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About KidZania London

KidZania London, the UK's first and one of its kind educational entertainment experience, blends work and fun to teach children about city administration and money management. Children between the ages of four and fourteen can learn practical skills in a miniature recreation of a genuine city, complete with structures, shops, homes, and theaters, with Kidzania London tickets. They can learn about careers such as airline pilots, performers, DJs, firefighters, and many more.

Arrive at the British Airways check-in desk to register both you and your kids and to pick up your RFID wristband. Additionally, your child will receive 50 KidZos, which is the money used in KidZania City. Kids can use KidZos to pay for any paid activities they decide to partake in. They will also earn some KidZos after finishing a salaried activity if they choose to do it, much like in the real world. Kids can indulge in over 30 activities that are included in the Kidzania London ticket price and learn about diverse jobs.

If your kids are above 8, tickets for Kidzania London allow you to drop them off at the city and pick them up after their 4 hours slot is over. While waiting for your kids, you could observe them engaging in new activities, gaining new skills, and having fun. You may also relax at The Grown Ups Garden Shed with a drink from the Hut right outside, a book from the shelf, board games with other parents, or use the two laptops at your leisure

Why To Book KidZania London Tickets?

·When you buy Kidzania London tickets online, you have a lot of advantages, including the ease of not having to wait in huge queues at the ticket office. You can avoid last-minute disappointment and problems by reserving the tour in advance. You also get perks, like special offers and discounts, when you book your tickets online with us.

  • Book Kidzania London tickets to enable your children to learn real-life skills through engaging activities at KidZania, the United Kingdom's first educational entertainment center.
  • Register at the British Airways check-in desk to receive your wristband and four hours of access to Kidzania London.
  • Discover over 30 distinct and intriguing occupations, such as pilot, doctor, actor, and many more, through entertaining and safe real-life role-play experiences included in the Kidzania London ticket price.
  • Explore the different districts that dot the streets of Kidzania City with real-life companies ranging from the Aviation Academy to the Radio Station.
  • Visit the Kidding Around Comedy Club to compose, practice, and perform your own jokes.
  • Participate in numerous paid or salaried activities to learn new skills and money management with 50 kidzos, a KidZanian currency.
  • Use your earned kidzos to purchase some products from the on-site Department Store, the Airport Store when you exit, or, save them for your next visit.
  • Parents may drop off their 8+ children for some time, or stay there and be astonished to see kids execute various roles or unwind in the Parent's Zone.

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  • Kidzania London ticket price includes 4 hours of access to the attraction.
  • It includes access to more than 30 activities and attractions.
  • Give kids 50 kidzos, a KidZanian currency, to spend on activities or purchases.
  • Children under the age of four have access to three play areas: RightZKeepers Residence, Science Lab, and Kindergarten.

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Top Activities for Kids (Age 4-14)

With Kidzania London tickets, kids of age 4 to 14 can participate in over 30 activities ranging from being a flight attendant or pilot on British Airways at the Aviation Academy to being a brave firefighter or a responsible cleanliness worker. They may be DJs and entertain others while online on a radio station or learn banking at KidZania's Central Bank.

Aviation Academy

Kidzania London ticket price includes access to Aviation Academy where British Airline and Captain are looking for talented Cadet Pilots to fly. Kids will pick up all the necessary skills for piloting a real A-319 aircraft while overcoming any difficulties that may arise using authentic flight paths and obstacles on a variety of various routes. They can work like a flight attendant as well. They work more, accomplish more, and pay less with the B-KidZanian paZZport! They must pay 2 KidZos as a Naturalized Citizen, 4 KidZos as a Distinguished Citizen, or 6 KidZos as an Honorable Citizen to participate in this paid activity. Here, kids will develop communication, critical thinking, and cooperation abilities.

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With tickets for Kidzania London, kids will get the chance to visit the Central Bank of KidZania and learn some banking skills! They can keep their hard-earned kidZos safe in the bank by opening a bank account. They will get the opportunity to learn about and use various financial services such as creating an account, acquiring a debit card, making deposits or withdrawals, and monitoring the account. They will also acquire skills like self-knowledge, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication. Kids will need a minimum of 75 kidZos to open their bank accounts which they may be able to access from anywhere in the city through their ATM and bank cards.

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Cleaning Service

Kids will have the opportunity to work as a cleaner for the KidZania Cleaning Company in this salaried position. Their mission is to keep the city's windows gleaming, which will help them discover the value of cleanliness and respond to client requests by delivering a cleaning service to KidZania citiZens. They can earn +2 more KidZos as a Naturalized Citizen, +4 extra KidZos as a Distinguished Citizen, and +6 extra KidZos as an Honorable Citizen with the B-KidZanian paZZport. The skills that they can acquire with this activity include motor skills, self-knowledge, collaboration, and more.

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Dance & Fashion

Kidzania London tickets provide kids access to the Dance Studio, where they may pay some fees to take a break from all that effort and get their heart pumping in one of the dance courses. With the aid of the top-notch Just Dance technology, they will learn the steps to a particular dance and attempt to outperform everyone else's record! Kids can also go to the H&M Recycling Factory to make sure that fashion is sustainable in the future! Before creating their very own product made entirely of recycled materials in Fashion Studio, they may join experts in sorting through various clothing shipments to find reusable and re-wearable clothes!

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Emergency Services

Kids can participate in the emergency services team and contribute to KidZania's safety with Kidzania London tickets. They may choose to work as devoted paramedics, diligent police officers, or firefighters. Although becoming a firefighter is a paid job, children can earn KidZos by working in hospitals and police departments. All of these activities will teach children social responsibility skills and emergency response techniques. Children should pay close attention throughout training since you never know when an emergency call can come in. It is their responsibility to assist the public in an emergency and to keep their composure so they can aid those in need.

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Radio Station

Kids can broadcast their very own radio show when they join the Capital team of Radio Djs and work hard as a team. As a DJ, they will be in charge of informing listeners on the most recent developments in showbiz, weather, travel, and the latest chartbuster songs. Using cutting-edge technology, kids will learn how to host their own radio program and keep the KidZanian nation aware of the newest rumors, news, and musical developments. They can gain +2 additional KidZos as a Naturalized Citizen, +4 additional KidZos as a Distinguished Citizen, and +6 additional KidZos as an Honorable Citizen via the B-KidZanian paZZport with this salaried activity.

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Science Lab

Kids who purchase tickets for Kidzania London will get the opportunity to work as Research Assistants in the Kidzania Science Lab. They will understand the significance of hand washing and will be on a quest to make the world a healthier and cleaner place! They will learn the value of health and hygiene, as well as how to properly wash their hands! In this activity, children will improve their motor skills and self-awareness, as well as learn how to persuade others to follow clean and hygiene practices for their own and others' safety.

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Children who join the TV Studio may be astounded by the amount of effort that goes into producing a TV show. The TV broadcasts the most recent KidZania news and weather updates, giving children the opportunity to serve as Presenters or Backstage Crew. There are numerous roles available. In this activity, children will discover the significance of all positions on a television set and how to engage an audience while presenting KidZania's latest news! Through the B-KidZanian paZZport, they will be able to earn +2 more KidZos as a Naturalized Citizen, +4 more KidZos as a Distinguished Citizen, and +6 more KidZos as an Honorable Citizen.

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KidZania's National University fosters innovation and encourages creativity in school, and students who excel in the wellbeing class may be awarded a certificate of distinction! Kids will listen to and participate in an open debate about how they can take care of themselves. While working with Cube Group Services, clients will receive excellent guidance on how to preserve their health and happiness, as well as finish a project that they can take home. It is a paid activity that requires a payment of 2 KidZos as a Naturalized Citizen, 4 KidZos as a Distinguished Citizen, or 6 KidZos as an Honorable Citizen.

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Early Years Area At KidZania

KidZania also has some fun activities for infants and young children under the age of four in their Early Years zone! These youngsters can have fun at the RightZKeeper's Residence or work as Trainee Scientists in the Science Lab. They will undoubtedly fall in love with the place if they participate in the Baby Disco or listen to some amazing tales.

Become Trainee Scientists at Science Lab

Young children under the age of four may have some great experiences at KidZania's very own Science Lab with Kidzania London tickets. They can work as Trainee Scientists in the lab and conduct research on a top-secret formula under the supervision of the Head of BubbleZ. Toddlers will learn about how bubbles are made and what they can do with them in a brand-new science project. The kids will smile and enjoy themselves when they see bubbles bursting and flooding the area around them. Parents can marvel at their children's laughter while watching their pleasure through the glass windows.

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RightZKeepers Residence

All toddlers should visit The RightZKeeper's Residence since it offers loads of entertaining activities! Young children can demonstrate their artistic talents and create some unique works of art in the arts and crafts class or watch specialized digital content produced by educational experts. They can explore Vita's kitchen and use the supplies there to prepare something tasty. In Urbano's living room, they might discover a book with an intriguing story and explore what's inside. There are so many interesting activities specifically for young children in this section that they will undoubtedly have a fantastic time playing, cooking, unwinding, reading, or simply exploring.

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Storytelling and Baby Disco!

Toddlers will have the most fun ever in this area of Early Years of Kidzania, where incredible Storytellers will be on hand all day. Children can listen to their stories or look out for some lovely picture books. Storytime is followed by some dancing and music with Baby Disco. Get the party started by going to the Dance Club, listening to a funky mix, and putting on your dancing shoes. Become one of our new Shop Assistants by scheduling a shift at K-Market. Come with us to the grocery store to discover the various duties performed by the retail division. Use a unique melody created especially for our younger visitors to whistle while you work!

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Know Before You Visit KidZania London

Essential Information
How To Reach
  • Location: First Floor, Westfield London, Ariel Way, W12 7GA
  • Timings: Kidzania London is usually open from 10 AM to 7 PM from Monday to Sunday. However, the opening time is always 10:00 AM, the closing time may vary. Thus, it is best to crosscheck the opening hours before planning a visit.
  • Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit Kidzania London is right around opening time because there will be fewer people there and your kids can enjoy and explore its activities with the fewer crowd. Additionally, scheduling the visit during the week will allow them to enjoy their ME time undisturbed. It is always preferable to visit popular tourist sites, like Kidzania London, during the week as weekends are typically the busiest times.

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  • By Tube: The nearest stations are Shepherd's Bush and White City (Central Line), and Wood Lane and Shepherd's Bush Market (Hammersmith & City Line). All of these tube stations are within walking distance of Kidzania London.
  • By Bus: Bus routes 31, 49, 207, 237, 260, 607, C1, 72, 94, 95, 220, 272, 283, 295, and N207 stop nearby. The nearest bus stop is only 300 meters away from Westfield London.
  • By Car: Kidzania London is 8.8 kilometers from London City Center and can be reached in around 30 minutes by car. The mall has plenty of parking.

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What makes KidZania London so popular among Kids?

Kidzania London is popular among kids for offering toddlers under 4 years old and children aged 4 to 14 years a fun, interactive learning experience. It is a little indoor city that gives children the opportunity to enact like adults and gives them the option to try out various vocations in a supportive and safe setting. With Kidzania London tickets, they will be able to play over 30 different roles, including doctor, dentist, police officer, fashion designer, TV host, RJ, and firefighter.

Do we have to make an advance booking for KidZania London Tickets?

It is strongly advised to reserve your KidZania London tickets in advance to avoid last-minute disappointment and inconvenience. Slots quickly fill up since Kidzania London is one of the most sought-after tourist attractions in London and has limited availability. In addition to ensuring your access, booking your slot in advance with us online entitles you to some fantastic promotions and savings.

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Do we have to buy separate tickets for Infants?

Yes, Early Years tickets for Kidzania London are required for children ages 1-3. These tickets will allow toddlers access to activities in the Early Years zone. Also, adults need to accompany kids under 8 years and for that, they need Kidzania London tickets for adults.

Are outside eatables allowed inside KidZania London?

No, outside eatables are not allowed inside Kidzania London. However, it boasts a variety of eating and drinking establishments to satiate your hunger pangs while taking in everything the city has to offer! You may also add a meal voucher to your Kidzania London ticket price and redeem it for either an adult or child meal deal once in the city.

Is there a locker facility inside KidZania London?

Yes, locker and buggy storage facilities are available at the entrance of Kidzania London. You can store your belongings here if you have tickets for Kidzania London and enjoy the attractions without any hassles.


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