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Tourist attractions in East London have a distinction of being the most trendy area of the city for young professionals, thanks to its thriving creative sector and electrifying social calendar. Trendy hangout spots, temporary art exhibits, and food markets can all be found nearby. A strong network of Tube lines will make it easy for you to commute into East London. Places in East London have a long history of being a hub of activity for the working class population, and the Blitz, and today there are many tourist places in East London with entertainment options, and attractions for visitors to explore.

Visitors may fully appreciate the wonderful scenery, adult ball pits, ping pong pubs, and cosmopolitan cafes that the Eastern portion of London has to offer. Visitors can experience a wide range of tourist attractions in East London, from Canary Wharf to the O2 Arena. Some of the many great galleries and museums that London is renowned for, are also located in this area. The bustling Columbia Road Flower Market, which offers a new beginning to every week, is tucked away in its immaculate surroundings.

At Victoria Park, popularly referred to as the "Lung of East London," both children and adults will have a great time. Draughts has the ideal quantity of board games for gamers to engross themselves in for a pleasurable gaming experience at one of the top tourist attractions in East London.

Places In East London

London is a vast city with a tonne of fantastic places to see! Places in East London will take you years to explore, from the dinosaurs of South London to the beautiful palaces scattered around the city. However, concentrating on neighbourhoods makes it much easier to navigate, especially when traveling across larger regions like East London. You get to visit top attractions such as the Museum of London Docklands, Victoria Park, & Shoreditch.

Places In East London
ArcelorMittal Orbit

Located immediately next to the Olympic Stadium, the wrinkly red scaffolding tower rules the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, which is one of the popular tourist attractions in East London. It is 114.5 metres (376 feet) tall, and was created by the structural engineer Cecil Balmond and the artist Anish Kapoor. There are lifts (as well as a 455-step stairway) that take the visitors to two platforms where they can relish the fascinating panoramic views. The skyline prominently features The Shard, St. Paul's, and the Wembley arches. Additionally, two of Kapoor's amusing distorting mirrors are inside, along with some recently installed digital telescopes that allow the visitors to have a better perspective.

Places In East London
Columbia Road Flower Market

Every Sunday, Columbia Road, one of most well-known and attractive tourist places in East London, is filled with gorgeous flower arrangements. Market vendors line the tiny street from 8 am to 3 pm, selling flowers, houseplants, herbs, bulbs, and shrubs. It pays to compare prices, hence don't be hesitant about negotiating, and be ready for a lot of traffic in the area. Both locals and visitors frequent the market, which is packed with shoppers as they compete for the ideal potted plant. Arrive as soon as the market opens, if you have trouble with crowds or simply want to ensure that you get the best selection.

Places In East London
Victoria Park

Victoria Park, also referred to as the "People's Park," is one of the most favourable open areas in London, and a well-liked tourist destination in East London. This vast outdoor area, which spans 86.18 hectares, is totally contained within theTower Hamlets. During the summer, events like Field Day and Lovebox frequently take place in the area. The park hosted All Points East, a brand-new ten-day event in May and June 2018, that featured a three-day music festival and a midweek schedule of community events. In the fall, park visitors are treated to spectacular fireworks displays. The park was initially created by renowned architect Sir James Pennethorne in 1842, and some areas are Grade II-listed.

Places In East London
Museum Of London Docklands

The museum of London Docklands, one of the popular places to visit in East London, is located in a warehouse that was constructed 200 years ago to store rum, sugar, and coffee. It also tells the tale of the people from all over the world who settled near the Thames and its port.

The history of the region, from the arrival of the Romans to the growth of Canary Wharf, is traced by thousands of artefacts and photographs, many of which were saved during the 1970s and 1980s, when containerization and competition pushed London's port to shift downstream. The enormous scale of the docks at the turn of the 20th century is depicted in old photographs and printed materials from the Port of London Authority Archive, and the workshop reproductions highlight the several traditional port trades that are now largely extinct.

Places In East London
Whitechapel Gallery

Whitechapel, one of the popular places in East London like Bethnal Green, has a chequered past that includes serving as Jack the Ripper's Victorian haunt as well as the hangout for legendary East End gangsters like the Krays. So much so that there are still various Jack the Ripper or crime-related tours in the area, in addition to a TV show about supernatural crime with the same name. Highlights of Whitechapel include the world-class, free Whitechapel Gallery and Whitechapel Market, two of East London's most renowned and historic markets.

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Places In East London
Old Royal Naval College

The Old Royal Navy College is tucked away, situated near the Thames and is one of East London's most picturesque places to visit in East London. The college's painted hall is a stunning work of art that resembles London's Sistine Chapel, in its showpiece. Additionally, visitors can look for the underground skittles alley that is tucked away beneath the magnificent building. Visitors to the college should surely plan a visit to the Queen's House since it is close by. After the tour of the College building, take a stroll or unwind in Greenwich Park.

Places In East London

Shoreditch, one of the popular places in East London is a hipster hangout with plenty of bars, clubs, street art, and retail, and is probably East London's most distinctive and well-known neighbourhood. Shoreditch saw significant change as a result of gentrification and regeneration. While some areas are now slick, shiny, and hardly recognisable, if you look beneath the surface, you'll soon find the real Shoreditch.

Places In East London
Emirates Air Line And The O2

Take advantage of the chance to ride the UK's first urban cable car if you find yourself out in the East, close to the Excel Centre on the north side of the river or at the O2 Arena on the south. The Emirates Air Line provides passengers breathtaking views of the City, including the Thames Barrier, Canary Wharf, and the Olympic Park, as it takes up to 25 passengers per hour, each way over the 1.1 kilometre street of the river.

Summertime "Night Flights" are offered, providing a longer flight time, audio/visual entertainment, and some very amazing views of places in East London after dark. Although not featured, Oyster and contactless cards can be used on a pay-as-you-go basis and are less expensive than single fare cash tickets.

Places In East London
Dennis Severs' House

The Dennis Severs' House, one of East London's most distinctive places in East London, is a historical time capsule that engages visitors through a dramatic experience. Visitors will enjoy touring the home's several rooms, each of which features a still life tableau that depicts a home for silk weavers in the 18th century.

The Severs' House is one of the most interesting attractions in East London, particularly for history and art buffs who will appreciate the in-depth exhibit that is woven like a narrative around the house. Without a single person residing in the property, visitors will discover a roaring fire, a half-eaten dinner, unfilled chamber pots, and much more.

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