maybe you want to experience something imaginative and innovative, like the cartoon museum, which displays multiple things through books, exhibitions, and cartoons.Even for a first-time visitor, after visiting the best landmarks, like Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Tower Bridge, and more, dig deeper into the streets of London to visit these hidden gems.

London is a cultural hub, with over 300 languages spoken by people of varied cultures and backgrounds living here. So, language will not be an issue when looking for these unusual places in London, like the Leeke Street tunnel, which is quite exotic.So, whether you are a first-time visitor or this is your fourth trip to London, find these unusual places to visit in London, to explore and understand the culture of this city deeply. The unorthodox places mentioned below will truly mesmerize you and make you look at London with a new perspective

The Magnificent Seven

Undoubtedly one of the unusual places in London is the Magnificent Seven, the name of the seven private cemeteries in London. The beauty and works of art of these cemeteries require a visit to either spend an afternoon here or to take a spooky walk at night.The inspiration behind this comes from Paris’s Pere Lachaise cemetery and the motivation to find burial space for the rising population. Highgate cemetery is the best one for first-timers and requires an entry fee. Divided into two sides, east and west, you will find a few big names here. The other six cemeteries are Kensal Green Cemetery, West Norwood Cemetery, Highgate Cemetery, Abney Park Cemetery and others which are just as impressive and magnificent.

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The Leake Street Tunnel

Surely one of the best offbeat and unusual places to visit in London, the Leake Street Tunnel is the coolest art spot here. Underneath Waterloo station, it has some of the best art, and colorful murals. The tunnel is 300 meters long and is the legal art street of London. Before 2008, it was just a dark place, but after Banksy, a street art superstar, held a street art festival, the Cans festival, it all changed. Since then, you will find tons of art here, and every time you come here, the scene will look different thanks to the colorful art by multiple artists. You can enjoy a drink or food from the many restaurants and bars here.

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Leighton House Museum

Home to a rich history, Leighton House Museum was the home of renowned Victorian artist Frederic, Lord Leighton. He worked with designer Geroge Aitchison to turn it into both a home and a studio to showcase magnificent art from the Victorian era. One of the most unusual places to visit in London, it has superior interiors, with the spectacular Arab Hall being the best one. Recently, it got a makeover and now includes step-free access for all, along with more displays and exhibitions. It even has a shop, garden, and café to keep everyone engaged.

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The Thames Path

The beauty of the river Thames in London is unmatchable, and it also has a unique long-stretched pathway known as the ‘Thames Path.’ The path takes past the water meadows towards rural villages, cities, historical towns, and iconic landmarks. The 185-mile path begins in the Cotswolds and ends in Woolwich, a few miles from the North Sea. This gentle trail is the one of the most unusual places to visit in London and people of all ages can walk here with views from Windsor, Oxford, and more keeping them company. From spring to autumn, it is the best time to walk this path, and if you want to hear birds, April and May are perfect for visiting this offbeat place.

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The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is the first authentic Hindu temple in Britain, which one must visit. What makes this one of the more unusual places in London is its construction process. It was built using traditional methods, with the use of 5,000 tonnes of Indian Ambaji marble, the finest Bulgarian limestone, and Italian Carrara. The "Neasden" temple is unique in that it was built in India before being assembled in England. Adjacent to the temple is the traditional haveli, which uses modern techniques and traditional wood-craftsmen to turn it into a modern hub for devotees and artists.

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Dennis Severs' House

Undoubtedly, one of the unusual places to visit in London is Dennis Severs’ House, located on Folgate Street. Dennis, the owner, who also lived here until his death, curated the "still-life drama" over a long period of time. The house is a historical image of the life of Huguenot silk weavers and others in the 18th and 19th centuries.He created the house as a powerful evocation of the past that only people with an open mind and an innocent heart can understand. Open to the public since 1999, this iconic yet uncanny house is an unusual and hidden gem of London.

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Sky Garden

One of the most unusual places in London is the Sky Garden, the highest public garden with a breath-taking view of London’s skyline. It is a glass dome of 20 Fenchurch Street with three storeys dedicated to a public garden, an observation deck, and an open-air terrace.Enjoy your morning breakfast while looking out over London from 155 meters up. The restaurants here hold multiple events, like tasting sparkling wine and so on. Have a romantic day here with food, wine, live music, and a beautiful view. You can also go for sunrise yoga here by booking a seat in advance for free.

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Daunt Books

In 1990, Achilles James Daunt, a British businessman, opened a beautiful chain of bookshops by the name of Daunt Books in London. Started as a book chain with travel guides and books, these unique bookshops now have books in every genre, appealing to thousands of book lovers globally. Surely one of the most unorthodox and unusual places to visit in London.The first store was in Marylebone High Street, London, and is the most beautiful and custom-built bookshop in London. The first bookstore on High Street has spectacular William Morris prints, stained glass-windows, and graceful skylights, along with oak galleries. The other bookstore in the chain throughout London is equally graceful and a reader’s paradise.

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The Cartoon Museum

Another one of the unusual places to visit in London for cartoon lovers is the Cartoon Museum. This splendid place has a selection of original comic arts cartoons, mostly by British artists, from as early as the 1750s to the present. Apart from having a massive collection of 4000 comics and 5000 books, it also hosts multiple exhibitions. For instance, an ongoing exhibition lasting till late April, 2023 chronicles the political career of Boris Johnson. The purpose of this museum is to enlighten, educate, and entertain the masses, and it is a must-visit for anyone looking for something off-beat.

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What is the best time to visit London?

March to June is the best time to visit London as the weather is mild with fewer crowds. September to November is another time you can plan your visit to London due to cheaper flights, accommodation, and pleasant weather.

What is special about London?

The most visited city on Earth, London is special because of its 2000 years of history, which you can see in the iconic landmarks, like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and more. The other reason it is unique is that it is beautiful in every season, so your visit here is worth it. It is also the greatest literary hub, as it’s the birthplace of Charles Dickens, George Orwell, and Oscar Wilde. The most special thing about London is that it’s a walkable city.

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How to reach London?

By air: Heathrow International Airport is the main airport in central London, which connects many countries and cities to London. More than 100 flights operate in and out of here. There are also four other airports in London, while some operate international flights, others handle chartered flights only.

By road: The UK has an excellent road network linking major cities with London. A road trip is easier with beautiful views to keep you company. Road public transport is available, connecting many cities and international destinations via Victoria Coach Station.

By rail: London is well-connected with other cities through the British Rail Network. Moreover, London is also connected to other European cities, like Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, and more, through railways. St. Pancras International Station is the one that connects many European cities to London.

How many days are enough to explore London?

4-5 days are enough to explore London and visit the famous landmarks, like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the Shards, and you can even cover a few unusual places in London in 4-5 days.

Why is The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir famous?

The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is Britain’s first authentic Hindu temple, which was constructed using traditional materials and methods. It is a stone temple and the first temple on a massive scale to be constructed outside India, thus, famous.


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