The View From The Shard

The View from The Shard Overview

Counted as London’s topmost attraction, The View from The Shard is the highest point in London offering you alluring views of the iconic town of Western Europe. The 360-degree views include city’s some of the most stylish structures such as the Tower of London, Gherkin, Walkie Talkie, Tower Bridge, Barista Power Station, Oval Cricket Ground, St Paul’s, Big Ben, Hyde Park, the Buckingham Palace, and the infamous giant wheel London’s Eye, etc.

Along with the views, visiting the Shard is one of the most comfortable experiences in London which includes a variety of add-ons.The Shard awaits your arrival as the sweetest ambassadors give you a warm welcome. The ambassadors are passionate enough to narrate to you about London’s culture, heritage, and stories along with providing you with the traveling advice related to London.

You may choose to sit and enjoy comfortably with a drink on the 69th floor and play a tune or two on the enchanting musical instrument- the Piano.Buying from the sky-boutique at the 68th floor will make you remember The View from The Shard London for lifetime. Collect its copy which is sold in the shop as an antique mini-toy. You can also choose to be playful on the 72nd floor open-sky deck experiencing the cold winds.

Why Visit The View from The Shard Tickets?

Booking The View From The Shard Tickets at the venue is time-consuming, tiring and can sometimes involve long queues leading to the tickets being sold out. Online booking gives you instant confirmation and eliminates any chance of last-minute hassle and offers various discounts. Capture panoramic views of the beautiful city of London from 800 plus feet and stand on the 72nd floor watching the iconic Tower of London, the Gherkin, and the London Eye.

The View From The Shard Tickets Highlights
The View From The Shard Inclusions
  • Witness the western world magic of London’s most iconic monuments such as the Tower Bridge, Gherkin, the Buckingham Palace, and the infamous London’s eye.
  • Peacefully hold a glass of champagne or experience a cocktail while seeing the beauty of the city through the elegance of the infamous “shards” of glass.
  • Get yourself beautiful antiques from London's highest shop “sky-boutique”.
  • Feel the heavenly winds by standing on the open-air sky deck looking at London’s adorable views.

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  • The View from The Shard tickets will get you entry into the View of Shard.
  • Children aged 0-2 years can join free of cost but after the age of 3, the individuals will be charged the same price as Adults.
  • Explore the skyscraper at your comfort and pace with no time limit on the ticket.
  • Get admission into the beautiful exhibition hall and the enchanting viewing gallery.

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Activities To Do In The Shard

The gorgeous city of London is portrayed as the miniature adorable-looking lego-city from the 310 m tall Shard. The View from The Shard offers you the aesthetic experience of the inner gallery on the 69th floor with comfortable seats. Visit the 72nd floor with an open-air gallery, and the sky-shop makes you fall in love with London.

Experience 360° panoramic views of London

London’s highest viewing gallery is the main attraction of your The View from The Shard tickets that offers you the mesmerizing looks of the entire city of London. The panoramic view contains the captivating views of the most attractive buildings of London such as Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, the Gherkin, and the London eye. The highest point in the entire Western London offers you the views from the 69th-floor indoor gallery and 72nd open deck. You can experience a top 360-degree view making the city look like a beautiful miniature toy city. The moving cars look as if they are some remote-controlled toys moving in an animation.

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Visit Shard’s Open-Air Sky deck

You might need to feel the rawness of being at the top of the world and the views from the Shard makes you feel the same. The open-air sky deck in The View from The Shard London will give you the chills from its heighted sky deck. The cool winds are enough to touch your face and move your hair, giving you your social media moment. The green-carpeted area feels like an open-space garden lifting your mood with the breath of fresh air.

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Whizz to the top of the Shard

You would imagine reaching the top of the skyscraper by some round vintage Hollywood staircase but this building has excitingly fast elevators. The elevators produce special-effects inside the cabin as the two of the four lifts go up while the other two come down at the same time. The elevator moving upwards uses mirrors and video screens to create the effect of a rising sky while the descending lifts use multimedia to generate the effect of a receding sky. The average elevator speed in The Shard is 6 meters per second enough to take you to the top in a minute. The journey through the elevator up to the 72nd floor is quick and smooth enough to make you excited about

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Get Indulge in Delicious Cocktails & Drinks

When looking through the city of London from the skies, you might feel heavenly but every feeling is incomplete without a drink. The view from the Shard serves you enchanting views with delicious cocktails. You may want to head up to the two bars serving Moët and Chandon Champagne along with the presence of some innovative cocktails. There is a set team of mixologists to make your drink the most satisfying drink of your life. The team ensures high quality and offers you the best that gives you the blissful experience of views while enjoying your glass of happiness.

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Sit back and take in the Breathtaking Views

You may just think that The View from The Shard offers London’s astounding views along with the drinks of class, but the Shard has a lot more to offer. Standing with a drink in hand would make your experience playful but relaxing on a seat while enjoying the views in your eyes and drinks in your hand with your loved one is a different kind of feeling. The view from the Shard offers you and your companions a spot to sit comfortably along with the unraveled views of the beautiful city.

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Shopping at Gift Shop

Panoramic views, drinks, comfortable seats, and fresh air are the best one can get from the Shard but there is something special about the gifts you can get from the sky-shop. The Shard has a gift shop on the 68th floor, the highest shop in the city known as “The sky boutique”. This shop offers you to take your charm of memory in the form of cute little gifts from the shop. The specialty about the gift shop from the Shard is that you can take home the showpiece of The View from The Shard London as a mini-toy. This London-themed shop has many limited edition things like small antiques, showpieces, and clothes to take these souvenirs to your home as a token of love.

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What To Expect In The View from The Shard?

  • The View from The Shard offers the 360-degree mesmerizing views of London's most beautiful architecture from the heights of heaven. On a clear weather day, you can see through 40 meters ahead.
  • From the north side, you can easily spot the iconic world heritage site of London, the Tower of London. The view stretches up to 30 St Mary Axe- popularly known as Gherkin, the smartest looking commercial skyscraper along with the Walkie Talkie.
  • The views from the East offer the city of London's Canary Wharf, the O2, and Tower Bridge.
  • The western side just like the northern one makes you see the city's main highlights such as the largest Ferris wheel in London, the London’s eye. The magnificent Giant wheel looks delightful from the far as it continues to move in circles from The View from The Shard. Other main attractions of the city that give the western views are Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Hyde Park, and the infamous Buckingham Palace.
  • The south views offer you the rare sight of Battersea Power Station and the Oval cricket ground.
  • For a relaxed day tour, one can just sit back in their attractive lounge area, with a chilled cocktail in hand, admiring the beautiful city skyline.

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Know Before You Visit The View From The Shard

Location: 32 London Bridge St, London SE1 9SG, United Kingdom.

Timings: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day.

Best Time To Visit: The time between 10:00 AM and 12:00 Noon is the best time to visit the Shard for experiencing the clear and best views if you have The View from The Shard tickets. London's mesmerizing looks make every hour the best time to visit the Shard but the nights may block the visibility of some of the most iconic structures. This makes mornings and evenings before the sunset more happening and crowded to be the best time of arrival.

How to Reach:

By Cab: It takes 18 minutes to travel in a car from the city center of London.

By Tube/Train: London Bridge Underground Station (Northern and Jubilee lines) and London Bridge Station are walking distance away from The View from The Shard (Southern and South-Eastern trains).

By Bus: There is a bus station outside the London Bridge terminal and you can board bus numbers 43, 48, 141, 149, and 521, to reach your destination.

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Tips To Visit The View From The Shard

  • Opening hours of The View from The Shard should be cross-checked on the official website before the visit.
  • The Shard should be visited on weekdays as the place is usually overcrowded on Saturdays and Sundays with chances of the tickets being sold out.
  • Foreign nationals must carry their passport and visa at the place of arrival.
  • The ticket will be a fixed day ticket applicable only to the mentioned date and won’t be carried forward to any other day.
  • Children aged 0-2 can enter free of cost while the children above this age are billed the same as adults.

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The View from The Shard FAQs

Can I buy The View From The Shard Tickets online?

Yes, you can purchase your The View From The Shard tickets online. However, it is recommended to buy the tickets online so as to avoid long queues and waiting times and have hassle-free entry with the ticket on your handset.

Do we have to book in advance for The View From The Shard Tickets?

It is not necessary to book the View From The Shard tickets in advance. However, it is advisable to book the view from the shard tickets in advance, atleast a day prior to your visit so that you don't have to wait in long queues and can have a hassle free entry.

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What happens if there is poor weather during your visit?

The View from The Shard tickets includes “the View Guarantee” which states that you are likely to spot at least the three attractions from the London Eye, St Paul’s, the Walkie Talkie, Tower Bridge, and Canada Square . If not, the guarantee allows you to come back again for free if the weather spoils your view.

Does my visit have a Time Limitation?

No, once you have booked a ticket for The View from The Shard London, you are allowed to make your visit at any time during the operational hours between 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. This makes you spend your time according to your wishes removing any sort of time-limitation for exploration and relaxation at the place.

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Does a child aged 3 or under need a ticket?

Children below the age of 3, from the age 0-2 can enter free of cost. But the children aged 3 or above will be booked as one individual and will have to pay for the ticket entry.

What facilities are arranged for people with disabilities?

People with special abilities can visit The View from The Shard with full facilities. All the activities in this place are fully accessible for people on wheelchairs.

Are we allowed to bring food or drink?

No, you cannot bring your food and drinks because outside food and beverages are not allowed in the building. However, one can purchase their choice of beverages and snacks from the sky top cafe present in the building.


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