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Dover Castle is one of the most magnificent sights to see on your trip to the United Kingdom. Throughout decades and years, this awe-inspiring fortress has served as a refuge place in many capacities. Built in the 12th century by Henry II, one of England's longest reigning monarchs, Dover Castle still boasts magnificent towers and a well-preserved gothic style construction that you can tour with your Dover Castle tickets.

The Dover castle also played an immense role during world war II. The castle has plenty of underground routes and tunnels, wherein lies the annexe. This hospital saved hundreds of lives from the shelling during the war atmosphere.

Next on, the Dover castle also has the real footage and well preserved documents of the infamous Dunkirk evacuation. As you walk through the castle and its long hallways, you will find plenty of artefacts and displays that will give you a peek into the gruesome past.

The castle gives you a serene view of the never-ending landscape from its towers. The long enthralling towers perched at massive heights, despite underground bombing and shelling stood, through tough centuries, and are currently a sought after attraction in the castle. Explore the castle and marvel at intricate features and detailing.

History Of Dover Castle

  • Dover Castle has a gripping history which dates back to the 11th century. This castle is famous for playing a massive role not only during the cold war of Henry II but also the recent world war two of the 1950’s.
  • The castle with its enthralling area spread over a massive space, and enchanting towers, fortress and walls, protected hundreds of lives in its underground tunnels.
  • The castle was built by the infamous Henry II, and the special medieval intricate details that we see today are his thoughts. Henry II played a major role in the cold war, and his chilling death by the hands of his very knights, is a gripping tale that you should miss out on.
  • The great siege of 1216 was another historic moment in the Dover castle history. Elenare de Monfort took over the castle in 1216 and her death in the battle changed the history forever.

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Why Book Dover Castle Tickets?

If you wish to enjoy a hassle free and convenient visit to Dover Castle, then we recommend booking your tickets online. You can always go for booking your tickets online, not only to save loads of time but also save a good amount applying discount coupons. With online tickets, you can directly make an entry into the attraction without spending a moment in those long queues.

  • Discover one of the most fascinating attractions in the United Kingdom taking a stroll through the timeline of events from the past.
  • Book for Dover Castle tickets and explore the castle which is considered one of the strongest medieval styles attractions.
  • The enthralling towers, and underground tunnels of this castle served an important shelter purpose during the world wars.
  • The Dover castle, with its spectacular beauty, tells the story of the operation dynamo, which was one of the major rescue operations that took place here.
  • Travel back into the time by visiting the underground tunnel and discover the real documents, footage and films from that era, narrating a gripping story of the world war II climes.

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  • With your Dover Castle tickets, you will get to walk through the castle’s tower and admire the 11th century setup.
  • You will get to see over 500 artefacts as well as learn about the history from the guide present on site. The castle has well preserved the escalating artefacts from the past which are included in your visit to Dover Castle.
  • You will also get to visit the underground annex and learn about this hospital which saved hundreds of lives during world war times.

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What To See In Dover Castle?

Dover Castle is one of the most intriguing sights to visit during your trip to the United Kingdom. This castle dates from the 11th century and features a magnificent tower with well-preserved relics. The castle's annexe, operative dynamo, and WWII fire command center are all worth seeing.

The Great Tower

The Dover Castle Tickets will take you to one of the most fabulous attractions, Great Tower. This tower was built by the renowned Prince Henry II. Now for history geeks, the story of this king and his ruthless monarchy will tell you a lot about the United Kingdom’s great aristocratic tales. The great tower was considered by using the best inspirations from the anglo French medieval architecture. The tower has over time preserved the arts, and antiquity of the castle over the centuries. As you walk through the halls, you will come across 500 different exquisite artifacts like never before. Marvel at the antique pieces and delve deeper into the history.

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Operation Dynamo

Delve deeper into the history of Dover castle by learning about this operation dynamo. This operation was conducted in the tunnels underground in the castle with a war raging outside. In the state of the art tunnels, you will find multi-sensory projections and light shows bringing this moment alive. Dive deeper into the history, and learn hair-rising revelations about this historic operation which was carried out only in 10 days. This entire tour is a fascinating addition in your Dover Castle tickets and with real life footage, images and documents the entire terror of world war.

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WWI Fire Command Post

The Dover castle best highlights the gripping war details of the entire world war scenario. At the WWI fire command, learn about this amusing artillery which was used in the world war to fight off the German raid of Zeppelin. After 100 years, this entire setup was recovered and made public, such that people have insightful peek into the entire chilling scenario. The command post is where 10000 soldiers were posted, to protect the military headquarters. The guns, military equipment, and bombardment shelters are kept intact till date and in recent years, have received a huge crowd of world war geeks, who come here to marvel at this masterpiece artefact.

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Travel back to the world war times, and enjoy a ride through the chilling annex, or better known as the busiest underground hospital which was conducted in the hidden tunnels and grounds of the Dover castle. The Annexe is a definite addition to your Dover Castle tickets. At this annex, you will discover the operation of this massive hospital. The hospital was constructed in the World War II times, with an aim to treat the casualties of the excessive bombing and shelling that took place during the wars. The hospital saved thousands of lives during the critical times, making it a significant place among the local people.

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Know Before You Visit Dover Castle

Essential Information
How To Reach Dover Castle

Location: Castle Hill Rd., Dover CT16 1HU, United Kingdom

Timings : 10am-5pm Daily

Best time to visit:The best time to visit this fascinating attraction is during the morning hours. And the castle is located in the outskirts, therefore it is advisable to reach between 9am to 12 pm to avoid long queues at the ticket counter and enjoy hassle free entry.

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By Car: Dover Castle is located at a distance of 78.3 miles from London City Center and can be reached in approximately 1 hour 45 minutes by car.

By Bus: The nearest bus stop to Castle Hill, Dover, Kent is Canon's Gate at a distance of 0.3 miles. You can catch 007, 102, 15, 80, and 81 to reach your destination.

By Train: You can take the South Eastern Main Line to reach Dover Priory, the nearest station to the castle. Once you get down at the Dover Priory you can either book a taxi or hail Bus 93 that will drop you off at a 5 minutes walking distance to the castle.

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How long should one spend inside Dover Castle?

The Dover castle should take around 2 -3 hours to fully explore its vast expanse. The castle has plenty of tower and statue rooms and awe-spring artefacts that you should miss out on. Book for your Dover Castle tickets online and enjoy exclusive packages and discounts.

Should we need to book in advance for Dover Castle tickets?

It is advisable to book Dover Castle tickets in advance to avoid long hansel and queues at the booking counter. By booking online, you can enjoy discounts and exciting offers.

What is the best time to visit Dover Castle?

The best time to visit this fascinating attraction is during the morning hours. And the castle is located in the outskirts, therefore it is advisable to reach between 9am to 12 pm. To avoid long queues at the ticket counter and enjoy a hassle free entry.

For how long are Dover Castle Tickets valid?

Dover Castle tickets are valid for a day, for all the visitors, offering access to all the attractions inside the place.

How old is Dover Castle?

The Dover castle dates back to the 11th century with its spectacular towers and tunnel narrates an intriguing tale that you should not miss out on.

Can I book Dover castle tickets online?

Yes, you can book Dover castle tickets and enjoy exclusive discounts as well.


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