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The London Dungeon is a popular tourist destination on London's South Bank, England, that uses gallows humor to reenact numerous horrific and terrible historical events which incorporate live actors, spectacular effects, and rides. Walk into medieval London with the London Dungeon and get insights into the history of the city. Book London Dungeon Tickets and begin your journey in a dungeon at London’s South Bank and experience a once-in-a-lifetime walk-through adventure that will leave you thrilled. Meet the many shady characters of medieval London and have a close brush with some of the most notorious serial killers of all time. Go on an adventure to find out the real identity of Jack the Ripper as well have a close encounter with Fleet Street barber Sweeney Todd.

The London Dungeon features an incredible troupe of performers, spectacular visuals, audio, scenarios, and rides. There are around 19 dynamic performances portraying 1000 years of London's historical past & the cutting-edge technology and amazing graphics will amaze you. Laughter, terror, and tension will have you on the edge of your seat throughout the journey like chairs swivel 360 degrees to improve the whole cinematic experience. Apart from the live performance, there are also a couple of rides present inside the premises which will fascinate you. Whether you are a child or an adult, prepare to be blown away by the London Dungeon.

Why To Book London Dungeon Tickets?

Highlights & Precautions


  • Encounter some of the most deadly serial killers of all time, as well as witches of medieval Europe in the London Dungeons.
  • Go on a quest to discover Jack the Ripper's true identity.
  • Get to know about the last 1000 years of London's history through 19 interactive performances with fantastic performers and mind-blowing realistic special effects.
  • Have fun with your kids in the 2 thrilling underground rides that the London Dungeon tickets have to offer.
  • Let the 360 degrees rotating seats give you a whole new cinematic experience and be a treat to all your senses. Let the spooky vibe of the entire place keep you on the edge of your seats.


  • You should carry your government ID proofs, passport, and visa with you for verification purposes.
  • Re-entry into the attraction is not allowed with a single ticket. You should make sure that you don’t come out in between the tour.

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Top Shows At The London Dungeon

You will be opening the doors to numerous worlds with your London Dungeon Tickets. The worlds of Medieval London, the 1800s, 1700s, and 1600s are rich with tales to be told murderers, serial killers, conspirators, and even witches. You may listen to all of these stories in a whole new cinematic experience thanks to 19 interactive live shows and cutting-edge technology, these stories will include you. You will be guillotined with Anne Bolevyn for conspiring against Henry VIII, you will be chased down the street by Jack the Ripper, and you will witness the execution of Elizabeth Sawyer, the Witch of Edmonton with London Dungeon Tickets.

The Descent

The Descent will meet you as soon as you enter the London Dungeon's entrance. Expect to see 1,000 years of horrible London history, along with brutal serial killers and tragic events. As you descend into the Dungeon via the old and noisy elevator, Lift Jester will follow you. As your lift slowly and steadily drops, listen to the clank of iron chains and your own heartbeat. If you don't want to be teased about being a scary cat so early in the experience, put on a brave face in front of your friends.

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The Tyrant Boat Ride

You, along with Anne Boleyn, are one of the conspirators in this London Dungeons ride. You will now have to face the wrath of Henry VIII, the strong and terrifying monarch, for scheming against him. Set sail on the turbulent waters of the Thames in the Tyrant Boat Ride, with your fate hanging in the balance on the other side. Prepare to be guillotined on Henry VIII's orders as he pronounces your punishment and sentences you to death. With your London Dungeon ticket, you'll get a complete new and upgraded cinematic experience, including terror, salty air, the strong scent of the gutters, and much more.

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Guy Fawkes' Gunpowder Plot

Join Guy Fawkes and his supporters on a mission to blow up the parliament in Guy Fawkes' Gunpowder Plot! Enter the city of London's dark, filthy, and foul-smelling gutters & watch as your scheme backfires and you're apprehended by the King. Guy Fawkes is tortured for ten days straight before being executed. Feel the warmth of London, the smell of gunpowder, and the anticipation of blowing things up and See a different ending to the narrative in which Guy Fawkes succeeds in blowing up the Parliament and satisfies your sadistic desires.

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Curse Of The Witch

Return to 1621, a year marked by superstitions, unexplainable fear, and, most notably, witch trials! Meet the Witch of Edmonton, Elizabeth Sawyer, at the Newgate prison. The great Witch of Edmonton is on death row and is awaiting her execution after being accused of being a witch and having conversations with the Devil. After being compelled to confess to the murder of her neighbour, who was last seen fighting with her, Elizabeth had given up all hope of proving her innocence. She appears to be a sad and shattered woman, but appearances can be deceiving, my friend. With your London Dungeon tickets, join her on this thrilling adventure and watch the Witch of Edmonton be her most terrifying self.

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Drop Dead: Drop Ride

It's now time to travel back to 1783 and face the Long Drop for your misdeeds. Long Drop is being used outside of Newgate Prison for the first time. This is a thrilling show for the entire community, including the Judge, Priest, and Executioner, as well as you! On this free fall, try not to soil your pants or break your neck, and have the time of your life! This is one of two thrilling rides offered on the London Dungeons site. To ride, though, you must be at least 1.4 metres tall. The ride is also not recommended for persons who have medical issues or who are pregnant.

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Jack The Ripper

To get away from the terrifying storm, go to the Ten Bells Pub and get a drink. Listen to the pub's owner, Mrs Waldren, tell a ghost story and prepare to be terrified, even before the genuine terror arrives. Take a drink in the same tavern where Jack the Ripper chose all of his victims. Go on a mission to find out who Jack the Ripper really is. With these shows, you can get the most out of your London Dungeon tickets.

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Know Before You Visit London Dungeon

Essential Information
How To Reach London Dungeon?

Location - The Queen's Walk, London SE1 7PB, United Kingdom

Timings - Monday- Friday: 11am-4pm Saturday: 10am-5pm Sunday: 10am-4pm

Best Time To Visit: It is recommended that you visit London Dungeons early in the morning as there would be very less number of tourists. You will easily get the tickets as well as get to explore the attractions in a much better way.

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By Bus: There are direct buses to reach the London Dungeon. You could catch the bus numbers 211, 381, 77 and RV1. The nearest bus station to London Dungeon is London Eye Bus Stop.

By Underground Metro: If you decide to travel by underground metro, you need to reach the Waterloo station which is the nearest one to the London Dungeon. From the station, it is about a 5 minute walk to your destination.

By Car: You could directly drive up to the London Dungeons in your own private car or simply call a cab. You would reach the destination in a matter of minutes as it is located at the centre of the ciity. However, it would cost you a little more than going in public transports and parking is a hassle.

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Tips To Visit London Dungeon

  • To prevent long lines, get your London Dungeon tickets a few days ahead of time. Visitors will be able to customize the day and time of their visit, as well as avoid extremely long queues for admission at the door.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes, preferably sneakers as you do not want to walk around in pain.
  • If you are claustrophobic or are afraid of the dark or loud noise, it is recommended that you skip the tour.
  • There are a few jump scares in the live shows due to which it is suggested that if you are pregnant or have a heart condition, you skip the show.

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London Dungeon Tickets FAQs

Do we have to book in advance for London Dungeon Tickets?

It is not necessary to book the London Dungeons tickets in advance. However, it is advisable to book the London Dungeon tickets in advance, atleast a day prior to your visit so that you don't have to wait in long queues at the ticket counter and can have a hassle free entry.

Is it safe for children to visit London Dungeon?

London Dungeons is completely safe for the children to visit. It has got many attractions which will fascinate them, including a couple of kids rides. However, it is recommended that children below the age of 12 should not visit as this can get a little scary for them. The children between the ages of 12-16 are required to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

How long should one spend inside The London Dungeon?

It is recommended that you spend at least an hour and half inside the London Dungeon to completely experience the thrill of the live shows and the rides, and get full value of your London Dungeons Tickets. However, due to the popularity of this attraction, the queues may be long, due to which you might have to spend a little more time in the London Dungeon.

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What makes London Dungeon so popular?

The 19 interactive shows, the rides and the cutting edge technology is what makes London Dungeon stand out from the rest of the attractions of London. A 90 minute walk-through of 19 engaging settings consisting of scary figures from the past, notably Sweeney Todd and Jack the Ripper, is included in the experience.Because of these factors, London Dungeons tickets must be purchased at least two days in advance.

What is the minimum age required to visit London Dungeon?

There is no age limit required to visit the London Dungeon. However, it is recommended that the minimum age of visitors here should be around 12 years. Additionally, visitors aged 16 years and below must be accompanied by an adult.

How many rides are there inside London Dungeon?

There are two thrilling rides inside the London Dungeon which adds to the thrill and excitement of the entire place, alongside the 19 interactive live shows. All these are included in your London Dungeon Ticket.


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