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About St. Paul Cathedral

The St Paul Cathedral, confirming the presence of Christian community in the Roman period, is one of the most fascinating structures to ever exist. This massive structure, with beautiful spire, classic dome structure and wide area span can be observed anywhere from the cityscape of London. The dome has beautiful exteriors, with classic Gothic carvings that will leave you in awe. The dome also consists of the whispering gallery and the beautiful stone gallery overlooking the entire gripping cityscape of London like never before. Step inside the nave and watch the 30 feet long west front which will leave you in awe of its picturesque beauty. Discover the crypt, the burial site for many renowned figures including the Duke of Wellington and architect behind the cathedral, Sir Christopher Wren. The cathedral is one of the most marvelous attractions that you can visit in your leisure and learn about London’s 400 year old history.The cathedral is one of the finest gothic structures, and its massive whispering galleries, cathedral collections, the crypt and the exterior are some of the most amazing structures that you would not want to miss out on.

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Highlights:- Make your way to St. Paul's Cathedral, one of London's well-known sights where the memorial still stands tall after having survived the Great Fire of London and the Blitz during World War 2.- View the magnificent marble and carved, gold-plated oak High Altar. For some breathtaking panoramic views of the London skyline, visit the Stone and Golden Galleries on the dome.- Pay your respects to renowned Britons like the Duke of Wellington and Lord Admiral by going to the Crypt.- Walk through the Nave, and discover the best of neo-gothic and renaissance architecture, in its intricate wall carvings, crypts and the courtyards.- Walk through the massive galleries, and catch a 2 hour 270 degree state of the art movie bringing you the best of the cathedral's history as old as 400 years.

Inclusions:- The St. Paul Cathedral tickets London includes an admittance into the monument for two hours as well as offers a multi language audio guide. The 9 languages include Spanish, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Korean to give you a better understanding of the attractions. - The entrance tickets allow tourists to access the Cathedral floor, crypt and the 3 galleries namely Whispering, Stone and Golden Galleries.

History Of St. Paul Cathedreal

Pre-Norman Cathedral

According to history which goes back to 604 AD, the first bishop of the Anglso Saxon community first built a medieval church which today we know as the St Paul Cathedral. This cathedral is also the burial site for many historically renowned figures of the Anglo Saxon community, namely Cedd, Wine and Earconwalh, who were prestigious bishops of their time. In an unfortunate incident however, the entire cathedral burnt down to ashes in the year 1087 AD. The king back then, ‘Æthelred the Unready’ was also buried in the castle then. Get the St Paul cathedral London ticket now, to learn more about the intriguing history.

Cathedral Or Temple Before 604 AD

It is highly debatable whether London had a cathedral or not before the Roman period. London's Christian community was discovered late in the 12th century, and up until then there was no evidence of any cathedral at that time. But historians believed that there were two basilicas in the Roman period, which were later discovered to be Saint Peter hidden on top of the Corn hill and St Paul cathedral itself. Recent discoveries have recorded another splendid excavation of a supposedly third Roman basilica as well. Also this building was believed to be built from the ashes of the defunt basilica which burnt to ashes.

Old St Paul's

The old st paul, also the fourth of its type, was built recently after the first down burnt to ashes. The style that was updated for its construction was shifted from Romanesque to Gothic and can be clearly seen in its towers and arches. This cathedral underwent an enlargement process in the year 1256, and its interior and spires were heightened. The Old Saint Paul, was poorly maintained and largely neglected, under the rule of Henry VII and started to decay. Thousands of years old interiors were damaged and in shatters. The building was destroyed completely in the Great fire of London 1666.

Present St Paul's

A huge decision for reconstruction of all the buildings lost in the great fire was taken in the year 1669. Sir Christopher Wren was responsible for the reconstruction of over 50 major city churches and cathedrals and bringing back the old beauty. Wren gave his very best to recreate the Old saint Pual’s entire structure, and replaced the tower with a dome.The Cathedral’s construction started in full fledge and in the year 1708 the cathedral was completely done. The cathedral’s topping was done by Wren’s son and other renowned masons involved in its constructions. The official construction was completed in 1710, but despite that, some of the roof settings and interior work continued up until late 1715.


On December 2, 1697, the cathedral of St Paul was consecrated to use under the guidance of the reverend bishop Henry Compton. Grab your St. Paul Cathedral London ticket now to learn more about the entire history of the cathedral, the chilling great fire and how it destroyed the old Cathedral and the entire architectural construction building of the New cathedral that we see today standing erect, despite its 400 year old history.

Attractions In St. Paul Cathedral

The Whispering Gallery

Discover the beauty of the whispering gallery which stands at 259 steps above the cathedral at a height of 100 ft. The beautiful construction and acoustic property of the whispering gallery will leave you in awe. What makes the gallery mysterious, is when you whisper something on one side of the gallery, it can clearly be heard on the other side as well. Science has been incorporated into its constructions, and lets other people standing at a distance of 33 meters catch clearly what you are saying.

The Nave

As you step inside the St Paul’s Cathedral, the entire main walking section you find is called the nave. The nave is absolutely ethereal, and with the natural sunlight lighting up the entire hallway, you will discover the true beauty and splendid interior of the cathedral. Walk along the nave, and marvel at the unparalleled beauty of the gothic interiors adorning the walls of the chapel. The Nave is open for both the public and for ceremonial practices. In here you will also find the 30 feet tall great west door, and the incredible Thorhill’s paintings as well, that depict the eight scenes from the life of the Cathedral.

The Chapels

There are a number of chapels that you can discover in your exclusive St. Paul Cathedral London ticket. Most of it is reachable from the nave, and each one tells a beautiful story and history that will intrigue you. Discover the beautiful All Soul’s chapel that was built in 1888 in honor of one of the most renowned bishops. However the chapel was later dedicated to 25000 soldiers who lost their lives in the gruesome acts of world war II.

The Crypt

Get a beautiful chance to discover the crypt which is the burial site of many renowned figures in the past. Dive into history and learn about a number of intriguing personalities like Sebba, King east Saxons, King of angels, Ethelread, John of Gauntand more. The artist behind Saint Paul’s construction lies buried in the south aisle along with two other prestigious figures Lord Nelson and Duke of Wellington. The crypt is also currently open for private ceremony and dinner purposes and lets you enjoy the past from up close.

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Oculus: An Eye into St. Paul’s

Grab your tickets to St Paul Cathedral London now and get a splendid chance to learn about this cathedral’s history through an outstanding movie called the Oculus. The oculus is a state of the art movie, which tells you about the fascinating history of the cathedral through a 270 degree film experience. It will walk you through the 1400 year old past, about the cathedral, starting from the burning down of the old cathedral, the citation for the new architecture and its building phase. This is a fantastic movie that you should not miss out on.

The Exterior

The exterior of this cathedral, is one of the most outstanding architectural marvels that you will ever witness. The exterior features a 180 foot long West Front, which also features the humongous statute of Saint Paul and Saint James. The new design proposed by Wren in the 11th cherry, shifted the architecture from Romanesque to Gothic styles. The final design also adopted ideas from the Baroque design and counts today as one of the most serene architectural marvels ever. Today you can see the extensive interior work and splendid craftsmanship visible in the crust, the golden gallery and the stone gallery as well.

The Cathedral Collections

In your St Paul cathedral london ticket, you will get a chance to observe the fantastic cathedral collection which boasts of living evidence of history that dates back to 14000 years. Through the manuscripts, arts and pictures, you will find the impressive history of London safely protected at the cathedral collections.The cathedral has over 21000 manuscripts dating back to 1670. Discover the amusing history of Saint Paul, in your tickets of St Paul cathedral london easily available at their websites. The collection also includes splendid models, and archeological findings that will intrigue you.

St Paul's Cathedral Dome

Standing as high as 111m, St. Paul’s Cathedral Dome is the second highest dome in the world making this architectural marvel a one of its kind attraction in London. This beautiful dome, which is constructed with brick and outer cast of lead, has three splendid layers, with the middle layer made up of concrete. On the other hand, the dome interiors go upto a height of 97 feet and are another classical marvel to exist. Observe the classic artifacts and interiors, and the delightful structure which will definitely catch your eye. The dome also consists of 24 rose tinted windows and promises to give you a subtle view of the entire Cathedral.

Know Before You Visit St. Paul Cathedral

Essential Information
How To Reach

Location: St. Paul's Churchyard, London EC4M 8AD, United Kingdom


Tuesday: 8:30am–4:30pm

Wednesday: 10am–4:30pm

Thursday: 8:30am–4:30pm

Friday: 8:30am–4:30pm

Saturday: 8:30am–4:30pm

Sunday: 8am–6pm

Monday: 8:30am–4:30pm

Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit the cathedral is during the morning hour to avoid long queues and rush at the booking counter. The cathedral remains relatively empty during the weekdays wherein you can explore the cathedral fully and at leisure.

  • By Bus: If you are taking a bus, lines 63, 748, and 76 which are closest to the Cathedral.

  • By Train: For travelers boarding the train, THAMESLINK is the nearest mainline route to the Cathedral and directly reaches the destination.

  • By Tube: CENTRAL and CIRCLE are the closest lines via Tube to the Cathedral.

  • By Cab: You can easily hire a cab or rent a vehicle to get there, it will be about a 12 minutes drive from the city center of London.

St. Paul Cathedral Tickets

What is unique about St Cathedral?

The Saint Paul cathedral was one of the very first structures in London that confirmed the first Christian community. This cathedral is about 4 centuries old, and is one of the most splendid gothic and baroque churches, with a surreal crypt, nave and dome that will leave you in awe.

Can you take pictures in St Paul's Cathedral?

Yes, you can take pictures inside the Saint Paul's Cathedral.

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What is the best time to visit St. Paul Cathedral London?

The best time to visit the cathedral is during the morning hour to avoid long queues and rush at the booking counter. The cathedral remains relatively empty during the weekdays wherein you can explore the cathedral fully and at leisure.

Do we have to book tickets in advance for St. Paul Cathedral?

You can book a St. Paul Cathedral London ticket in advance through their website to get a confirmed ticket on selected dates.

What is the minimum age requirement to book St. Paul Cathedral tickets?

Children above the age of 5 will be charged an entry fee. The children between the age of 0-5 can enter into the cathedral free of cost.

Can we book the St. Paul Cathedral tickets offline?

Yes, you can book a ticket for St Paul's Cathedral London offline. But, it is better to book the tickets online to avoid unnecessary long queues at the ticket counter. Through online booking with us you can enjoy some great offers and discounts along with a confirmed ticket on the date of your choice.


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