Go Karting In London

Overview Of Go Karting In London

Go Karting in London is an action-packed family adventure suitable for all sorts of thrill-seekers. For this great go-kart activity, you don't need a driving license and you can have fun by yourself or with other people while competing. Whatever your skill level, passion, or objective, Go Karting activity in London offers tracks suitable for all sorts of karters. Whether you’re looking to enhance your abilities individually or taste some adrenaline through group races, go-karting sites are fueled and ready for action. While TeamSport's five venues are ideal for both novice to experienced racers, Capital Kart is UK's longest Go Kart London track.

Although the majority of the top go-kart tracks in London are indoor, Revolution Karting has an outdoor circuit lit with floodlights, offering a unique racing experience. For young racers and thrill-seekers, The London Karting Company and Right Track Project Karting have go-kart tracks and facilities suitable for kids.If you're concerned about the safety of go-karting, be assured as all Go Karting in London facilities have highly qualified staff who will provide you with a thorough safety briefing and training you require prior from starting. Whether it's a quick birthday party or a business function, these go-kart sites have food, beverages, and other facilities to make your event a remarkable one.

Why To Book Go Karting In London?

  • Visit any of the top Go Karting in London and enjoy some enthralling experiences while speeding on a professionally designed track.
  • Drive an electric go-kart or petrol-engine kart either individually or with your gang and taste some ultimate thrills.
  • Opt for a sprint session or Grand Prix, depending upon your skills and preferences, and zoom through various bends, straights, and multi-level tracks.
  • Speed up to 45mph and race with your family or friends to beat the fastest time lapse during Go Karting in London.
  • Enjoy racing at the UK's longest & brand new indoor karting circuit of 1050m at Capital Karts or head to any of TeamSport's exciting Go Kart London venues.
  • Take your kids of 4 to 14 years to The London Karting Company or above 8 years to Right Track Project Karting, which has karting facilities suitable especially for kids.
  • Make your private parties or business events exceptional and unforgettable by hosting them at any of the Go Kart London locations.

Must Book - London Attraction Tickets

  • Admission Ticket to Go Karting in London.
  • Driver Essentials, including Racing Balaclava and Gloves Set (Mandatory for all racers).
  • Experience from the world's longest track at Capital Kart to a vast range of tracks at Team Sports.

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Top Tracks To Experience Go Karting In London

Go Karting in London provides adrenaline junkies with the opportunity to experience some real thrills while zooming through the difficult tracks. While many go-karting sites in London cater primarily to professional carters, many others like Mitcham cater to carters of all ability levels. However, The London Karting Company only admits children aged 4 to 11.

Capital Karts

Capital Karts is the longest indoor karting circuit in the entire United Kingdom, with a track length of 1050 meters and 20 tough turns. This fantastic destination for Go Karting in London allows people to race at up to 45 mph and provides options such as the 50-minute Grand Prix race or the 20-minute Sprint Session. Kids who are interested in racing and are at least seven years old (minimum height 125 cm) can also race on the designated courses here. Exclusive venue hire options are available for groups of 16 or more. After the race, racers can refuel with pizza and refreshing refreshments from the licensed bar.

Location: Unit 1, Rippleside Commercial Estate, London IG11 0RJ, United Kingdom

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Docklands In East London By TeamSport

If you're looking for an awesome Go Karting in London, Team Sports' London Docklands facility offers a fully equipped, enormous 800-meter course with hairpin twists and nail-biting corners. You may reach speeds of up to 40 MPH here, giving you a surge of excitement it is located right on the banks of the River Thames, and it offers entertainment with an additional mezzanine, allowing you to have a multi-level experience throughout your drive. Docklands has excellent conference facilities and serves as a business location, so you can finish your official duties before heading to the track. It also features an amazing facility for children's parties and other events.

Location: 3 Herringham Rd, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE7 8NJ, United Kingdom

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Edmonton In North London by TeamSport

This Go Kart London adventure is extremely demanding, with nine severe corners and plenty of wide straights for overtaking. Each circuit in Edmonton has an 800-meter-long course separated into two levels and can reach speeds of up to 40mph, indicating that the petrol karts are not lacking in power. Each lap will last approximately 45 seconds, allowing you plenty of opportunities to race your buddies. This TeamSport site is great for both novice and experienced racers, and it also offers fantastic group packages, such as stag and hen parties & has an observation deck for those who would rather sit back and watch the action unfold.

Location: 30 Nobel Road, Edmonton, London N18 3BA, United Kingdom

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Acton In West London by TeamSport

A 500-meter thrilling track for Go Karting in London, TeamSport's Acton blends seven banked corners, multi-levels, and electric karts to provide unmatched karting exhilaration. The fastest lap time is only 28 seconds, so put yourself to the test as you race around in your electric kart. This TeamSport course is a favorite of both devoted, experienced karters and novice go-karters equally because its seven bends and multi-level make it challenging enough to navigate. It also features a bar, food, and drink, as well as conference rooms, making it an excellent location to host private parties or team bonding events.

Location: 20 Allied Way, Acton, London W3 0RQ, United Kingdom

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Mitcham In South London by TeamSport

Mitcham, the newest addition to TeamSport's Go Karting in London circuit, is ideal for adrenaline seekers of all skill levels. Drivers can test their skills on this exhilarating, multi-level track, with high speeds of 40 MPH possible. It includes two ultra-modern 400-meter tracks that may be linked to form an 800-meter international circuit on which 20 karts can compete. A challenging track with nine tight curves, a nerve-racking flyover, and a multitude of levels can satisfy the needs of even the most discerning karters. It offers an extensive range of amenities, including a meeting room, bar, and snack station, and can accommodate big groups for business meetings, birthday parties, stag and hen parties, and other gatherings.

Location: Unit 18, Unit, Mitcham Industrial Estate, Streatham Rd, Mitcham CR4 2AP, United Kingdom

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Watford Track by TeamSport

Another one of the most amazing places for Go Karting activity in London, TeamSport's Watford features breathtaking bends, powerful ramps, and unforgettable straights. This 500-meter track, which spans two difficulty levels, offers drivers some fantastic thrills. Whether you're a seasoned driver or new to the sport, you'll surely find the adrenaline you're looking for with speeds up to 40 mph. You can also refuel at the authorized Fuel Bar, which serves delicious food and drinks, or you may watch the performance from the large audience area. There’s something for everyone at this incredible Watford TeamSport track that can accommodate everyone aged 8 and up.

Location: Greatham Road Industrial Estate, Greatham Road, Watford, Bushey, WD23 2NZ, United Kingdom

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Revolution Karting

One of the quickest Go Karting tracks in London, with karts capable of traveling at speeds exceeding 45 mph, this track is another one for the adrenaline junkies. It is a 550m outdoor track that is floodlit where you may enjoy karting alone or with others. For groups of 8 or more, private track rental is available & this track allows drivers to enjoy qualifying heats, a thrilling grand final, and 60 or 90 minutes of practice laps. You can also choose a Le Mans-style race lasting 60 or 90 minutes, where teams compete to complete the most laps. Sessions for people under 18 are also offered, although all drivers must be at least 16 years old and 5 feet tall.

Location: The Arches, 422-424, Burdett Rd, London E3 4AA, United Kingdom

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The London Karting Company

The London Karting Company is the top Go Kart London spot for kids to have a thrilling motorsports experience with its two circuits. The National Circuit measures around 90 meters while the International Circuit is about 150 meters, both courses feature numerous fast and slanted bends, a tunnel, and start line gantries! Children between the ages of 4 and 11 can ride in a fleet of electric F1-themed go-karts with a speed limit of 4 to 10 mph that is safe and easy to operate. Whether it's a brief birthday celebration or a huge weekend outdoor event, their skilled crew ensures everything runs well.

Location: Latchmere Leisure Center, Burns Rd, London SW11 5AD, United Kingdom

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Right Track Project Karting

At the RIGHT TRACK PROJECT, children of all skill levels, aged 8 and above may enjoy an exhilarating and difficult outdoor, petrol engine karting experience. The idea combines the thrill of racing and driving with the chance for all young people to learn and practice. This Go Karting activity in London offers many options for individuals and groups, whether it's a one-time driving lesson, a birthday party reservation, or educational programs. People with disabilities are welcome to use their service because they have specially modified karts and a competent team to ensure that everyone can enjoy the adrenaline of go-karting.

Location: 40 Priory Grove, Stockwell, London SW8 2PD, United Kingdom

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How long does the Go Karting activity in London last?

Go Karting activity in London unless specified should last not more than 2 hours, including race time, briefing, etc. However, it depends on the race type you choose.

What is the best time to experience Go Karting In London?

The months of March through May are the best times to experience Go Karting in London, the weather in London remains lovely with reasonable temperatures during this period. You should visit on weekdays to avoid crowds and experience exhilarating moments.

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What is the minimum age required to book Go Karting In London?

The minimum age for go karting in London should be 16 years old.

Will we be provided with a safety kit before the Go Karting activity in London?

Yes, you will be provided with go-karting equipment, including a safety jacket and helmet, prior to your Go Karting activity in London.

What makes Go Karting in London so popular?

London is known for having a ton of locations where you may try go-karting depending on your skill level and spending limit. In addition, karters of all skill levels can take part in Go Kart London and try their hands at one of the karting hotspots in all of Europe.


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