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The city of London is among the world’s oldest great cities. It has a rich history spanning two millennia and is also regarded as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. A visit to this global multiracial city is incomplete without a Thames River Cruise. The London River cruise is a 40-minute river boat cruise that takes the tourer through the heart of London on the celebrated River Thames. The voyage is a witness to the city’s most distinguished landmarks including the House of Parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tate Modern, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, and many more.

Envision moments on the Thames River London Cruise where you choose to savour some of the most sumptuous meals amidst luxuriant settings, while the view of the city skyline and illuminating dazzles slide across you. The universal experience on the Thames River Cruise is the unearthing of some of the best moments in your life you’ll cherish forever. The River Thames serves as an exemplary vantage point to view some of the most iconic spectacles in London. The sightseeing experience comprises a fun dining experience and grandiose visions that are bound to make an indelible impact.

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Highlights Of Thames River Cruise

Thames River Cruise
  • The Thames River London Cruise is one of the most large-scale and significant expeditions to be found in London with its splendid views from the open deck of the cruise.
  • The audio commentary is for sure an addendum because it gives inwards toward all the popular spots. It is great for informative purposes.
  • The London River Cruise also has a bar; tourists can grab refreshments, drinks, and snacks from there.
  • The cruise tour can be taken any time in the 24 hours span.
  • The destinations which are explored include Cutty Sark Tower of London, Tate Modern, and the Royal Observatory to name a few
  • It is an ideal location to dress chic and take hip and stylish pictures of yourself and the locales that cross your way.
  • Relish on the delectable canapes and welcome drinks.
  • The cruise also has cabaret dance shows which you can enjoy while you take pleasure in the multi-cuisine dining options.
  • Enjoy some splendid time marveling at the sunset hues and listening to live singers performing songs from West End Shows.

Top Thames River Cruises

The Thames River cruise comes with several options which can be explored for its inclusions and fun moments. One can opt to take the Evening Cruise London which will give you a sneak peek of monumental sights and a beautiful orange-hued skyline. The Thames Lunch cruise is for those who want to enjoy their time having a great lunch with shows to take care of their entertainment part. The Thames Dinner Cruise is also a spectacular option to enjoy great weather on the open deck, or for those who are meeting for the first time on a date. It is a time to lap up all the riveting moments spent with your loved ones, while at the same time; going through an experience that is good beyond your wildest dreams.

Thames River Cruise
Hop on Hop off Thames Cruise

It’s time to hop on the London River Cruise and explore one of the most prominent landmarks of London from the resplendent River Thames Hop-On Hop-Off River Cruise ride. This unique passage and swing on the glorious river lets you hop on and hop off from many piers of London for 24 hours and navigate the places as per the itinerary. While on your trip, you will come across some of the most beaming destinations like the London Eye, The Tower, and Westminster. You can also relish tasty snacks and drinks while you check out the bar of the cruise. The interiors of the Cruise are tastefully done and a trip-full worthwhile audio commentary goes live that speaks on location while you pass through them.

Thames River Cruise
Evening Cruise London

London is a city of opportunities and romance. The Evening Thames River Cruise sets off the sail from the Westminster Pier and takes you to places considered as polestars of the mighty London. You can view the famous House of Parliament and Big Ben from the pier. The Evening Cruise London is a jaunt through some of the most alluring and winsome sights of the event at the River. The architectural genius of St Paul’s Cathedral will sway you off your feet. The Tower of London is the next stop where you can witness the highest viewpoint of London called the Shard which is 310 m high. Coupling this with enchanting music played live onboard will rejuvenate your soul. When you embark on this grand voyage, you are greeted with sparkling wine or soft drinks with canapes. You will also pass the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and The Elizabeth playhouse on the southern Bank. As the Cruise swifts its way ahead towards Greenwich, you will also pass the crucial area of Canary Wharf. The Evening Cruise is an ideal spot to have a dreamy dinner alongside glamorous people and charming locales.

Thames River Cruise
Thames Lunch Cruise

The Thames Lunch Cruise sets sail from the Tower Pier and cruises through the focal points of London. The afternoon cruise is a sight to behold as you can clearly explore the wonders of prominent locations including attractions like the Tower of London, London Eye, Tower Bridge London, Canary Wharf, The Shard, House of Parliament, and Big Ben in daylight. Spend time chit-chatting and trotting at these symbolic destinations enjoying the cool breeze at the open deck. The 2-course meals have global flavours on one plate prepared by the best chefs in the city.

Thames River Cruise
Thames Dinner Cruise

The Thames Dinner Cruise sets sail on the Thames River with the boarding point at the Westminster Pier. The boarding point is a fabulous vantage point to the famous House of Parliament and the London Eye. The lounge area is the first place where you set your eyes once here, with exotic wines pampering you to bits. Once you embark on this journey, you will cross the illustrious and high point theatre - The Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. You will love the vibes in the air when you come across the Elizabethan Playhouse which is an indoor hall that stages popular plays. The Tower Bridge London is the next pass by which is a Grade-I suspension bridge. The Canary Wharf is an engineered marvel. The 4-course meal dinner has some of the most eaten British dishes which you can sit back and relish along with the live performance of Cabaret singer. Do not forget to set your eyes on the magnanimous HMS Belfast, a Royal Navy warship that is now a museum ship on the River Thames.

Top Attractions To Spot While On Thames River Cruise

If you want to see the city in style, then it's time to hop on the Thames River London Cruise, an enigmatic journey to explore the best in London. The London River Cruise is a comprehensive trip that encompasses the enthralling locations in its schedule. It is important to note that while the onboard experiences of food and entertainment are significant in the journey, it is the vision of these majestic landmarks that make the trip wholesome. Not only do you set your eyes on these wondrous places, you also get to know more about them from the running audio commentary.

London Eye

If you are on the Thames River London Cruise then rambling the London Eye should be a must-attend in your itinerary. The London eye is comfortably connected from the Waterloo Station and is entrancingly swinging over the Thames. The eye-shaped capsule is an absolute exhilaration when you are towered high above the river. The notable structure of Big Ben and the House of Parliament look smaller as you go higher up to 135 meters on the tallest clamped girder and observation wheel. The 360-degrees purview of the city is enthralling and makes you feel on top.

Royal Observatory London
Royal Observatory

The Royal Observatory Greenwich is regarded as the most influential structure in British history. The observatory was commissioned to undertake detailed analysis for time-keeping, cartography, and navigation. The observatory is about 3 centuries old and with passing time it has been the main source of the prime meridian in the late 19th century effectively dividing the world into eastern and western hemispheres. It was also picked to work as the prime meridian in 1984.

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge

The bridge is a great place to pose and make memorable photographs. The architecture and engineering lend credence to the fact that it has been a well-planned structure. The bridge is your key to happiness, a way to take a look at city life in full throttle. One will love the high-level walkways and Glass Floor.

tower of london
Tower of London

The castle of London, a marvellous fortress that eludes royalty, and the Tower of London was once a prison. The crown jewels at display are dazzling, to say the least. One can take the Yeoman Warder Tour to listen to the stories of the then betrayal and persecution. The famous ravens known as the guardians of the tower are another interesting aspect of the tower.

St. Paul’S Cathedral
St. Paul Cathedral

You can’t help but open your mouth in awe once you set your eyes on the architecture of the Cathedral. The world-famous dome is a pride of the London skyline. Visitors can spend ample time and attend an array of programs including stimulating panel discussions and orchestra for the music lovers. The talented musicians and the interesting choir performances are a great reason apart from the grand construction. Visitors can explore the catacomb where the nation’s heroes are resting peacefully. They can also slide through the dome and take a good look across London from the top.

hms belfast
HMS Belfast

Climb aboard and explore through the novel interactive displays and immersive ancient exhibits that blow your mind and compel you to think. The HMS Belfast is a surviving Second World War Royal Navy Warship that is considered a jewel in the history of the British. The HMS Belfast has been tagged as one of the strongest ships that have served in the Arctic convoys and the Korean War. While going through every nook of the proclaimed ship, one will wonder in bewilderment about the workings of the ship and the advanced mechanisms. The ship has 9 decks right from the top having the flat deck to the under the Thames waterline in the lower decks.

House Of Parliaments

Also known as the Palace of Westminster, the Houses of Parliament consist of the House of Commons, House of Lords, and Westminster Hall. It is also the place where you’ll find the world-famous clock tower, Big Ben. The grand and one of the most-celebrated royalties of British has several highlights including the House of Commons and the Westminster Hall where Guy Fawkes attempted to blaze up the place and was put to trial. If you love to explore the place without the aid of a guide you can take the multimedia tour that takes you to the Palace of Westminster. The multimedia tour is available in several languages.

Shakespeare Globe
Shakespeare Globe

When you are in London you love Shakespeare. Welcome to this emblematic open-air theatre located in the heart of London. If you opt for the guided tour, you can go back to epochs to understand more about the original 1599 theatre. The Globe talks about a flourishing history of how the structure survived political oppression and fire and came out strong. The tour is led by experts and is suitable for all ages.

Tate Modern

A must-take Thames River London Cruise is incomplete without a trip to Tate Modern. This glorious British National museum has a meld of modern and contemporary art houses here. The turbine hall is an esoteric tour of the most amazing work done by several artists like Bonnard, Matisse, Dail, Pollock, and Picasso.


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    The Great Charter on the River Thames operates from March to the end of October. Summers can get warm but owing to the London weather, sunny days are not assured.

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